Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People

Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People

Self-care is the most trendy word these days. We all have heard about it and know that it’s important. But some may not clearly understand what it actually means, or how to apply it correctly. Who’s got time for that? So, without knowing the depth of it- people try to make themselves feel better with the internet made self-care checklists. That are actually weekly or monthly planners they follow blindly.

So, What is this self-care thing really?

It is a  process of nurturing your body, mind, and spirituality through activities you do daily. It will make you be kind and empathetic to everyone including you. No, you don’t need to make a specific space for yourself to care. It should be visible in every single move you do. Let’s try to explain it further with an example so you can quickly grasp it. For instance-

You love pizza, but excessive consumption of pizza weakens your metabolism. To keep your organs happy you are trying to control this guilty pleasure of yours. This is called self-care where you’re not doing what you love. Instead, you’re doing what is appropriate for your wellbeing. 

There are no specific rules for self-care. We all are different from one another so our goals, issues, and limits are. That’s why there does not exist an ideal checklist that you can follow. In this article, we tried to discuss some points that you must include in your weekly self-care checklist. Without further ado, let’s check out those.

Why Your Self Care Plan is not Working?

Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People
Plan a weekly self-care checklist

There are thousands of self-care plan templates on Pinterest. You could pick any of them, maybe you already did. But those templates couldn’t make you feel better. If you’re wondering why it didn’t work, then here is a situation for you to understand what went wrong.

Suppose, you’re working on a project very hard and the deadline is about to end. To accomplish your goal you’re skipping meals, working very late at night, leaving everything behind now the focal point is your deadline.  Hard work is a good thing and beneficial for your career. But it’s not everything in your life. Often we torture our body this way for our own good. And this is definitely not self-care.

You might think, “ So What?  I’ll treat myself after this project”.

Yes, that’s a good idea! But again, it’s not self-care. Firstly, you need to understand what is not self-care. Self-care is not– 

  • Eating junk foods because you love doing that. 
  • Trying to impress people with a fake version of yours. 
  • Ruining sleep cycles.
  • Trying numbing behaviors like surfing social media all day.
  • Unnecessary spendings a.k.a “impulsive shopping therapy”
  • The extreme workout that changes your body shape to please others.
  • Isolating yourself from people.

Then, how to make a plan that will really work? 

Well, we have developed an awesome checklist for busy people like you. With this weekly checklist, you can effortlessly take good care of your inner and outer self. Also, you can customize this list with your own self-care goals. As of now, let’s check those facts you should include in your plan.

Weekly Self Care Checklist for You

In reality, this is not possible for you to make time for yourself every day. Maintaining a daily checklist might be boring and make you feel like you’re making zero progress. For this reason, we have prepared this weekly self-care checklist below that will create a visible improvement in your life.

A Big No to “Staying awake at night”

A Big No to “Staying awake at night”

With your busy life, you might not have enough time for yourself. But you must just work on one thing- making sure you’re sleeping properly. Doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep every day. That does not mean staying awake at night and then having 8 hours of sleep after that.

A study says-People who sleep late at night is leading to change their blood protein level.  affects immune function, metabolism. Because of this change, the person is at risk of diabetes, depression, obesity, even diseases like cancer. Shocking, right?

That’s why keeping your sleep cycle on track is the most important part of self-care. If you’re a person who regularly sleeps late at night, this is the most crucial thing you should add to your self-care checklist. You can’t change sleep patterns overnight, but practicing early sleeping every day can make differences. Also, this practice will minimize your late-night snacking habit.

To learn more about late-night snacking habit read this article- How to Stop Eating at Night: 8 Proven Hacks

Physical Activity Instead of Yoga

Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People

Yoga poses won’t work if you are not aware of your body. Our body needs the right food and proper rest to balance everything. If you’re just following youtube videos and trying hardcore cardio or yoga poses without knowing your body thoroughly, you might injure your body. Because according to your body type, weight, height trainers modify the exercise plan for an individual. So, you can’t try yoga poses randomly, and let’s assume you don’t have time to hit the gym. Instead, you can practice physical activities and add this to your weekly self-care checklist. For example:

  • Walk around your home after any meal.
  • Play physical games like badminton, cricket, basketball.
  • Kickboxing, skipping rope helps to burn fat.
  • Household chores like dusting, planting trees, cleaning yards increase physical activeness.
  • Dancing on a random playlist will energize your mind and reduce muscle stiffness.

 Zero “Meal-Skipping”

While having a busy schedule, skipping meals seems a really good idea to burn excessive fat. Habitually, we ignore the science behind this fact and leave ourselves starving for food. From time to time, acidic gastric juice secrete in the stomach and we feel hungry. In the meantime, the stomach needs food to digest. If we can’t provide food at that very moment, the acid will keep secreting. As a result, gastric juice on an empty stomach will change your blood sugar level and lead to stomach ache, or even ulcers!

Frequent practices of this surely burn the stored fat of your body. Consequently, it will affect your bone density, hormones, and your immune system altogether. This is also true that excessive fat intake influences health issues but “eat less gain less” is not the mantra for a healthy body. In that case, how can we keep our body fit without skipping meals?

  • Consult with a dietician and make a diet plan.
  • Decrease the amount of sugar and caffeine intake.
  • Frequently eat a little amount of food.
  • Keep healthy snacks beside you.
  • Boost your immune system with healthy food.
  • Fill up your water bottle and drink 1 liter every day.
  • Sleep well, eat well, feel well.

 Keep in Touch with People

Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People

Have you ever felt zoned out from people you love? After a long gap, when you try to engage with them, you can see so much happening with them and you know nothing about it. That’s how emotional distance starts expanding. Distance makes the relationship weaker. You don’t want that, right? Although, It’s not possible to communicate with friends or parents every single day even if they are just one call away. In that case, you can try calling them weekly or make a weekend plan with them.

 Learning New Things

 Learning New Things

Personal growth depends on how well you know about yourself. To know yourself better, you can learn new things. Because you will keep growing until you are learning. There was a time when people used to consider academic degrees as a learning process. Surely this is a type of learning process but in this era of the internet, you can learn anything at any age or without having any kind of academic background. 

There are tons of youtube videos, online courses, blogs, podcasts based on people’s interest and passion for learning new things. For instance- you can learn cycling at the age of 60, or enroll in computer programming courses while being a lawyer. When you learn something new, it automatically lifts up the confidence level higher. Therefore, don’t forget to add this to your self-care checklist.

 Declutter Toxic People Around You

Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People

A toxic person can be anyone who is abusive, unsupportive, and forces your mind to lose confidence over you. You can’t afford to be around people who are dragging you to depression or unhealthy lifestyles. No one deserves this much negativity! Trust me you’ll thank me late after decluttering toxic people from your life. You don’t need to cut off everything with them. Declutter them from your personal space with these easy steps-

  • Mark the toxic person around you.
  • Unfollow them in social media.
  • Learn to say “No” to them.
  • Ignore their comments, opinions, and irritating questions strategically.
  • Most importantly- be with people with whom you feel alive.

 “Doing Nothing at All” is Important

Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People

Just lay down in your bed, look at the ceiling,  and do nothing at all. It’s important to press the pause button to be more productive and stress-free. From morning to night, we are just running around with our work and tensions.

That’s why it’s vital to sit for a while and do nothing at all. You don’t need to fix a time to practice that. Take care of yourself after a long tiring day when you are at home, just sit on your couch and think about nothing. This will help your mind to rest a little bit and energize your body.

Improve Your Lifestyle with a Weekly Self-Care Checklist

Thank you for scrolling down this page. It proves your desire to do something for yourself. You know that self-care is not a selfish thing. Also, it’s not just taking a bubble bath or giving yourself a treat because you love it. This is a process of renovating your lifestyle that will just not cherish your inner soul, but also your body and mind. So let’s start from today and watch yourself bloom.


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