Weekend Fitness Tips

Improve Your Health with 5 Magical Weekend Fitness Tips

In this Corona outbreak, everyone’s life has become dull. This nothingness has filled our minds with frustration and distress.

But staying at home is crucial, and conserving good fitness is necessary too. So, how can we do both at the same time? 

Do we really need to go outside for robust health? No, we don’t. What we need is to adjust our goals and follow them every day.

By creating a weekend plan for exercise can help you to achieve your desired goals within a small period. 

An entire healthy weekend is enough time to stay fit and healthy. But this often doesn’t happen, most of the time you start your first day of the week with a self-improvement vibe and end up with a slight disappointment. 

That will not happen again, my friend. The whole article is presenting you with fitness tips that can assist you to stay on track. 

Without any doubt, you can be a pro in this quarantine.

5 Mysterious Weekend Fitness Tips 

While you are doing regular chores, these fitness tips can help you both male and female to enjoy life fully. Your weekend will not be boring, and monotonous anymore. 

Set Alarm in the Morning 

Set Alarm in the Morning for Weekend Fitness Tips

Ditching the alarm in the morning may help you enjoy another hour of sleep, but this habit will turn you into a light-headed person. If you are an office employee or a homemaker try to set up alarms in the morning. 

Alarms in the morning help you adjust the daily routine of your everyday life. It will also settle the biological clock between the body and the sleeping schedule. 

A team of researchers from the University of Arizona – Tuscan discovered social jet lag. Social jet lag happens when our body’s biological clock and the sleeping schedule that we keep on the weekends occur into a disparity. 

If this happens you will become more tired, stressed, and moody person. This will not only just affect your brain but also overall personality and fitness.

In conclusion, you will become a socially awkward person. 

Some more important information is for every hour of sleep that has been shifted, increase the risk of heart disease by 11 percent. Sleeping late in the morning also hampers your daily activities.

So, please set an alarm, and don’t avoid it. Just think about a peaceful mind and a socially fitted personality.

Tips on How to Adjust the Sleeping Time for Staying on Track 

  1. Tell your friend about your weekend plan
  2. Avoid drinking unnecessary coffee
  3. Say no to alcohol
  4. Try to hang out with your friends in the day-time
  5. Use a nightlight in your room
  6. Wash your face before bedtime for a goodnight’s sleep
  7. If you can’t sleep then get up and do something relaxing
  8. Don’t force yourself to sleep, especially after a depressing work

Don’t Stop Exercising

Don't Stop Exercising

You may have a question that will it fit Friday? Usually, work out plans peak on Mondays, and tend to continue it until Friday. Saturday and Sunday are days at the weekend too, so why ditching them.

If you are trying this weekend fitness tips then you have to make every day count. Not counting two days will affect your overall performance throughout the week. Regularity is important in your everyday workout plan. 

Jawbone, an American technology company found out (from their diet and fitness trackers) that Mondays are the starting day of workout for an average American citizen. 

Friday morning is the most awaited day of the weekend. It is because, after you hit Friday afternoon, you simply turned your workout week into a disaster by exchanging your sneakers for a big cheesy pizza. 

Unwanted weight gain is the root cause of this irregularity. So, to make your workweek count, try to schedule your Saturdays and Sundays too.

Here are some of the best weekend weight loss tips. If you can follow these weekend fat loss tips you can get a slim, healthy, and strong body. 

How Not to Skip Exercise for the Weekend 

Track your progress in the workweek
  1. Enjoy your workout
  2. Don’t do risky exercises like dumbbell lifting at the beginning
  3. Track your progress in the workweek
  4. Do HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  5. Don’t act based on the scale. Because muscle is denser and thicker than fat. Try to fit slim clothes and take measurements of your hips and belly. 
  6. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a salad meal, spa, new snickers, or an extra cardio season with your friends. 
  7. Give yourself some credit or gift. After all, you deserve it.

Maintain Your Diet 

Maintain Your Diet for Weekend Fitness Tips

This is the most important sector of the weekend fitness tips. Sticking with a diet plan and accomplishing it till the end is challenging but not impossible. 

All you need is determination and self-confidence in yourself. Maybe the ambition of achieving a gorgeous body by not taking any unhealthy food can help you with your weekend fitness plan.

Eating habits mostly depend on particular individuals. Some people can maintain their food habits, while others might not. But most of us try our best to endure the taste of healthy foods. 

Again when Friday comes and you just forget about your fitness and lose to your food habits. As a result, those extra fats stick with you for the rest of your life. 

After doing it several times your dream of a perfect workweek never comes to reality. So, remember taking a pledge of maintaining a balanced diet is saving a dream from no to get crushed.

But if everything is balanced then the joy of the weekend becomes an imprisonment feeling. Not too much or not too little is the key to victory.

A little amount of mayo and beer will not affect your weekend progress. But remember only a little amount, and also it’s quarantine. Don’t get too hard on yourself.

So, try to follow these weekend fitness tips while enjoying the weekend. Below, we have listed some weekend wellness tips.

How to Stay Healthy by Managing a Balanced Diet for the Weekend

Balanced Diet for Weekend Fitness Tips
  1. Stay focused on your diet
  2. Follow your normal routine
  3. Fewer alcohol consumptions
  4. Try to eat more veggies at breakfast
  5. Avoid oily food
  6. Stick with the basic food like- oat nuts, whole grain, and cereals
  7. Create your food journal for further analysis of your food habits. 
  8. Be careful around friend’s bachelor parties, anniversary parties, and birthday parties. 
  9. Enjoy your moderation days. When dining out stick with the salad menu. 

Take a Hot Bath or a Hot Shower 

Take a Hot Bath or a Hot Shower

Hot baths have scientifically proven methods for a better mind and relaxing stiff muscles. It significantly increases blood flow in your blood vessels and makes your metabolism higher. 

Start your day by taking a hot water bath and if possible repeat it before you sleep at night. Trust me you will feel refreshed to the soul. 

Warm water feels nice and cozy, the feeling of being submerged into water gives you comfort. 

Neil Morris, a UK psychologist who observed 80 people, and found out a hot water bath can decrease depression and feelings of sadness.

According to Neil Morris’s research baths can give a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and ease. It gives us the connection of being in the mother’s womb. 

In conclusion, a hot water bath can give you a sensation of safety and it allows you to relax, even if you are mentally hyped.

Hot showers improve the quality of your skin, by releasing the pores. Hot water will adjust your skin tone, soften your skin, and prevent all kinds of skin diseases. 

The feeling of being inside of water can calm your nerves and let you concentrate. Plan your next weekend ahead of you, while inside a tub. 

The peaceful environment inside the bathtub will allow the brain cells to work more precisely. Maybe you will come up with a new idea in your office work. 

How to Take a Hot Bath More Effectively in Your Weekend 

  1.  Add Epsom salt in the water. They are available in any departmental store.
  2. Wait 10 minutes after the water is heated, to adjust the water temperature. Too hot will burn your skin or too cold will destroy the purpose of bathing.
  3. Be in the water no more than 30 minutes.
  4. Adjust the hot water temperature to 100°F. (38°C)
  5. To create a comforting environment add music, candles, and read books.
  6. you can add baubles and essential oils. 
  7. Apply a face pack or hair treatments.
  8. Use a fluffy towel and a soft bathrobe after the bath. 

Spend Quality Family Time 

Spend Quality Family Time

Spending quality time with your family is another important weekend fitness tip. It’s quite important to give your children some time.

After all, blood-related people are the most valuable part of a human’s life.

You share your experience, thoughts, and plans with your loved ones. Through this, family bonding gets deeper every time. This transforms an ordinary family into a loving family. 

If you have a large family or small family it doesn’t matter. What matters is love for each other. Spending time with your parents, wife, and children will let you forget about your workweek stress. 

It will also enable your precious thinking about your loved ones. For current circumstances, spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

But if you live alone then try to stay connected with them through social media sites.

But nowadays our lives have become so workaholic, that we forget where we belong, and for whom we are providing. Forgetting your roots will make you an alien among humans. 

Actually, the weekend exists so we can spend time with our family. Many of us have forgotten that. Giving family some time of your life are healthy weekend activities too.

Our minds hold on too pessimistic experiences and memories for an extended time than happy ones. To balance it, we need to create joyful memories with our loved ones. 

These good memories will reflect when we are having a distressing day or having negative feelings.

How to Spend Quality Family Time at the Weekends 

  1. Play board games
  2. Go on a weekend trip
  3. Do some barbecue
  4. Go to the beach
  5. Watch TV with your kids
  6. Do some chores with your wife
  7. Camping
  8. Visit the zoo once in a while
  9. Go to your mom’s place with your kids and wife
  10. Go to the mountain, hike with your kids

FAQs on Weekend Fitness Tips

cheat on weekends

Question 1: Why do I can’t resist overeating on weekends?

Answer: The availability of junk food these days are sky-high. You can order any food from anywhere. After a long workweek and a tight schedule of work can make your food urges go crazy. This is the primary reason for overeating on weekends. 

Question 2: Can one night of eating ruin my diet?

Answer: Yes, one night of bad food can ruin your health. One irregularity on your diet plan can bring major problems to your health.

Question 3: Is it fine to cheat on weekends?

Answer: No, it is not. Cheating on the weekends will kill your good bacterias and waste your entire workweek plan. A little bit of fast food and alcohol is enough to do the damage.

Question 4: How can I stop ruining my diet on the weekend?

Answer: Make a food list of the foods you will eat on the weekend, and resist your appeal to tasty foods. Try to go to the gym often, and get consulted by a gym trainer about your current diet plan. Stay in a group while doing exercise, and reject dining outdoors.

Question 5: How to eat better on weekends?

Answer: Try to avoid the temptation over taste, and give priority over your health, and fitness. Elude those friends who drink a lot over the weekend. Be proactive, and have self-confidence.

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Our Final Thoughts about Weekend Fitness Tips

Weekends are important in our lives. It lets us understand the value of our life. If there were only work and no fun, the world would be an inadequate place to live in. 

These weekends come after a stressful workweek, so you should try to enjoy your weekends.

If you can follow our weekend fitness tips, we hope that you will notice good changes in your life.

If you have any inquiries, then don’t hold it in, leave a comment.

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