What is the Point of Life

What is the Point of Life? Know Your Purpose

Maybe because of a slight disappointment, with a big sigh, you questioned yourself what the point of living.

It happened to every single human being(if that person didn’t die in the baby state), and it’s completely normal to question your existence sometimes. 

But, what we do need to ask is, what have you done with your lifestyle that made you think about what’s the purpose of life?

” Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it? “

From the film “Lucy.”

We start from our mother’s womb, learn to react with emotions, know about our physique, get mandatory education, choose a life partner, get a job, and one day, suddenly, we die. 

You see, living is not that complicated, and no matter how much we try, we can never make it much intricate.

So, how will you be able to know your purpose, simplify your lifestyle, and make your life worth living? 

A Comprehensive Guide to Know Your Purpose 

A Comprehensive Guide to Know Your Purpose

It’s not that difficult to find your purpose in this vast wide world. Every person has a different role. Completing that role will help us to know our prospects. 

In this article, we will help you to understand-

  1. Do we have control over ourselves?
  2. The concept of reality.
  3. And finally, what is the point of life?

Take this article as a shadow guide like Charon. These comprehensive writings will only show you the path, but only you can take the leap. 

The Concept of Having Control Over Ourselves 

Having Control Over Ourselves

Scientific research states that our actions, behavior, and living pattern is controlled by the elements of our brain, which questions the concept of free will. 

According to previous studies, our brains will do the task before we are aware of it. More precisely, all our actions are the fruit of the neurological process inside our minds.

The disappointing thing is, we do not have any control over these processes. 

A study by Psychological Science states when we feel like we are making a choice all by ourselves, at that same moment, our mind is fooling us into thinking that the choice we make was done by us all along. 

Actually, that choice was completed by our well perceived subconscious mind. 

Furthermore, this recognition of having no control over your thoughts and choices is a bit scary. Maybe, for this reason, the question of “what is the point of anything” rises. 

All these competitions, struggling, striving, working, and living seem pointless; when we are aware of not controlling our body mentally.  

But, with some small remedies, we will be able to get a grasp over ourselves. 

Always be Prepared With Self-Awareness


Often people plan to do something, and when the time comes, they do something completely different. It is because they are not self-aware of themselves. 

Being aware helps you to be more accurate, precious, well-determined, and mentally set. 

When you know your steps in the dark alley, it is easy for you to predict your movements. Chances are, you will be 90% successful. 

Life is cruel and harsh. If you are not aware of yourself, the next thing you know, you are behind a big crowd. For this competitiveness, fast-paced living, and twisted society rules can build negative thoughts and questions like what is the point of life? 

These thoughts are fixed for everyone, and none can escape the initial trigger of this kind of thinking. 

Negative thinking makes you anxious and snatches away the productivity of your work efficiency

But, when you are aware and mentally prepared for everything, you can easily knock out your negative thoughts. 

The more you are aware of your life, the faster you can get rid of negativity from your mind. 

So, let those negative thoughts come. If you are self-aware, nothing can stop you. 

Name Your Negativity

Name Your Negativity

Negativity is like an infectious disease. You get affected by one negative thought, suddenly another one pops up from nowhere. It is comparable to a cycle of misery.

The only way to break this cycle is to name it. You can try these methods-

  • Whisper your problem in the ear.
  • Boldly say it.
  • Say it loudly.
  • Write it in a notepad and strike through it. 

These small tips can work and lead you to a good outcome. 

Scientists believe that negative thinking can cause panic attacks and cardiovascular diseases. In some cases, even brain disease. 

So, you better take the necessary precautions for your negative thoughts to break the cycle. 

Make Fear Your Friend

What influences us to make brave decisions in our life? The answer is fear. 

Once upon a time, there was a man named Matthew, who was a refuge in Sudan. He was captured while escaping, put in prison, and faced gruesome torture.

But, after enormous effort, he was able to free himself from his captivity. Still, life was cruel to him for a lot of years. He was able to escape from his own country and lived a happy life abroad. 

Make Fear Your Friend

Matthew is one of the bravest refugees of South Sudan. So, how was Matthew able to manage to hold his patience that long? 

His fear of death made him that strong from inside and outside. Sometimes fear makes us so powerful that we can accomplish the unimaginable. 

Moreover, fear can lead you to maintain a simple and hesitation free life. 

Fear can transform a person astonishingly brave in a moment and, at the same time, fearful in another. So, fear sometimes doesn’t make any sense. 

Restore Your Positivity

If your mind is full of gloomy trash, how can you possibly restore positivity? It’s easy if you know the tricks. 

What is the Point of Life

Often, your mind may refresh with simple words. A simple gesture of friendliness, repeatable mantras, and a creative term is enough. You can even do something with no-pressured and funny work. 

What you can do is-

  • Scribble on a particular surface.
  • Sing out loud.
  • Be creative and make something.
  • Scream without any purpose.
  • Record your mantra and listen to it later.

Your objective here is to learn the art of forgetting negative things. If you achieve expertise, then these tips have meanings. 

Watch the film Frozen and learn to let things go. 

Check Your Reality

Check Your Reality

It’s not that complicated to perform one, and you can check your reality with ease. But, the thought is a bit abstract.  

There are two phases of a reality check-

  1. The physical reality check.
  2. The mental reality check.

The purpose of a reality check can be-

  • It can be a habit.
  • Your consciousness.
  • To observe your surroundings.
  • To make a difference in the dream and the real world. 

The Simple Steps to Do a Reality Check

You will need some simple things to do a reality check. Your success will depend on how well you can do these steps. 

Step 1: Concentrate 

Shift your awareness to the elements around you. Clear your mind, observe these elements, and try to create a natural connection with them. 

Do this step when you are all alone, so no one can interrupt you in the middle of the process. 

This process can be for a minute, hour, or even for a day. The goal is to pursue the host by thinking only of himself and his surroundings.  

Step 2: Make it a Habit


We recommend you do this reality check often. It will make your concentration skill sharp and make your choices precise. 

Step 3: Act Like You are Doubting

Sometimes, we think our daily life is precise, and our reality is something usual that we can control. 

But usually, it does not happen, and we face many kinds of problems. 

So, try to doubt your reality often. Doing this will precisely lead you into a worthwhile outcome. 

These three steps will help you to determine your reality precisely. 

Some Amazing Reality Check Example 

1. Reading Test 

Try to read something several times. If you are unable to read it, then you are dreaming; or if you are reading it a second time, but the writing is undetectable, then you are definitely dreaming.

What is the Point of Life

2. Breath Test

Attempt to breathe while plugging your nose. If you woke up, then you are probably dreaming.

3. Sensitivity Check

Check your bodily sensitivity. If you can’t feel anything, then you are dreaming.

4. Reflection

Try to see your reflection on a smooth surface. If you are dreaming, then you will not see something peculiar about yourself. 

5. Numbers

The most effective way to check your reality is seeing the time. The numbers are always something weird in the dream world. 

Rewire Your Brain

Rewire Your Brain

According to scientific research, the human brain has more than 100 trillion neuronal connections, which is built with 100 billion neurons. Our mind is more capable than we think. 

The best thing about the brain is it follows a specific pattern to process, learn, interact, adapt, and evolve. 

If we can hack in the middle of this system, we will be able to create new connections in our brains. 

Moreover, every time we think of something, our brain processes the ideas and connects different neurons to create a new pathway of thoughts. This task can be anything that we never tried before, such as writing a drama, riding a bike, swimming, talking with new people, etc.

Our brain is so expert about this process that we always achieve success at the end. And, once we reach that point, our subconscious will store it for the rest of our lives. 

For this process, happy memories, new skills, adapting abilities, and evolving is possible. 

But, not everything in this world is good. If so, then how do we erase bad memories? Erasing the whole thing is difficult but possible.

Our brain rewiring skills will help us to achieve peace, capable of forgetting bad memories and get rid of negative thoughts. 

These small tips can be helpful-

  • Start building a hobby.
  • Learn something new. 
  • Listen or start making music.
  • Travel to different regions.
  • Start reading books.
  • Writing can be a solution.
  • Exercise.
  • Fine-arts. 

A rewired brain is all we need to change our lives

The Concept of Reality

What is the point of life? If we do not know our perception of reality. Learning about our reality will help us to understand this question more accurately. 

There are mainly three types of reality,

  1. External reality.
  2. Internal reality.
  3. The unknown.

There are many sub-sections, but we will only focus on these ones. 

The External Reality

Culture and religion are the main points of this reality. Our opinions, society, and spiritually focused on an external entity. 


Well, at least 95% of people are born in this kind of reality and die within. We grow in our cultural environment, learn, teach our next generation, and try to spread our culture. 

Our individual beliefs, friendships and religion make our communities powerful. And all these influencers make our external reality strong. 

The Internal Reality 

This reality is inside us, and only we can control it. Scientists believe desire is one of the core components of internal presence. 

But, our internal reality might get influenced by our external lives. And why does it happen? 

We are social beings. It is quite impossible for a human being to live alone, even if that person is a grown man. If we live in a particular society, our perspectives change. 

Moreover, this perspective changes for those external reality influencers. Our emotions for someone’s death in society, joy in cultural festivals, and solving someone’s problem through teamwork also are formed. 

human being

Our internal reality may be a part of the external reality that is building from our birth. That’s why it gets influenced from time to time. 

Desire has two core components,

  1. Intuition 
  2. Purpose

When our perspectives change, it influences these two components too. Hence, Building an impact on our internal reality. 

The Unknown 

In this phase, all the odd things are born. The unknown actually doesn’t have any particular meaning, but it has a significant space in our lives. It exists somewhere. 

One component can be its part,

  • Quantum physics

There is not so much to talk about this one. We have to enter the science realm to understand the unknown. 

All we can say is it’s a new entirely different concept about the supernatural and nonexistence elements of lives. 

Quantum physics

The Ultimate Answer 

The answer is quite simple, living in this reality, and filling your life with joy and happiness, and lastly, making other’s lives happy is the point of life. Nothing more, and nothing less. 

But, about this theory, a lot of questions arise like, 

  • What if the reality we perceive is not real?
  • How can we evolve our understanding?
  • Is there anything beyond religious and scientific research?
  • Can we actually answer this question?

These questions arise because your mind is not capable of grasping beyond religion and scientific theories. Hence, questioning your perspective seems to be reliving. 

For this reason, we shared all these techniques with you so that you can make a simple reality, focus your life, erase bad memories, create good ones, and grasp your existence. 

Have you ever given yourself a moment to stop and try to figure out where you came from, where you were before birth, and why are you even alive? The answer is to be a part of this happy human family. Give yourself some moment and try to realize your existence in this world. 

The perception of being here right now with your family and friends is precious. Don’t ruin your moment for something that you can’t grasp. Maybe it was not even there in the first place. 

If you play your role as a human being and help others with there’s, then you achieved your purpose. 

So, you are the point of life, we are the point of life, and our existence at this moment is the point of life. 

Whatever happened in the past is just a bag of bad memories, and whatever lies ahead doesn’t exist. So, you better forget about both and live your life at this moment. 

bad memories

Some Basic FAQs

What is the term “42 rule?”

The 42 term is used in the science-fiction novel “Hitchhikers.” In the book, the number 42 has been described as the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. This concept is calculated for a long time with a computer.  

Does life have any meaning?

Theoretically, this concept is a part of existential nihilism. Existential nihilism states that there is no point in life, humans are insignificant, without any purpose, and the entire theory of human existence is meaningless. 

Why do we live?

Answer: We live for 3 main reasons-
1. Our existence is meaningful.
2. We have to live because we have a purpose. 
3. We are significant to shape reality.  

Wrapping Up on What is the Point of Life

If you start to look through this viewpoint, you suddenly realize life has its own meaning, objective, and essences.

This extensive realization builds a shift of consciousness. Life becomes meaningful. You will not blindly search for happiness, strive, and wanting more will seem pointless. 

Furthermore, you will not feel like a whole of a half. 

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” 

Dr. Seuss

Don’t wait until your moments become memories, act now. If you realize this, then you already know your purpose. 

So, all your life do you want to live or lead an unsatisfied life and die with regret. 

If you think we gave you an appropriate answer, then leave us a comment. It would be our utmost reward. 

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