A Journey Where Success Become Habit

A Journey Where Success Become Habit-The Untold Story

AssalamuAlaykum, everyone!

I am Nizam Uddin and today I have something very special to share with you. Something so special, so close to my heart which I started working on ever since I dreamed of changing the course of daily human life that dates back to 2009 when I was merely a second-year CSE student at my university.

At that time to my utter shock, I realized that almost 90% of my classmates, seniors, juniors use their computers for the sole purpose of entertainment like movies, songs, games, Facebook, etc. They were so much into all of these that they couldn’t think of anything else other than wasting time this way.

I thought to myself ‘What a waste of time and life! But Computers are supposed to make lives productive’.You know ‘HABITS’ are the building blocks of human success. But making a new habit is the toughest challenge an individual can ever face.

I realized that there is a key factor that plays a pivotal role in making a new habit so hard to be incorporated in daily life; and the factor is DISTRACTION, the silent time killer! So, I went on to develop a project called Virtunus for my fourth-year final exam under the guidance of Mahbubur Rahman (Kushal Sir) which was focused on creating a virtual world for everyone where people can do any type of tasks effectively distraction freeway and building new habits.

Since then I have come a long way in the last eight years; our team analyzed all bits and pieces of the concept and then finalized the plan two years ago. Right after the plan we started building the platform. If I have to describe the platform in one short phrase, I would call it a ‘Personal Growth Platform’.

It has two parts; the first one is about guidance from the world-famous coach, mentors, and successful people, and the other part is about having a virtual workplace tailored to one’s mode of actions; for example, if one goes to vacation then the workplace will show vacation oriented features or if one sits for a meeting, the workplace will initiate all meeting oriented features closing all the apps and features that cause distractions. Yes, it’s that magical! Today we are launching the first part with 2000+ actionable tips in 13 languages and soon, we will also release the second part of the platform, InshaAllah.

Guidance Part

We call the guidance part ’Tips by Virtunus’. The underlying concept is very simple: you see a lot of good content related to skills, tips, and habits around different sites e.g. YouTube but there you don’t get any features that can help you incorporate these skills into your daily routine. Let me give you an easy example: you see tons of videos on the Diet chart or Keto Diet of Dr. Jahangir Kabir but you can’t track them in one place and follow them in your life. ‘Tips by Virtunus’ will help you follow any of those health tips in your daily routine with reminders for all the instructions – be it diets, physical exercises, or any other tips.

You can also track and evaluate your growth, performance in the app. The most important features of ‘Virtunus’ will help anyone-

  1. Implement life-hacks shown in youtube videos in their daily lives
  2. Make new habits tailored to their needs
  3. Get insightful instructions related to productivity, career plans from the most famous and successful people around the globe
  4. Get notifications of important tasks at the right time only
  5. Follow habits and rituals of the most successful people
  6. Plan out their weekly or monthly tasks
  7. Convert prescriptions into reminders for taking medicines and other instructions
  8. Increase personal productivity to any level and
  9. Incorporate any religious practices into their daily lives with reminders.

Final Word

Lastly, I wholeheartedly wish for the success of everyone reading this. I hope and believe everyone will genuinely benefit from this platform, and then all my team and my hard work will pay off.

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