what do teachers do in the summer

What do Teachers do in the Summer? (Top 9 Awesome List)

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence can stop. ” 

Henry B. Adams

Teachers are just ordinary individuals. What makes teachers different from others? The profession. 

However, right now, teachers are facing the worst situation in this COVID-19 pandemic. No physical classrooms, relying on web classes, and no exact date of opening schools are ruining the spirit of education. 

Not just teachers, every person linked to the teaching profession trying to utilize every second of their life even in this heinous circumstance. 

When COVID-19 is around, the summer recess will also start, making everything jutted again. Can you enjoy a vacation after spending so much time at home, not working? 

So, students may sip juice in their swimsuits, play beach games, or go to their farmhouse in the summertime, even in this challenging situation. But, at the same time, the summer schedule for teachers may be totally different. 

In this article, we will find out what do teachers do in the summer pandemic vacation. And how they can utilize their productivity on inactive hours

How COVID-19 Affected Productivity in Teaching?

COVID-19 Affected Productivity in Teaching

Students like to go to schools, and teachers want to educate them in a playful and natural establishment. But for this pandemic situation, the school is not running like before. 

Due to COVID-19, both teachers and students will not be physically present in any establishment, nor any substitute educators can work because the government has shut down all institutions associated with education. 

As a teacher, if you try to calculate the productivity of your recent months, you will see you tried a lot, but it was not worth the effort. 

For these lees working regime, teachers are losing productivity. And, also working remotely, staying at home, irregular web class, and no activities besides your house are also associated with productivity loss. 

Did Summertime Worsen the Situation of COVID-19?

Well, we always try to spend our time doing something, going somewhere, or stay with someone. Summer breaks enable this feeling and encourage us to enjoy or do more than our usual time. 

But, the pandemic changed these feelings and made people aware, introvert, and family dependent. 

Furthermore, regular daily objects, jobs, and hangouts are literally impossible to stay safe. 

However, summertime made this situation a bit tolerable in so many ways. This vacation will help us fight against this virus. New-season will bring the new joy of life

So, this year’s vacation was not a complete waste. Hence, it was our awakening point. 

9 Things Teachers are Doing in this Summer Vacation 

Yep, even COVID-19 can’t stop our teachers from serving their part in society. But, one crucial thing to consider is that somethings are not the same anymore. 

So, if you ask an educator what they are doing in their summer vacation? The answer will be something like this-

Teachers are Trying To Connect Remotely with their Students

Trying To Connect Remotely with their Students

The pandemic caused millions of educational institutions to close without any further notice from February. This shutdown drove some teachers to lose their jobs and do something else. 

But, some are trying to teach from their home through digital technology. Others teach from their school desks virtually. Also, it’s hard to organize your digital life, let alone teaching through technology. 

30-year-old Kara Stoltenberg shared her experience with Time magazine about how empty she felt on the first day of school. There she was in the big classroom all alone. 

However, meeting with her students, even virtually felt great and helped her to remember the good old days with the students. 

Some are Pursuing Hobbies

Pursuing Hobbies What do Teachers do in the Summer

Well, right now, teachers are spending most of the time in the home. So, having a particular hobby can make this situation bearable.

Summertime actually helped to flourish these hobbies. Hobbies such as gardening, reading during summertime, cooking, etc.

Reading books like self-awareness can help them to know thyself and start a new chapter after this pandemic. 

Buying School Supplies

This one is common, and every teacher once in a while, bought school supplies for their students. Hence, purchasing the equipment this year feels reasonable. 

Moreover, buying necessary school equipment is a crucial summer planning for teachers. 

The reason for teachers to do this is to remove the burden of the students affording expensive school items. Not all students have the luxury to buy notebooks, expo markers, Kleenex, pens, pencils, and, most importantly, scientific calculators. 

Maybe this year was worse, but still, a welcoming gift from teachers to students can make the next year amazing. 

Moreover, this thought drives the teachers to spend dollars to buy quality school equipment, even if there were no big back-to-school sales.

Educating Themselves 

Educating Themselves

If you are a teacher, it doesn’t mean you are out of education. Teachers can study for more degrees and developments. The most common degree for teachers is a master’s degree. 

In this summer break, a lot of teachers may spend their entire time studying or giving exams. There are lots of options online now.

Searching for Jobs

Searching for Jobs

Sitting around in the house and staying safe will not pay the house rent nor support the family. So, a lot of teachers are trying to get new jobs. 

Practically, all the teachers are bored during the summer with not so much to do. Maybe for some extra bucks or utilize their time, teachers search for new jobs during mid-summer. 

Summer jobs are crucial for their overall annual income and personal finance management

Here is a list of jobs for teachers in the summer-

  • ESL instructor
  • Sports coach 
  • Camp Counselor 
  • Summer School Teaching
  • Tour guiding
  • Children safekeeping facility 
  • Web-based private tutor
  • Library assistant 
  • Freelance online works 

Professional Development Conference (PDC)

Professional Development Conference

It requires a lot of patience and hard work to be a teacher. The entire year is full of challenges, surprises, and difficulties for a teacher, 

There are 100 things to do before the high school list, and teachers do not get that much free time for themselves. 

So, they must cope with upcoming changes and difficulties. It is like the moral stuff that we learn is more great and crucial for teachers. 

Personal development programs and conferences are great summer activities for teachers. These programs took place in the summer season because this is one big free time for people from all professions. 

Right now, these conferences are held through online meeting apps. These programs educate teachers to work remotely during the epidemic period. Most importantly, they can hold a meeting with the parents. 

Ticking the Summer To do lists

Summer To do lists

Summer enables us to do many things that we didn’t do in the past months. So, creating a particular checklist is too crucial to fill that blank spot. 

Teachers are the same as regular people, and they like to have fun too. Maybe their summer to do lists is a bit different than other people, but the overall wishes are the same. 

A good summer can make the first day of school for teachers checklist perfect. 

Moreover, a teacher’s summer bucket list is more like a todo list system. In a paper todo list system, you can add all the things that you have planned to do this year but weren’t able to because there was no time off. 

So, this year’s summer bucket list will not be that flashy, yet it will be fun to complete.

Do a Short Indoor Picnic 

Picnics are the best to provide entertainment for all family members. You can start gossiping, play games, and fun times.

And the best part is that you can enjoy your time in the backyard and stay safe at the same time. 

Playing Indoor Games

Playing Indoor Games

There are tons of games you can play indoors such as plastic bottle bowling, paper ball toss, pair racing, etc. 

You can also try out an indoor campaign with your family members. The purpose is to stay safe and precautions while having a great time. 

Fruit Popsicles 

Isn’t it relaxing to sit in your beach chair beside the pool and enjoy an extra delicious fruit popsicle? Yep, the feeling will be like a king. 

It’s easy to make and store. Plus, all the kids will consume vitamins and minerals with pleasure. 

Praying and Preparing for Next Year

Praying and Preparing for Next Year

2020 was one of the worst years of human history. One single virus literally changed everyone’s lifestyle dramatically. This virus showed us how fragile and feeble we are. 

Like everyone, teachers are praying and preparing themselves for the next year, making them strong-willed and emotionally balanced. 

Whether it’s the summer class or the house, teachers are remaining vigilant and conscious. 

Hear the story of Terence Freeman, 73, from Oklahoma, an English teacher. He described his feelings to The Washington Post

He hoped that school authorities might fund hand sanitizers, cleaning liquids, and face masks. Terence hoped that he would still have a personal relationship with his students. But none of these dreams was possible. 

His simple yet effective way to stay disinfected during the pandemic was praisable. He calls this the can-do spirit of an American. 

He will remember the obstacles. Every day the cold breakfast in the packets, cleaning desk after each class, social distancing, and strict mask-wearing routine created a burden for students to carry out

The story of Terence Freeman is one out of thousands of teachers out there who are struggling for survival. 

Most Importantly Fighting with COVID-19

Fighting with COVID-19

Even when the classroom and schools are totally closed, teachers and students are trying to fight against the virus together. 

By providing education on the coronavirus, giving children their informative books, and helping with public awareness, teachers are doing so much stuff. 

From all tier of professions, everyone is doing something for their country and community. Teachers and professors of Bosnia help their children by providing protective face shields and masks. 

Like other heroes, teachers are helping children engaging in learning, stay focused, and remain safe in these awful times. And their efforts are working day by day. 

FAQs on What do Teachers do in the Summer

Question 1: Do teachers earn money during the summer?

Answer: Yes, teachers can earn a lot of money from their job or doing something else entirely. But some teachers don’t work during the summer. 
For them, the school administrative offers 2 choices. Either they can receive an annual salary of the earlier 10 months, or they can choose to receive paychecks throughout the whole year. 

Question 2: Does teaching have good benefits?

Answer: In the general view, teaching is considered to be a noble profession. If you like to interact with children, love to educate them, and have teamwork and communication skills, then teaching should be your priority. 
You can enjoy these extra perks as a teacher-
Teachers have a self-accessible insurance system. 
They are eligible for any leave application. 
For organizational job candidates, teachers are more prioritized than people from other professions. 

Question 3: What happens to substitute teachers during the summer?

Answer: A lot of substitute teachers may get jobless due to summer vacation. So, to avoid this dilemma, the American court created a right. It states that all substitute teachers are eligible for unemployment benefits during the summer session. 

Question 4: Do school employees lose their job during summertime?

Answer: No, school employees don’t get any unemployment benefits during any breaks. These breaks are stated to be a regular part of their annual work. 

Question 5: What qualities does a teacher need to be a great teacher?

qualities of a teacher

Answer: Here are 6 essential things a mentor needs to be a great teacher-
Strong Communication skills.
They are good listeners. 
Adaptable to any situation.
Their studying methods are engaging. 
They share moral values. 

Concluding on What do Teachers do in the Summer

From January to May, these months can be pretty tiresome and hard for an educator. Strict schedules, student’s exams, and authority meetings can literally take the life out of you. 

So, summertime is the blossoming time for teachers. This break helps a teacher to self improve, start fresh, and erase the bad memories of the past. 

As a teacher, how was your summertime this year? Was it a complete waste or something special? We know it was a challenging year for everyone. But, if we try, we can make it a better one. Don’t we?

If you have any queries about what do teachers do in the summer, then please let us know in the comments. 

And, take our salute to all the TEACHERS or PROFESSORS who are trying hard to educate the whole nation. We love you.

Have a great day!

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