Way of Working During COVID-19

Way of Working During COVID-19: Boost Your Efficiency

The whole world is in the grasp of COVID-19. It has created a traumatic situation everywhere. Nobody has ever experienced such a long period of lock-down. Everything has changed, including our way of working due to the fast-spreading tendency of the virus.

Are you worried about this pandemic circumstance? Can’t find suitable ways to complete your work? Don’t get panicked because we promise you to show the way. The Virtunus’ expert team toiled hard and discovered some effective techniques for working. They will help you to maintain a better work-life balance during the quarantine period.

Sounds engaging? Then stop wasting time elsewhere. Stay with us till the end and be efficient throughout the day.

Impact of Lock-down in Everyday Life

Impact of Lock-down in Everyday Life
Impact of Lock-down in Everyday Life

The pandemic COVID-19 has ripped the earth, making us apart. It has confined us into the four walls. The situation threw a wrench into every sphere of life. We are noticing a downfall from the national economy to household productivity. Besides, it has brought about a significant change in our approach and attitude. Let’s have a look at some of its vital impact on our daily life.

Alteration in Daily Routine

According to the IPA study, people are changing their habits to adopt the ‘new normal’ life. The report says people are consuming more time sleeping now. On average, people between 25–34 years old are spending additional 27 minutes in bed every day. They are passing more than 17 minutes with their children each day.

Besides, hobbies are also getting priority. It takes another 13 minutes more. Again, cooking has already taken its share of 13 minutes. The consumption of organic food has increased by up to 21%. Furthermore, our attachment to media is also getting an upward trend. We are enjoying more than 35 minutes a day watching live broadcasts or movies.

The lockdown has inspired us to take care of our physical health. The study shows a rise in working out. 17% more people are taking exercise regularly. Most importantly, people have curtailed their alcohol consumption by up to 10% each day.

Change in Office Activity

Change in Office Activity

To keep the wheel of the economy running, most of the companies are allowing remote work now. The new ways of managing tasks have created a sense of metamorphosis among the employees. They encounter challenges while developing new ways of working from home.

However, research indicates that the duration of our face-to-face formal communication decreases up to 1.6 hours per day. On the contrary, the period of video calling gets doubled. Both the employees and the employers are spending more than 45 minutes in video conferences every day.

Rise of Stress and Anxiety

The COVID-19 has installed the fear of death in us. The lockdown made us restless. Additionally, it puts a bar in our financial growth. As a result, we drowned in the sea of frustration and anxiety.

A study by IPA manifests that people’s feeling confident throughout the day has decreased by up to 46%. The duration of feeling happy has also diminished by up to 11%. On the other hand, the period of feeling sad has climbed to 31%. People over 65 years are the worst sufferers.

It’s a clear indication that every sphere of our life is experiencing a change due to COVID-19.

9 Efficient Ways of Working During COVID-19

We all know that the pandemic has seized your productivity. Various shifts in personal and professional life made you perplexed. You are struggling to find the exact way of working amid the situation. Here are some unique ways to boost your efficiency. Let’s dig in!  

1. Plan Your Day to Go Ahead

Way of working: Plan Your Day to Go Ahead

Planning comes first when we talk about any tasks. So, start your day with proper planning. Your plan should include everything from dawn to dusk. Get up early in the morning. It will provide you some extra working hours. Besides, the freshness of the morning will encourage you to work.

Take some physical exercise. It will re-energize you while retaining your fitness. And then don’t forget to take a shower. Studies have proved that a cold shower increases productivity. Plus, it develops the power of concentration.

Dress well, thinking that you are going to the office. You may think about how dresses can affect your performance. Yes, they can, even when you are working from home. According to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, clothes influence the behavior of the wearers. It will divert your brain into the working mood.

Wake up and get ready just like you’re going to work. If you stay in your slippers all day you will not be as productive.

Elijah Schneider, CEO & founder of Modifly

How to Make an Efficient Plan

  • Determine your purpose
  • Think straight and be realistic while planning
  • Set achievable targets.
  • Divide the big project into small tasks
  • Make a to-do list
  • Set deadline for every task
  • Write down your plan or make a presentation
  • Mark the completed tasks
  • Track your every step
  • Never leave a task in the middle of progression.
  • Reschedule your task but don’t abandon your project

2. Make a Routine and Follow It

Way of working Make a Routine and Follow It

Routine plays a pivotal role in your efficiency during the lockdown. When you don’t have any routine, you seem aimless. You will consume more time, resulting in delayed delivery. However, setting a work schedule is not as easy as it sounds. You need to put everything orderly for better execution of your tasks.

Then it’s time to follow the routine. Start working with the most important task first. Prioritizing will help you to meet the deadline. You can maintain a to-do list to get things handy.

However, the routine should reflect your eating time, sleeping time, break, etc.

How to Make an Effective Routine

  • Include only the relevant aspects
  • Define clear targets
  • Grab the small goals first
  • Manage the time depending on the nature of your tasks
  • Take enough preparation for implementing the routine
  • Work with fun
  • Monitor your progression
  • Treat yourself for success

3. Set Boundaries to Stay Focused

Set Boundaries to Stay Focused

You may face difficulties retaining your focus during the lockdown. You will get exposed to a wider range of distractions when you work from home. As reported by Michigan State University, the number of your mistakes will be double due to a three-second interruption. You can apply the following techniques to avoid personal disturbance.

Separate Your Workstation

way of working Separate Your Workstation

To bring about a revolutionary change in your way of working, isolate your workplace. When you work in a private place, you can focus on your target. On the contrary, if you have kids, they may disturb you while operating in the bedroom or drawing-room. Other family members may start chattering loudly. Even the household noise may mislead you. So, manage a room detached from all of the interruptions. Here, the following advice works best.

Establish a pre-work routine and an after-work routine. Working in the same place where you wake up, eat, and sleep can make anyone go crazy without proper boundaries in place.

Marissa Owens

Limit the Use of Technology

Limit the Use of Technology
Limit The Use of Technology

No doubt, you have to entirely depend on technology while working during the lockdown. But the excessive use of it will adversely affect your performance. For example, if you have a laptop, tablet, earphones, and a smartphone on your desk, your work speed may diminish. Again if there are numerous tabs open in your browser, your concentration will fluctuate.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association shows that only a cell phone can be the principal culprit of your distraction.

Therefore, use technology as less as possible. Keep a pen and paper. Write down the mattering notes if necessary. Thus, you can improve your working style.

Get Rid of Social Media

Social media is another speed killing agent. A comfortable home environment may stimulate you to visit Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Even any news published there may change your mood. What will happen in the long run? Your productivity drastically falls.

Hence, you should turn off the notification to get focused.

4. Place Your Desk Near a Window

Place Your Desk Near a Window

According to Psychology, there prevails a spiritual bond between you and your surroundings. So, setting your workstation at the right place holds greater significance. The director of Space Works Consulting, Lily Bernheimer, says:

The first thing to think about is where to sit


A view of nature can soothe your stressed soul. It reduces blood pressure. Moreover, its serenity will motivate you to hold your focus. So, try to sit beside a window. If it is not possible, at least hang a poster of nature on your wall. It will help you a lot.

5. Keep Comfortable Room Temperature

The human body works best when it finds a proper atmosphere. If the temperature of your working room soars high, it will unrest your mentality. The same thing will happen with too low temperature. So, maintain a temperature that suits you.

6. Increase Team Collaboration and Attend Meeting

Increase Team Collaboration and Attend Meeting

Since you can’t go to the office due to the COVID-19, the communication gap may arise among your colleagues. Misunderstanding will lead the project to failure. Lack of guidance grasps your productivity.

The only way to prevent such an unpleasant situation, enhance your team collaboration. Besides, increased team collaboration results in proficiency.

Try to attend all the meetings because they keep us connected and goal-oriented. Reach out to your co-workers if needed. Moreover, this practice will lessen your work-related stress and monotony. The following advice finds its best expression here.

Keep a team chatroom open. There is nothing more important in a group remote project than casual communication. Not just official emails and work updates, but the ability to sit back and chat.

David Rabin, VP of Global Commercial Marketing, Lenovo

7. Take Care of Your Mental Health

way of working Take Care of Your Mental Health
Caring Mental Health

The lethal COVID-19 has trigged depression and anxiety throughout the world. And the remote workers are the worst victim of it. A study by the UN says that remote workers suffer from high-stress levels in comparison to the traditional office goers.

So, do something you love to do for elevating your mood. Experts suggest taking physical exercise, swimming, listening to music, drawing, and many more.

Most importantly, spend more time with your family. Talk to your friends via mobile or video chatting. Take a walk in the garden or in the yard. Besides, enjoy the fresh air with a cup of coffee in your rooftop. All of these activities will release your stress.

However, try yoga or meditation to sleep well at night. They increase your blood circulation and control the release of the stress hormones. Furthermore, you can practice your own religious culture for spiritual happiness.

If nothing works and the situation worsens, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. If you don’t take care of your mental health, you may fall ill. Consequently, your efficiency will dropdown.  

8. Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills

Though the pandemic has pushed the whole world into its shell, it has also opened a new window for learning. Consider the long lockdown period as a blessing. Try to learn something new. It may be a language, an online course, cycling, and whatnot. Even you can develop your storytelling quality by gossiping with your family. Learn how to cook. Prepare delicious meals for the whole family. All these things bring happiness and inspire you to go ahead.

9. Read Books to Polish Your Attitude

Read Books to Polish Your Attitude

Reading is a life-changing habit. Books introduce you to the realm of knowledge. The more you read, the more sensible you will be. Sometimes, it’s tough to manage time for reading after 9-5 office hours, commuting hassle, and so on. But the present situation blesses you with some extra hours by reducing commuting. You can utilize the time reading books.

Take any type of book you like. For example, if you are a manager, you need to handle your team. It requires the qualities of leadership. Any lacking in decision making will bring disaster to your project. So, you can read books relating to leadership and self-development. Besides, drama, novel, poetry, fiction, history, etc. are capable enough to polish your attitude.

Here, we have enlisted some top-rated books on self-improvement and leadership. Let’s have a look at them.

Book’s NameAuthorDate of PublishingReview (Out of 5)
The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead ForeverMichael Bungay StanierFebruary 29, 20164.60
How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleDale CarengieOctober 1, 19984.70
Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic ThoughtJennie AllenJan 28, 20204.70
The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)Don Miguel RuizJuly 10, 20184.70
The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary: A Fable About Following Your DreamPaulo CoelhoApril 15, 20144.70
Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional LifeJim KwikApril 7, 20204.70
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual EnlightenmentEckhart TolleAugust 19, 20044.70
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow YouJohn C. Maxwell19984.80
Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the OddsDavid GogginsDecember 4, 20184.80
The Compound Effect: Multiply Your Success One Simple Step at a TimeDarren HardyJanuary 22, 20194.80
List of Books on Leadership and Self-Development


Question 1: How can I improve my ways of working?

improve my ways of working

Answer: If you like to modify your working style, follow the techniques.

  • Plan well
  • Work hard
  • Follow your routine
  • Stay focused
  • Take brake between tasks
  • Change your surroundings
  • Never lose motivation

Question 2: Does routine help to stay focused?

Answer: Yes, it does. Write down everything, and follow it. Gradually, complete your project, and you will get success.  

Question 3: How can books help to change my ways of working?

Answer: By reading books, you can gather knowledge. You can develop your lacking. Books encourage you to be efficient and make us aware also. Thus, find faults with your existing working methods, and correct them with the knowledge derived from books.

Question 4: Does COVID-19 affect my working methodology?

Answer: Of course, it will. It has forced us to maintain social distance. As a result, you can’t go to your office. You have to find an alternative way to accomplish your job.

Question 5: How does COVID-19 impact the economy?

Answer: Offices shut down. We can’t work during the lockdown period. Production in the companies stood still. Besides, people lost their jobs. Prices of daily necessaries rose up. As a result, we notice a negative impact on the economy from the personal level to the international phase.

The Bottom Line on Way of Working During COVID-19

COVID-19 has taught us to reshuffle our daily life. Your way of working, including office and home, has experienced significant changes. Besides, you may opt for different techniques to adapt to the fast-changing environment.

So, in this article, our expert team has outlined 9 unique ways of working to enrich your personal and professional life. Exploit the methods and thrive in your inner spirit.  

If you find this article efficient, please don’t forget to share with your communities. Leave a comment if you have any queries. Our support team will contact you very soon.

Thanks for sticking to us. Have a nice day!

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