You Can Change Your Mind: 3 Influential Psychological Tricks

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

Human beings are instinctively diversified. Their minds are sometimes variable and sometimes static. Haven’t you seen your closed ones who go shopping and cannot buy anything? They wind up with their decisions that tend to ditch the previous decision. 

Factually, many people in the world cannot decide what to do. Rather, the minds are built with concrete. Even the most matured person cannot come out from the hoax of fixed mindset. However, it counts when it’s about changing thoughts about yourself and all of your life and existence. Perhaps, your that sort of mindset refuses to evaluate that your head has opinions, not statements of facts.

Psychological factors are too nuanced to realize sometimes. Your growth mindset can make your way of life polished. Conversely, a fixed mindset can obstruct your growing process. Do you have desire to change your mind positively? According to your condition, you can change your mind if you wanna.

Change a Thought, Change a Feeling

Change a Thought, Change a Feeling
Change a Thought, Change a Feeling

You’ll need to have the capacity to change your mind. Why? Without the compass, even, a ship cannot drive in the right way. This is your life. If you cannot manage your mind, who’ll manage it ultimately? 

All the negative emotions like anger, anxiety, or dejection originate from your uncontrolled mind. So all you need is changing thoughts and changing a feeling to cope with the current situation. Is it as simple as the statement? What is the process of changing the mind in that condition? 

Well, it starts with the mindfulness of your thoughts and connecting the dots with your daily life activities. Additionally, ask some questions to yourself at the end of your day. You may ask you the following questions.

  • Did anything happen to me that upset me? 
  • Did I listen to anything about me from anybody that made me dejected?
  • What was the catalyst that might have left me in a bad mood?
  • Did anything go wrong today?

Then you might have had questions like these also. Whose voice made you upset? Next, what did you bear in mind at that time? When you understand the question, start working on it. 

SRS Method to Change Your Mind

SRS Method to Change Your Mind

SRS stands for stop, rethink, and substitute. Jeffrey S. Nevid Ph.D. has coined the method. Some thoughts are called auto-thought, pop into your head out of nowhere. The auto thoughts come in your mind automatically with negative energy. 

Capture these sorts of methods and work on it with the SRS method. So let’s start to dig into the process in depth.

The First Step is “Stop”

The First Step is “Stop”

People tend to match the similarities between some parallel or even some unmatched things. Thus they think feelings and thoughts. In general, these types of cognitive fallacy make people more over-thinkers.

You can ask questions about what you feel. It’s right that anger and fear cannot be refused. All you need to do is work backward from your feelings. You can ask yourself, what’s on your mind? You can stop feeling bad like that. Rather start to have a conversation with yourself.

Focus on all the negative events happening to yourself and start writing down those events. Then sort out the events that disturb you right now. You’ll see, you are blaming yourself for other people’s actions. You are reproaching yourself for exaggerating negative things. Besides, you are expecting the worst unnecessarily.

Negative sorts of thinking would attempt to kill you certainly. Rather, stop these sorts of emotions and clarify the facts. Give yourself the utmost time to sort out the matter with yourself. Indeed, you can consult with the cognitive-behavioral therapist for guiding you more smoothly. 

So the very outset step “stop” in a nutshell:

  • Ask questions about what you feel.
  • Focus on the negative happening that occurred with you.
  • Start a conversation with yourself.
  • Stop exaggerating negative vibes in you.
  • Sort out and clarify the matter.

Rethink: Does It Make Sense?

Rethink: Does It Make Sense?
Rethink: Does It Make Sense?

Being the worst judgmental for yourself is a common human instinct. When you’ll find the reason, you have to note the fact. Are you being exaggerated? If an unknown person made the same error, would you judge him or her in the same way?

Have a sit with yourself. Is it working for you in a good or bad way? If the event works for you in such a way to move ahead in your life, it has then a positive output perhaps. Conversely, if it keeps you stuck in that event and does not give you the strength to move ahead, you must rethink the entire fact.

Moreover, your permission is the key catalyst there. Neither your inferior ones nor your closed ones can make you feel angry or any negative emotion without your permission. So get full control of your mental world. It would bolster you to compete with the rest of the world. 

Wrapping up the “Rethink”:

  • Think of yourself as an unknown person.
  • Don’t be judgemental.
  • Is it bad or good for your psychological world?

Substitute with Rational Alternative Thoughts

Over and above, when you get the causes of the condition, now you’ll have to change your mind. You can make your mind with the energy of positivity. From our research team, we ensure that it would work if you make yourself fully energized with the steps we are mentioning.

You can take back your anger by talking back to your anger statement.

So let’s have a glance at the table provided for the self-angering thoughts and rational back-talks.

Self-Angering ThoughtsRational Back-Talks
I met a person. She was terrible and disgusting. What she did with me was intolerable.What she did with me was inconsiderable. But I cannot judge her from one experience. How can I realize what actually happened to her?
Thus treatment is not considerable. I cannot take this sort of behavior.This sort of situation is not an extraordinary event for you. Calm down. You have been through worse than this. 
People should get a hard punishment for doing this.If I did the same, I could be evaluated by another person like me. Rather, let’s not be judgemental. 
Why did I do that? I feel awkward for doing this kind of thing. Don’t think you are at fault. You need to stop dumping yourself automatically.
She may think I’m a wimp if I let her get away with this. I don’t need to prove anything. Don’t reduce your level like her.
I cannot take this anymore. I’m acting as if nothing happened.But anger cannot settle anything. 
Nobody can treat me like this! Why do you think you can expect the best thing from other people for you? Human beings can act as s/he wants
Why does she put up with something like this?Does it make any difference with you?
Substitution with rational back-talks when you are going through self- angering thoughts

So these facts can help you to substitute with rational back-talks when you are going through self- angering thoughts. 

Anger Management: Groundbreaking Tricks to Appease Mind

Anger Management: Groundbreaking Tricks to Appease Mind
Sometimes you can’t control yourself

To change your mind you’ll need to manage your anger with some techniques. Without your desire to manage or control your anger you cannot appease your mind and thus you cannot change your mind with the tricks.

Does your blood pressure become high when a kid refuses to help? We think anger is a bad manner. Indeed, anger is a healthy emotion. However, how you deal with it is a crucial factor. Also, uncontrolled anger can take away your health and healthy relationship from you. 

Hence, your anger management and mind should be changed, right? So, let’s dive into the groundbreaking tricks to appease our minds. 

Think before Starting Conversation

Think before Starting Conversation

When you are angry, nothing is logical there. In that heated moment, you can act like an idiot with shitty activities. So, don’t say anything that can make you regret it in the future. 

So take the time to collect the words. Collect your thoughts before saying anything as every word counts. Take a timeout that is usually useful for kids. Give yourself a short break when you are feeling stressed. 

After a few minutes later, you’ll feel better to start the conversation more fruitfully. Especially you can handle what’s ahead without getting angry.

Use Your Mind to Fact-check

As soon as you can think clearly, you may assertively express your anger. Keep in mind, you cannot disclose your frustration in a non-confrontational way. So all you need to do is utter your concerns and requirements directly.

Moreover, you have to use your mind to fact-check. Absolutely what happened or is it worth it to heat your mind? Use self-parenting to work on it. In fact, fact-checking is vital for you to realize the actual event.

Get Some Exercise for Positivity

When you feel you are getting angry, go for a walk or jog. Furthermore, physical activities can give you serenity when you feel anger escalating. Also, you can help yourself by giving you a new form of exercise to heal the stress for now. To me, I start jumping again and again. Amazingly, my stress usually reduces. Hence, the formation of exercise is not important. So, diverting your negativity into positivity is significant.

Work on Solution

Work on Solution

We, human beings, have an instinct to prioritize ourselves mostly. Instead of focusing on what has made you mad, you can work on the possible solution. 

Problem: Do your kids make the room messy?

Possible solution: Close the door.

Problem: Is your partner late for dinner?

Possible solution: You can reschedule your plan or eat on your own.

So, find the solution with your cognitive senses. Most importantly, you have to keep in mind that anger cannot help you to find a solution.

Utilize Humour to Reduce Tension

Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can help you to appease your heat of mind. Hence, lightening up with some jokes can help you to face unrealistic expectations, and what’s making you angry. 

Then, diffuse your tension with a humorous sense. If it works, write down in your journal for utilizing it in any similar situation.

You Can Change Your Mind By Upgrading Your Mindset

You Can Change Your Mind By Upgrading Your Mindset

Success and failure depend on your mindset. So the mind has that sort of power to establish your life and adorn it in its way. Then, to change your mind for upgrading your mindset you’ll have to follow the rules below.

Change the Self-Talk Pattern

The conversation with yourself is called intrapersonal communication. This is as important as any sort of communication. In fact, it is more vital in many circumstances. 

If you say to yourself, “I cannot do this work perfectly.” It will be sealed like this. You cannot do the work. Your mindset will illustrate your conversation pattern.

To upgrade your self-talk pattern, talk in a positive way. Not in the negative pattern as it has no good outcome. Do you feel it sounds cliché? But do this cliché thing for a month. Get the reward. Just practice saying, “I can do this” or “I got this”. Telling these to yourself really works.

Learn and Apply in Real World

Learn and Apply in Real World

Determine the mindset you require. Firstly, pick a destination you want to reach. Successful people have diversified habits to upgrade mindset. Try to read and apply in your life. In addition, you can help yourself by learning how the mind and brain work.

For instance, you want to become a rich person. But you don’t want to work hard and read rigorously. You know that great people around the world have reading habits. They say all the time, “I love to work and read regularly.”

You can also set the growth mindset in you. So act as if you have the habit of work diligently and read regularly. In such a way, you are basically tricking your mind to adopt the new habit to work and read. 

Surround Yourself with Your Similar Mindset

If you desire to get a lot of money, walk with the money men. Follow the way they lead their lives. You can also follow the mindset they have. So neither you walk with the same mindset people nor you can set a strong mindset.

Create and Work on Your New Habit to Support Mind

Create and Work on Your New Habit to Support Mind

If you want to upgrade your fixed mindset to a growth mindset, you’ll need to create and work on your new habit to support your mindset. So, start to learn something new like a new language or a new musical instrument. 

Hence, it can help you to find yourself a new interest in life. Besides, you can enjoy the present moments and celebrate success. Nevertheless, you can fall into a new situation that is not that comfortable for you. 

It’s necessary to lead your life awesomely. Sometimes breaking the regularity is necessary. So, bringing you out of the comfort zone is important to change your mind positively. Besides, you can engineer your mind to train in a more challenging way to feel more enthusiastic.

A-List of Changing Mindset in a Positive Way

Good books are your friends who never ditch you in hard times. Whenever you feel down, books will be there to assist you. Additionally, you can change your mind if you want and books can be your inflammation to be an actual metamorphosis.

Hence, we are giving you a list of changing mindset positively. This list is exclusively provided by us. The review is also from the author of the article. So here we go:

Books NameAuthor’s NamePublishing DateReview (Out of 5)
Automatic Habits:
An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
James Clear20184.99
Do the Work Steven Pressfield20114.93
Everything is F*cked:
A Book about Hope
Mark Manson20194.90
The Garden: A Spiritual Fable About Ways to Overcome Fear, Anxiety, and StressJon Gordon20204.88
Thinking, Fast and SlowDaniel Kahneman20134.86
Think and Grow Rich: The Original, an Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill FoundationNapoleon Hill20164.81
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good LifeMark Manson20164.76
Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your GreatnessVex King20184.72
Why The Best Are The Best: 25 Powerful Words That Impact, Inspire, And Define ChampionsKevin Eastman20184.69
The Magic of Thinking BigDavid J. Schwartz19904.62
Top 10 list of Changing Mindset in Positive Way

This unique list of books are mixed with fresh and vintage books. The authors wrote the books from their experiences. Moreover, your flaws of lives can be mended with these enlisted books. So these books will be your trump card to change your life.

FAQs on Changing Your Mind

Particularly, you may have some frequently asked questions (FAQs) considering the entire article on changing your mind. So, we’re providing some replies which will assist you better understand the topic in below. Stick with us.

Question 1: How do you change your mind assertively? 

Answer: Good books are the best friends to change your mind assertively. Indeed, your beliefs are your inferior and they don’t free you to be a free thinker. The ability to change your beliefs can be your mentor to be more you.

You can fire the fire in you and not everyone in the world has the right to see the fire. Rather, they criticize as they want. Let them judge you. But don’t lose the hope of changing assertively. Thus, you can change your mind assertively and you can believe you more.

Question 2: How to change my mind to study?

How to change my mind to study?

Answer: To change your mind to study you can follow the following instructions:

  • Take the action to study
  • Remove all the destruction that distracts you to study
  • Find motivation of progress to study mindfully
  • Reward yourself to study hard and for adhering in a schedule for a certain period.
  • Remember your past successes to be more attentive
  • Have a conversation with your future “you”

Question 3: How can I change my state of mind quickly?

Answer: You can change your state of mind quickly by relaxing, reading, opening your humor self, spending time with best friends, journaling, spending time with nature, thinking of personal finance, thinking big, taking a big challenge with yourself, and so on. 

For more information on it:

Question 4: Why is it too hard to change your mindset?


Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I’m changing myself.


It’s possible to change your mindset. But it’s not easy. You have a fixed mindset that doesn’t want to change. However, after nourishing beautifully, you can turn your mindset into a growth mindset. 

Most importantly, you’ll need to sum up the repeated consistency with actions, then you’ll find your habit to be a person of the growth mindset.

Actions + Repeated Consistently = Habits

Thus, you can generate the habit of upgrading your mind. It’s difficult but with the best kind of effort, you can grow it.

Question 5: I want to be more compassionate, curious, grateful, and patient. How do I start changing my mindset to become what I like?

Answer: To become more compassionate, curious, grateful, and patient, you’ll need to focus on small victories. Moreover, you’ll need to be conscious of who your friends are. Last, not the least, being in a positive mental state is vital for being a virtuous person. 

Question 6: Can you change your mind?

Answer: Neuro-plasticity, mind’s ability to change the brain, completely capsizes ages of scientific dogma. Moreover, it held that psychological experiences can give the output only from bodily goings-on in the brain, and we don’t have much thing to do about it. So, when you change your psyche, you actually change your cerebrum.

Final Verdict on Changing Your Mind

We have instinctive thinking about our minds. In particular, we think we are the worst experience holders. But think of the facts with your brain. There are a lot of people in the entire world who are mentally unhealthy and your hurt is beyond those people.

So, you may say comparison is not appropriate here. Accepted this fact. But don’t sell yourself your sorrows. This is not a product to advertise. Static kinds of mindsets are always taking for granted the main facts. Indeed, you are the mentor of yourself and work on it. 

If you can change your mind, you can change your life.

William James

Truly, changing the mind state is not an easy task. Yes, it’s tough but possible. With the rigorous practice that we illustrated in the entire article, anyone can change their minds. Particularly for you, here we go with the most desirable spoiler- just you have to take a pause and start from the beginning. Hence, you can change your life.

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