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Turn Your Boring To Do Lists Notepads Into Artistry: 7 Amazing Ideas

In our monotonous life in this corona, maintaining your productivity and steadiness is, without any doubt, difficult. 

But the best part of being human is, we can flourish in our most stressful moments. 

When it comes to building a habit of writing to-do lists regularly, we use our white sheets of paper as an alternative to a beautiful notepad. It may solve the problem, but does this make you fully satisfied?

Just adopting a new habit will not do. Before starting, think about what new doors of opportunities it offers. 

Yep, we are talking about elegancy. If your habit doesn’t offer an elegant feeling, what’s the point of doing it. 

So, in this article, we will briefly talk about building a habit that satisfies you properly. 

After reading this article, your boring to do lists notepads will be joyous to make, and you will find proper satisfaction.

7 Tricks for a Better To-Do List Experience- 

  1. Create your to-do list in a peaceful moment.
  2. No-fuss, no muss.
  3. Add family time to your to-do list.
  4. A stylish notebook is a must.
  5. Why not some me-time.
  6. Make your to-do list using multiple coloring pens.
  7. You can use doodles in your to-do list.

Create Your To-do List in a Peaceful Moment

Create your to-do list in a peaceful moment

Well, your to-do list will contain a lot of stressful work. Some of these tasks can take hours. 

Completing these pressured and exhausting chores might end up like an intense workout regime. 

Besides, While adapting to a new habit, you have to remember not to get too worn out. It’s like quitting something really addictive to you but doing it in a precise way, while you are at your sanity.

So, to do this work, try to make your to do list in a soothing and relaxing hour. 

This way, you will be able to think ahead of your time, will not miss anything, and especially this new habit will not feel like a burden. 

The times you can make a to-do list,

  • After having breakfast 
  • before your nighttime sleep
  • After taking a bath
  • While sitting on a park bench 

No-Fuss, No-Muss

No-Fuss, No-Muss

The art to adjust to a new habit and while feeling majestic, elegant, and superior will require the “no fuss, no muss” rule. 

Your habit may be difficult to quiet, hard to adjust, and people feel uneasy around you; no one cares but you. 

What “no fuss, no muss” rules states-

  • Be calm while adjusting.
  • Don’t care about the people around you.
  • Have faith in yourself.
  • Feel great about yourself. 

If you have an “I don’t care” vibe, this will set your heart on fire, and no achievements will be incomplete.  

Add Family Time to Your To-Do List

Add Family Time to Your To-Do List

Some people actually think that you can’t put anything besides tasks in your to-do list. 

That believed abstraction is wrong. Actually, you can add anything to your to-do list as long as it is doable. Saying anything, why not add some family time in your to-do list.

Well, is making your family happy a task? For different perspectives, the answer states individually.

Adding family time to your to-do list is crucial, which allows you to have a good time with your family, take care of their needs, and helps you to relax from the daily routine life. 

A Stylish Notebook is a Must

To Do Lists Notepads

You can create your to-do list in any base. But we highly recommend you to go for a paper to do system.

Because according to scientists, for writing methods going for an analog system is better than digital.

It helps a person to be more organized, agile, less dependable in tech, and precise focus at work. 

But, you should not use any particular paper for your to-do list. If you think making a to-do list is your hobby, then choose a stylish base for your work. 

However, you can select any sheet of paper or register paper, but it will not give you that feeling of satisfaction. 

Here are some beautiful notebooks you can try- 

  • Knock knock to-do list notepads.
  • Bliss collections weekly planner notepads.
  • Magnetic note pads from Modern Bethel.
  • Rocketbook notebooks. 
  • Home advantage, to-do list notepads.

You can get them directly from Amazon. Trust us, all of these notepads will go with your style. 

Why Not Some Me-Time

To Do Lists Notepads

Trying to achieve something, but not giving yourself enough me-time to adjust the changes that will not do. 

All-day, every day is work and work; plus in your off-time is reserved for your family. So in this hustle, where is your personal alone time?

Actually, there aren’t any. You have to make your time and add it to the to-do list. 

However, taking me-time every day will be an issue. Try to have those me-times at the weekends for 1 or 2 hours. 

Here are some stuff you can do in your personal time,

  • Try out yoga.
  • Read books.
  • Mediate some.
  • Take a bath.
  • Some snuggling time will be okay. 

Add this or other things in your to do lists pads, your wish. But remember to have enough time to look after yourself. 

Make Your To-Do List Using Multiple Coloring Pens

Make Your To-Do List Using Multiple Coloring Pens

It’s not that mandatory, but it might help with depression. Seeing multiple colors actually helps to increase focus. 

For example, red color writings are pretty attractive and catchy. But not all colors are the same. 

You should avoid too dark and orange colors. Other than that, the remaining colors are perfect for your to-do list. 

You Can Use Doodles in Your To-Do List

You Can Use Doodles in Your To-Do List

We are not talking about child drawings. There are small doodling ideas to make your to-do list more lively and more beautiful. 

A mild and simplistic art form that represents nothing, but may have deep meaning. For having no specific indication; these may describe as “scrabbling” too. 

They are more like abstract arts but have lines, shapes, and multiple colors. 

The best part is to create doodles; you don’t have to be a master artist. You can make doodles in the edges of your list, on the front cover, or the ending page of the notepad your wish. 

Related FAQs 

What is the phrase to-do?

To-do refers, something that will be done by someone. 

What are the things I can use a notepad for?

Answer: Somethings you can use a todo list notepad for,
1. Create to-do lists.
2. Take important notes.
3. Add monthly and weekly billing information.
4. Create a personal list information hub.

Is it ok to draw in a notepad?

Answer: Yep, you can make the arts in your notebook. But it is better to use a different notepad for your artwork. 
However, to make your often to-do list more attractive, you can create multiple doodle arts in your notepad. 

Final Words on To Do Lists Notepads

Enjoying whatever you do and whatever you are aiming to achieve is necessary for life.  

If you don’t get satisfied with what you achieved and later feel terrible about it, then my friend, your achievement is just a needle-in-the-haystack.

You are missing the core component of adapting something new in life that may change your life forever. And that core component is happiness. 

If you can ensure happiness, then your achievement truly has joy. 

If you have any questions regarding; to do lists notepads, then feel free to tell us in the comments. 

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