Time management For teenagers

Time Management for Teenager:7 Techniques That Actually Work

It seems like teenagers are always on a hoverboard to balance their life. No matter where you are- in school, in house, or with friends, there is continuous pressure going on to be the better version of yours.

Maintaining everything is a part of growing up and trust me you’re doing the best you could do. But when it comes to managing time, you just don’t know how times disappear!

If you know the process of organizing your activities within a specific time frame, you can tackle your busy schedule. So, you can get extra time for leisure. In this article, you’ll find out how to invest your time strategically and get the best out of it.

Common Issues with Managing Time

Time management for a teenage : Common issues

Before looking for any solution you need to identify which factors are troubling to manage your time. Once you find them out you can look for a solution based on those issues. Here are some common issues that teenagers face while managing time.

  • Unproductivity.
  • Poor task management
  • Failure to schedule
  • Distracted mind
  • Missed deadlines
  • Lack of free time.

7 Time Management Techniques for A Teenager That Actually Work

The Internet is flooded with tips and tricks of time management for a teenager. Most of them say the same thing that only sounds well but not practical. Introducing 7 techniques that were developed after years of studies and researches. 

1.Plan for Entire Week

Plan to do list to manage time for a teenager

After classes, you may always discuss weekend plans with your friends. Did you notice, from those discussions you got some ideas to do at your weekends! This widely-known “planning the week” technique is all about discussion of yours with thyself. Fun fact is it takes a few minutes to plan an entire week! But the tricky part is to make a realistic plan.

  • Make a personal To-do list.
  • Break your time frame into small pieces.
  • Set specific goals for a week. 
  • Draw a lesson plans.
  • Figure out leisure & family times.
  • Keep a room for self-care.

2. Prepare Everything  Before Sleep

Give yourself 10-15 minutes before starting another day. Therefore, you can prepare everything you need for the next day.

Select What You Are Going to Wear

TIME MANAGEMENT FOR  TEENAGER: select what you are going to wear

When you are going out from home, suddenly you can’t find the pair of your socks or shoes, the jacket you’re supposed to wear went into the washing machine! No one wants to start a day with frustration right? If you choose your clothes before going to sleep, you can arrange everything. Even if you get up late you can just wear everything fast and run.

Tip 1 –  Do not forget to check the weather for the next day, then choose your clothes.

Check Study Materials

Time management for teenager: Pack your bag before sleep at night
Pack everything before sleep

In the morning there are a lot of things to get done. Such as exercise, breakfast, making beds, taking a shower, getting ready for school. When your clothes are arranged, your bag is ready it will take a min to get ready and give you time to eat your breakfast calmly.

Also, this will make sure you never leave any note in the house which is important!

Tip 2 : To avoid any miss out make a checklist and pack accordingly.

3.Getting Things Done

Teenagers need to maintain their School life, personal life, hangouts, family times and these sometimes make you so stressed that you find after doing so much at a time you are doing almost nothing. You are working on a school project, talking over the phone with your friend, trying to help your father with cooking. But things are not getting done and you don’t know why this is happening with you! 

Whenever you feel like this way, you can follow this GTD method. where it requires less time to be productive with stress.

Things Need to get doneThings will take monthsThings I want to doReview
HomeworkOlympiad preparationNetflix series
Room cleaning
Time management GTD technique for a teenager
  • Note down every task that hits your mind.
  • Meanwhile, think carefully about which task you need to do first.
  • Organize your tasks mentioning 3 things.
  • Then, start working on “Things need to be done” first and check.
  • Work for 1-2 hours for those which will take months to be done.
  • Go for what you want to do.
  • Lastly, Review everything.

4.Time-boxing for Social Media Activity

Time boxing technique to manage screen time for a teenager

According to pew research, Teenagers like you spend 9 hours of their day on social media.9 hours looking at your screen is not just killing your valuable time, affecting your eyesight and mental health. But social media is important these days! And whenever you log in, it takes hours like minutes! , you can control yourself with the time-boxing method.

  • Fix the time you want to spend on social media.
  • Set an alarm whenever you’re going to log in.
  • You can go to your phone settings and click on the data limit option.
  • Take a break when time ends for screen time.
  • Try not to use social media before sleeping at night.

5. Kanban Technique for Time Management

Time management  technique for teenager
Kanban Technique

Adults use this technique in their professional life. To manage a project successfully professionals use this. For a teenager, time management is not easier. So, this will help you meet your deadline in time if you are in a rush and need to multitask. This technique might organize your tasks and take you to your goals. 

  • At first, List up your ideas according to your priority.
  • Note down the list of what you are going to do.
  • Write the tasks that are in progress.
  • Finally, point out those are done.

6. Eat The Frog with Time Blocking

Eat the frog to manage time for teenager

People often try to avoid and procrastinate those tasks they feel less important for now. For instance, you hate assignments, and as it’s not in your priority you procrastinate. After an entire week, your deadline is about to end and you have left a night to complete it with other important tasks! Sounds exhausting, right?

The task you hesitate to do is your “Frog”. And using this method you can eat the frog. As a result, this will control procrastination.

  • Mark your frog.
  • Then, fix a time frame to tackle the frog.
  • Work for a few minutes every day on this.
  • Eat your frog first. 

Tip 2: These apps will save your time to draw time blocks

7. Learn to Say “NO’’

Time management for teenager: Say no

Nobody ever addresses the importance of “NO”. It’s important that an individual learns when to say “NO”.Because of peer pressure, family pressure, to be a good person in people’s eyes and maintain a persona you often negotiate with things that you never liked.

Imagine, you love sports but your peers are pressuring you to join the singing competition. To make an impression you are just working for the competition that you are not trained for or interested at all. However, there is a chance to fail on that plan too. 

So,  list up those projects which are just not worth trying, or you should not do. In this way, you can save plenty of time. On your TO DON’T list, you can include-

  • The habits you want to quit.
  • Chores you do not want to work on.
  • Projects that don’t deserve a try.
  • Distraction you want to avoid.

Start Practicing from Today

Time management for a teenager is not as complicated as you might think. Above all, it requires will-power and determination. You are already halfway if you have done reading this article. All you need to do is figure out which are the main keys that are controlling your time. Then you can choose techniques to beat those issues and get your life together.

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