7 valid reasons why soft skills are important for your career

7 Valid Reasons Why Soft Skills are Important for Your Career

While growing up we learn technical knowledge to develop a bright future ahead of us. This never-ending process of learning new things builds a career and shows off your expertise in particular work. When you’re writing a resume about these achievements of yours, the world is looking for more than this. Something that marks your qualities as unique talent even in the time of automation or Artificial Intelligence.

Soft skills are those qualities of yours that make you unique among all. Even when you’re competing with 100 other candidates with the same working experience and technical hard skills, the recruiter might hire you for one of your soft skills. Yes, in today’s world, it matters a lot.

But, why are these soft skills important for recruiters that much? To know more about the importance of this, you need to know what soft skills are. This article will guide you till the end to learn every single detail about softs skills and you might get answers to your questions that are whirling in your mind right now.

So, What are Soft Skills?

7 valid reasons why soft skills are important for your career

Between 1968 and 1972, The US military observed a group of soldiers doing better at their work, though the entire training troops were physically fit and able to use machines as precisely as that group was using. Then how they were showing excellence in everything? To find that out, a group of the US military started analyzing individual soldiers of that group. Surprisingly, there was nothing unique about those soldiers. Later they find out, What made a big change was the way that group was led. 

Here, leadership made a huge difference in everything. From that research, the US military started calling these qualities as “soft skills” which are hard to learn, hard to measure, and show its impact on productivity. 

Therefore, Softs skills are the character traits or interpersonal proficiency that influence your ability to work and how you communicate with others. In the workplace, you need to work with co-workers, clients, superiors, and that’s why it’s important to have the ability to manage everything. Your soft skills are the keys to managing every person you work with.

why soft skills are important for your career

Including leadership, there are a lot of qualities that can be called soft skills. Below is a list of the most important soft skills that recruiters love—

  • Problem-solving 
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Networking
  • Negotiation skill
  • Public speaking
  • Creative thinking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Work ethic
  • Time management

7 Valid Reasons Why Soft Skills are Important 

You may have any of the following qualities listed above, but never acknowledge the necessity of it, or maybe you’re still unsure about the demand for these skills. Describing 7 valid reasons that will make you rethink your abilities and answer why softs skills are important in today’s job market.

Makes You Unique

7 valid reasons why soft skills are important for your career

These days everyone has higher educational degrees and qualifications. That’s why when you apply for a specific job, there’s a huge chance that other candidates might have similar abilities as you have. So, how will you attract employers so that they want you in their team? In that case, Soft skills can make you unique from another candidate. 

59% of companies assess candidates on their soft skills. Employers will measure your efficiency based on the people skills you mentioned in your resume and judge whether you are fit for the specific position or not.

Let’s assume that you applied for a job in a call center when employers will see, you can talk with others in a very friendly manner and have a great problem-solving skill they’ll definitely want you to hire.

Hard Skills Depend on This

Hard skills Depend on soft skills

Hard skills are also known as computational skills, such as— expertise in specific software, computer programing language, or operating machines. These are common skills that people use in their resume to make it more attractive. To accomplish any task in a computer with the technical expertise you must have soft skills too. 

For instance, you applied for the position of a graphic designer. You have those mandatory software skills and experience but what is the most important thing here is if you are a creative person who can create things without copying others. Do you have negotiation abilities?

Because every time your superiors may not like your designs and can ask you to edit it according to their choice. So, both the hard skills and soft skills are interconnected with each other and substitute for each other.

To learn more – Soft Skills vs Hard Skills

Soft Skills Can’t be Automated

7 valid reasons why soft skills are important for your career

Traditional hard skills are easily acquirable. Anyone can learn any of the hard skills within a specific time frame. In today’s world, automation took the place of humans to do technical works without any error.

Machines are programmed to complete any specific tasks but they can’t decide beyond the program where humans can decide anything in any situation. That’s why soft skills are important. Skills like analytical thinking, trouble-shooting, creative thinking are necessary to operate automation and that’s why companies still hire candidates like you.

Harder to Learn

Soft skills are harder to learn

When was the last time you heard someone learning “creativity”? Courses, Academic books, or videos can never be taught you to be creative. This is something that has grown in you gradually, don’t underrate this quality as a few people have the ability to think creatively. As there are a few people in the job market who have emotional intelligence, that’s why softs skills are the most desirable and undoubtedly important for your career.

Although Institutions are arranging courses to improve personal traits. For example, Google has started a training program focusing on personal development. These programs are designed to improve self- realization so that you can identify soft skills that you already own.

Increases Personal Growth


To show a better performance in your workplace, you try to upgrade your skills. Surely, that impacts a lot but the reason why I was saying soft skills are important is, these skills activate your confidence and confidence leads you to manage every issue of the workplace easily. The faith in you drives you to make a better team when you lead or work in that team. Your confidence influences another person to work with enthusiasm.

Builds Customer Satisfaction

7 valid reasons why soft skills are important for your career

Workplaces’ look and ambiance have changed this year drastically. Customers are preferring Online shopping than physical shops but the growing demand for human to human conversation is rising higher.

A  leading company finds out, this year 82% of their customers are satisfied with live chat and prefer live chats than chatbots. Chatbots and live chat are developed to provide answers to customer queries and support them. The key difference here is the human touch, nothing can beat the communication that a human builds with another human.

Improves The Company’s ROI

Your behavior or approaches represent the company you work for. Recruiters will always want you when they’ll see you can build a relationship with clients and grow a network among co-workers. Moreover, those people have who extend the rate of return on investment have a higher chance of getting promotions.

A group of researchers from Harvard University and Boston college provided soft skills training among female workers of a garment factory in India. The researcher showed that after providing soft skills training including communication, time management, financial literacy, problem-solving, and decision-making improved retention and productivity up to 12% and generated about 256% return of investment. I hope this research gives a clear idea of why soft skills are being valued these days and important for career growth.

How to Improve Soft Skills?

It’s a natural tendency of humans to feel the continuous urge to improve their abilities. Now that you know the importance and increased value of soft skills you might feel some lackings in you. It’s harder to acquire soft skills, but the qualities are already concealed in you can get exposure after a little digging. Obviously, with a little time and training, you can improve the skills inside you. You can practice these following habits to improve your soft skills,

Change Your Mindset 

Change your mindset

Changing your mindset is the first step whenever you want to improve anything. Your fixed mindset will stop you from learning or change yourself. After changing a fixed mindset into a growth mindset you are completely ready to learn new things and change yourself for betterment. 

Focus on The  Skill You Want to Improve

why soft skills are important for your career

In the second step, you need to find out the skill you are going to work on. You may have a very good ability to communicate with others but you always struggle with managing time.

Read Blogs to Find out Techniques

why soft skills are important for your career

The moment you know where you need to work to increase your performance at work, you must search for proven techniques to improve that skill. To research more, you can search for specific soft skills or productivity hacks so that you can research in detail. To help you with this including some articles below,

Observe Others Who Have The Skill You Want to Enhance

why soft skills are important for your career

In order to improve your skills, you can observe another co-worker of yours who has a very good command of a skill you have lackings. Also, you can monitor successful people’s activity and how they achieved their goals. In this manner, you can find room for improvement.

Last Word on The importance of Soft Skills

We have already entered an era where robots are replacing humans every day. The World Economic Forum Predicts that 5 million occupations will no longer exist in upcoming days because of those things that work better than human hands! Still, we need to compete with robots and survive in this constantly changing world. The unique and natural traits of the human race can help you to make you valuable as an individual.

I hope this article made it clear why the modern world is emphasizing more on soft skills and how important this is for your career. Now, you have this guideline with which you can achieve your goals and see yourself growing every day. 


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