Why is Parenting Harder Today

Why is Parenting Harder Today: 6 Legit Reasons

Don’t you think raising kids is harder nowadays? If your answer is “Yes”! Then you are not alone. No one ever said it was easy to raise kids, but parenting has grown more difficult against the context of this modern world. 

You’ll hear some elderly saying that parenting has always been the same, but actually, it’s not. So, why is parenting harder today, compared to the times of our parents and grandparents? 

In this article, we’re going to discuss the difference between current and past parenting experience. 

And most importantly, we’ll describe you six legit reasons why parenting is getting more complicated than before. So wasting more time, let’s move forward.

6 Root Causes Why is Parenting Harder Today

Why is Parenting Harder Today

It’s not a long time ago when parenthood seemed to be very easy and clear-cut. But these days, there appears to be a lot of changeups in the equation. The obstacles in the present time are mostly due to:

  • The growing number of single parents
  • More children with developmental disabilities
  • Families with both adults out for work
  • Fewer stable communities and connections
  • And more

To find out the root of why is parenting harder today, we’ve done some in-depth research on the upbringing of children these days and the behavioral change of new-age parents. And while doing so, we have also found out some common reasons behind the challenges they face as parents nowadays. 

You can also get some help from the articles below-

Unnecessary Stress to be a Perfect Parent

why is parenting harder today

Parenthood is one of the most beautiful duties of human life. It requires a lot of effort and affection to bring a child up. And in this new phase of life, every guardian wants to give their best and become flawless. 

In your case, it is the same, which is fair enough. Who doesn’t want to be a perfect mom/dad? Trying to be an ideal parent is okay, but taking too much stress to become faultless is not right.

We take every step considering our children’s wellbeing like- what toy they should get, what we speak with them and how, if they are eating all healthy, which cartoon or show they should watch, etc. Overstretching on each and everything to become perfect is awful, to be honest. 

The problem raised more due to social media. Roaming through Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see a lot of people posting pictures with their kids and giving updates about their achievements.

And seeing those you’ll also try to be perfect like them. But the truth is they may seem perfect on those photos but in reality no one’s perfect. So there’s no way one should put peer pressure to be ideal. This practice will only drive you towards anxiety and depression.

The Juggle between Family Time and Work

The Juggle between Family Time and Work

In recent times it’s quite common that both the parents are working while their children are at home. And being a working mother and father, it is challenging for them to manage time for their kids.

We know in today’s chaotic world, working for livelihood is a must. Without a job, it’ll be very hard to bear the expenditure of a family. And this is one of the main reasons why we are facing difficulties as parents. Handling profession and children together are immensely tough. But still, we try to spend as much time as possible to give our kids proper nurture.

Struggling Due to Growth of Technology

Struggling Due to Growth of Technology

The development of technologies is a blessing for us, no doubt. But it has also brought some curse with it mostly for the parents. At times a lot of us struggle to stop our child from using too many gadgets like- mobile phone, TV, computer, etc.

Looking at the screen for too long is a common issue in every house recently. And that is very bad for our health as well as the social situation. In a survey, it is seen that kids who are into gaming are less social compared to the others.

And a lot of children are getting spectacles earlier then they should. Our little ones are also getting easy access to the stuff which isn’t suitable for their age and whatnot. These problems were not as much as it is today, and that’s why technological development is another hurdle for us.

Expenditure of Raising Children is Constantly Rising

Expenditure of Raising Children is Constantly Rising

The worst thing, I suppose, is how much it requires to have children in recent times. Just look at the living cost as an example; it is so high that if only one person is working, it’ll be very complicated for him/her to handle. Apart from that, expenditures like- education, entertainment, travel, etc. are also rising day by day.

These things use to be a lot less 20-30 years back. To tackle this problem, both parents work, which brings other problems like lack of supervision and all. And that is another problem that modern guardians are facing.

Increasing Level of Depression and Anxiety

Increasing Level of Depression and Anxiety

A common problem among modern parents is the hardship of managing their worries about children. We tend to think that we aren’t doing enough for our kids. And it raises more when we feel like everyone is looking and expecting from us to be the best parents. As parents, you’ll have to manage everything, and for that, we need to stay calm.

Unwanted pressures will hamper not only our health but also our infants. All of us have a misconception that the better the parenting, the better the child will achieve n future. But in reality, it doesn’t work like that. All parents are best in the eyes of their babies. There’s no need to overthink and become stressed out. 

These kinds of unnecessary tensions will only lead us to sadness and anxiety. And if we don’t have a peaceful mind, it’ll be more difficult for us to nurture our kids.

Less Contribution of Grandparents on Kids Up-bringing

Less Contribution of Grandparents on Kids Up-bringing

Grandparents have looked after their grandchildren and took a keen interest in their upbringing was a common sight in earlier times. It was sort of expected that our parents would join and instruct us when we have a newborn.

And that’s why we can also remember our memories with our grandpa/grandma in our childhood. Wasn’t that so sweet?But in the present time, that is not the situation; grandparents are not as they once were.

The thing is they don’t even live in the same house in most of the conditions. As most of us move to a different place for work, those old lives need to take care of themselves. It wasn’t the case couple of decades back, but now is, and that makes parenting reasonably harder these days.

Wrapping Up Why is Parenting Harder Today

It has always been a tough job to be a parent, whether it’s today or a hundred years back. To succeed in this phase of life, you just have to keep learning and cop up with the circumstances. 

In the article, we have discussed why is parenting harder today and what things make it more challenging. We also summed up a few points to answer your question. And hopefully, we’ve cleared all your confusion.

Lastly, we’d like to wish you a happy journey of parenthood, and thank you for being with us till the end. If you still have any queries feel free to comment below.

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