Why is Motivation Important

Why is Motivation Important? 10 Ways to Success & Happiness

You need an urge to do something. This zeal is required everywhere whether in your personal or professional life. If you lack it, you will collapse. 

That’s why motivation is important for achieving your success. It keeps you focused and desire-oriented. 

Now, the question is how can you increase your motivational spirit. No worries! We have discussed everything here including its definition, classification, importance, and ways of development. 

We think after reading this article, you will have a crystal clear idea on why is motivation important.  

What Does Motivation Mean?

What Does Motivation Mean

According to Clam Sage

Motivation is the “why” behind your actions. It is inclusive of all those factors that guide your behavior and all those factors that play a crucial role in activating your behavior.

Motivation involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behavior. In everyday usage, the term “motivation” is frequently used to describe why a person does something. It is the driving force behind human actions.


Classification of Motivation: The 4 Main Types Explained

There are different theories about this term among the researchers.  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is one of them. Let’s have a look at the 4 main types. 

  1. Extrinsic Motivation

This type of motivation springs from the outside of a particular person. It is related to earthly success like wealth, recognition, trophies, etc. 

  1. Intrinsic Motivation

It is an internal aspect of human beings that is connected to personal interests. For example, solving a puzzle or playing a musical instrument.

  1. Introjected Motivation

It is much more similar to Intrinsic. Only the difference is that if you can do it, you will sense the tension of guilt.

  1. Identified Motivation

This sort refers to the fact that you know you have to do something. But you have not made any play for doing that. 

Importance of Motivation in Your Personal and Professional Life

You can not deny the significance of motives. They are solely responsible for your action and success. Let’s see its gravity in your life.

A) Motivation Enhances Your Ability & Effort 

Motivation Enhances Your Ability & Effort

All the days are not equal. Some days seem to be robust. On the contrary, you feel exhausted sometimes. When you lack motivation, you feel like doing nothing. 

So, it is important to stay instigated. Motivation drives you to undertake massive actions. It creates an enthusiasm of performing more tasks. This shuns your ability and increases your efforts. 

B) Boosts Up Your Level of Productivity

Your productivity depends on your mood. A fair state of mind with purpose stimulates you to work hard. At the same time, when you are motivated, you can complete your tasks faster. As a result, your productivity soars up. 

Naturally, you are not willing to toil hard if you are disappointed. A demotivated condition is one of the primary reasons for decreasing productivity. Therefore, you should learn how to be productive when depressed. 

C) Encourages You to Fight Against the Oddities 

Encourages You to Fight Against the Oddities

Misfortune does not come alone. When you pass through tough times, everything appears to be impossible. Whatever you do, goes against you. Even you may lose confidence at any point. Under such circumstances what you need the most is motivation. 

The magical power of motivation gives you the strength to face the challenges. You will see positivity in every negative situation. Oddities will turn into opportunities. 

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

 – Winston Churchill

D) Helps Building Your Habits

Habit building is one of the most challenging tasks where motivation may work as your trump card. It is not easy to build good habits by destroying the bad ones. You need strong determination to stay on track.

For example, you want to do regular physical exercise. In the beginning, going to the gym or waking up early in the morning may impose a huge burden on your lifestyle. 

Numerous researches have shown that most of the people give up as they can not cope up with the change. Here, comes the benefits of motivation. It forces us to deal with challenges smartly. 

E) Makes a New You by Improving Your Personality

Makes a New You by Improving Your Personality

Development of personality is a lifelong process. There is no limit to enriching your persona. But the question is what keeps you focused throughout this entire journey. It is motivation that fuels the process.

When you are motivated to change your behaviour, you will notice a significant change in your way of thinking and action. 

So, if you want to improve your personality, do the following things. 

  • Create and Follow Your Own Style
  • Educate Yourself with New Skills
  • Always Believe in You Beyond Any Doubts
  • Conquer your Fear of Failure.
  • Eliminate Your Mentality of Being a Perfectionist
  • Learn to Control Your Anger
  • Practice Honesty and Sincerity
  • Find the Ways to Live for Yourself
  • Whatever It Takes Spread Happiness
  • Hang Out With Your Family and Friends.
  • Create Good Habits and Destroy the Bad Ones
  • Do not Fear to Undertake New Challenges

F) Teaches You How to Behave Maturely 

You may think that you are grown enough and can act like a mature person. But believe me, maturity is not confined within the boundaries of your age count. Many of us lack this virtue despite being old.

A mature person expresses a polished personality. His /her sense of judgement distinguishes them from the crowds. Their motivational attitude makes them diligent and progressive. 

However, if you are interested to know the ways of being mature, this article will be your life-changing element.

17 Top Secrets on How to Be Mature

G) Vitalizes You to Hit Your Goals & Catch Your Dreams

Vitalizes You to Hit Your Goals & Catch Your Dreams

You can not get your work done more efficiently without motivating forces. To make your dream come true, you need to clarify your goals. And motivation serves this purpose. 

If you are determined to achieve your aims, success is only a matter of time. Motivation helps you to act on your targets. It endows you with bulldog spirit. 

H) Galvanizes Your Performance & Commitment

You already know that motivation is the prerequisite of success. And you can be successful only by developing your performance. In other words, it enhances your performance to the utmost level. 

Besides, your firmness of work makes you more committed. You can climb the ladder of success if you accomplish your duty diligently. 

Think that you are expecting a higher position in your office.  Therefore, you are doing your work more respectfully. This motive will lead you to your destination. 

I) Improves Your Time Management Skill

why is motivation important: Improves Your Time Management Skill

Do you want to know, why is motivation important? Yes, it teaches you to manage your time efficiently. It helps you to allocate time and set deadlines for your work. Consequently, you become organized.

For example, let’s imagine, you want to wake up early in the morning. If you have strong determination, you can do it. But if you lack, you will hit the ‘Snooze’ button. 

J) Turns Your Boring Day into Fun

You have to do a lot of work everyday. Sometimes, the excess workload makes your day boring. Besides, you find no excitement doing those tasks that you do not like. Most importantly, without a motivating mentality, things seem to be monotonous.

If you are highly inspired, nothing seems difficult. You enjoy performing your duty. A sense of accomplishment makes your process fun. Your inspiring outlook saves you from the grip of boredom. 

K) Also Motivates You to Instruct Others

Also Motivates You to Instruct Others

Tell me, do you love to work in an environment where everyone blames and complains to each other? Obviously, not. You expect a work environment where one helps the other and motivates for betterment. 

Do you know why you expect this? The reason is that we like companies who are positive minded and motivated.  

Similarly, when you develop an encouraging personality, it affects the people around you. Your family, friends, and colleagues try to follow your lifestyle because of your exalting behavior. 

L) Spreads Happiness in Your Life

Whatever you do, you do for happiness. If there is no felicity in life, then what is the point of living

Here comes the importance of motivation. It instills determination for achieving something. After the successful completion of a project, you feel satisfied. At the same time, you aspire to set new goals. 

If you keep motivating yourself to fix and attain new objectives, life will be happier than before. 

10 Life-Changing Ways to Fire Up Your Motivational Spirit

There are numerous ways that can help you improve your determination. Here, we have enlisted the most effective 10 tricks. Lets’ dig deeper! 

1. Maintain a To-Do List for Scheduling Your Tasks

Why is motivation important: Maintain a To-Do List for Scheduling Your Tasks

When we talk about discipline and productivity, to-do comes first. According to researchers, people feel demotivated if they have numerous unorganised tasks to complete. As a result, they can not hit the target timely. 

If you have the same problem, just set your mind to create a digital or analog to-do list and schedule your tasks regularly. It will keep you focused towards your activities.    

Moreover, if your to-do makes you more loaded, consider making a funny to-do list. Hope the following article will help you in this purpose. 

Stay Sparky With Funny To Do List System

2. Set Small and Feasible Goals

One of the best tricks for staying motivated is to set small and achievable goals. If you set a gigantic goal, you may lose spirit. It puts pressure on your mentality and you become afraid thinking of your failure.

For example, say you want to organize your digital lifestyle. The goal may seem tough at the beginning. So, divide it into small pieces. Focus on only one aspect at a time. You may start with decluttering your mailbox. Then take the next step. Thus, you can stick to your plan.

3. Start Working From the Easiest One

Start Working From the Easiest One

After setting your goal, find out the easiest task. If you start with the tough one, you may struggle completing it. As a result, the whole project may experience a negative shock.

So, the best way to motivate yourself is to deal with the simple tasks first. You can finish the task within the projected time. It will inspire you to undertake the difficult ones. 

Imagine, you would like to increase your level of fitness. Instead of thinking about muscle building, focus on jogging, pushups, pilates, etc. 

4. Take Periodical Breaks to Release Workload

If you work without any break, surely you will lose eagerness. Breaks revitalize you. You can follow The Pomodoro Technique for taking breaks. 

Spend the interval by taking a cup of coffee or tea. Take some snacks if you like. Drink water and fluids. You can listen to music too. 

5. Take a Walk or More Around to Be Active

Take a Walk or More Around to Be Active

Are you feeling indifferent? Can not concentrate on your work? Lacking motivation to work? No problem at all! Leave your task and go for a small walk around you. 

When you move your body, it becomes active. Therefore, consider doing free hand exercise. It will eradicate your laziness. 

However if you want to be active during the day, do the following things:

  • Wake up Early
  • Take the Stairs, Avoid the Elevators
  • Drive Less, Walk Much
  • Take a Pause and Do Freehand Exercise
  • Stop Wasting Time on Screen
  • Schedule Walk Before Any Meal
  • Hydrate As Much As You can
  • Organize a Standing Workplace
  • Start the Practice of Mindfulness
  • Clean Your House
  • Practice Cooking

6. Make Your Environment Inspiring

The environment around you plays a vital role in your level of instigation. Hence, to fire up your enthuthiasm, re-create a new and inspiring environment.

Place indoor plants in your surroundings. Hang motivational images, quotes, and posters on the walls. If you are a music lover, play one to sooth your disturbed mind. 

7. Overcome Your Fear of Failure

overcome your fear of failure

Fear makes you paralyzed. The moment you start thinking that you are unable to accomplish your targets, you start experiencing lack of motivation. It puts a bar in your way of progression. 

You procrastinate taking any actions towards your goals. You wait for the perfect time but it never comes. Time passes by leaving you far behind. 

Therefore, if you want to remain in the higher state of wave, learn how to overcome fear of failure

Some Unique Techniques to Beat Your Fear
  • Identify The Source of Your Fear
  • Restructure Your Goals
  • Develop a Positive Attitude 
  • Envision The Outcomes of Your Decision
  • Don’t Lose Hope at the Worst-Case Scenario
  • Always Think of a Backup Plan
  • Learn From The Past

8. Think Positive When You Feel Unmotivated

Naturally, negative thoughts cloud your brain when you are demotivated. The possibilities of success fade away. That’s why, think of the positive aspects if you can accomplish your target. 

Positive thinking has the potential to change your state of mind. Try to visualize the outcome of your actions. Do not put too much emphasis on the result. Focus on the process. 

9. Reward Yourself After Reaching a Milestone 

Reward Yourself After Reaching a Milestone

Who does not like to receive gifts? In fact, rewards raise your motivational spirit. It offers mental satisfaction. Besides, when you get presents for your work, you feel moved. It grows a mentality of doing more work.

When you offer yourself gifts for productive work, it is the recognition of your success. 

10. At the End of the Day Review Your Tasks

If you wish to know how to improve motivation, evaluate the tasks that you have completed throughout the day. Sometimes, it happens you lack the spirit to do your work. The reason is you fail to connect between your goal and action. 

So, make your goals clear and also know the purpose of your goals. Thus, you can reign in the world of motivation. 


Why is motivation important for students?

Answer: Student life is the period of learning. The students who cherish motivational zeal exhibit extraordinary qualities. The learning lasts longer. They show higher performance in the class. Their results get better. 

Why is self-motivation important?

Answer: Self-motivation makes you different from others. It is vital because it increases self-dependency. It shows you your strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, you can take actions towards development.

Why is motivation important in leadership?

Answer: Leadership is one of the best ways to motivate employees. If a leader in not motivated, none will follow his/her instructions. The project will not see the sunshine. Besides, motivating power enables a leader to meet or even exceed the organizational goals. 

Why is motivation important in psychology?

Answer: If you understand the motivation of others, you can gather insights of human nature. In psychology, it explains the ins and outs of life. Your motivation is dependent on your emotion. So, do not neglect the importance of it from psychological point of view.

Why is motivation important in sport?

Answer: Sports is all about motivation. With its power, a player can change the scenario of the game from the worst to the best. Besides, it is important to fight against the injuries.

Final Words on Why is Motivation Important

Now, you know how important motivation is! But it is not easy to keep it up everyday. So, practise the mentioned techniques in your practical life. 

Without motivation, life becomes standstill. The flow of work gets stagnant. The vibrancy of life turns into a frame of a picture. 

Therefore, let your burning desire live. Follow your instinct and lead a life of your own.

If you have any questions on why is motivation important, reach out through comment. 

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