Time for Parents: Top 10 Quality Time Spending Methods

Have you ever felt you would get older someday? Do you know that someday isn’t so far from now? You’ll be a parent and your children will treat you like you treated your parents once. They don’t spend time with their parents, means for you. Perhaps, you may think, you cannot stop this from happening. However, perform your core duties to your parents at least.

You grew up with the help of your parents. They didn’t have any expectations when you were born. But they gave you what you required. Also, they didn’t leave you before you were self- dependent.

According to NCBI, 4.5 percent (about 1.5 million) of older adults live in old homes. Why don’t you give the minimum homage giving quality time to your parents? Moreover, this isn’t a choice to make them realize that they’re special. Rather, this is your duty that needs to illustrate instinctively.

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Parents

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Parents

You may want to spend time with your parents. But somehow you don’t know how to spend the time. Spending time with parents is one of the best things in the world.

Let’s dig into the top 10 quality time spending methods.

  1. Say hello to your parents every day
  2. Ask your kids to say hello to your parents
  3. Eat together once a week
  4. Cook favorite dishes together
  5. You may walk an after-dinner walks
  6. Plan a monthly excursion
  7. Share funny stories with your parents
  8. Schedule your time for parents to make realize you prioritize them most
  9. Learn something new together
  10. Celebrate family traditions 

Now let’s deep dive into the points.

Say Hello to Your Parents Everyday

Say Hello to Your Parents Everyday

You may have thought that it’s not a big deal to say “hello”. But this so-called tiny thing is really important for you to keep healthy communication with your parents. 

Diva, a journalist, lives in Utah state in the US for her job purpose. Her family members live in West Virginia. She seldom finds any time to contact her family members. After a certain period, she realizes that she has communication issues with her parents and she starts to hesitate to talk.

According to psychoanalysts, if you are away from your home, and work in a different place away from your parents, you’ll need to say hello at least once a day to avoid communication gaps with your parents. So, this is a must-add to-do list

Ask Your Kids to Say Hello to Your Parents

Ask Your Kids to Say Hello to Your Parents

If you are married and have children, asking your kids to say hello to their grandparents is mandatory. Well, your parents are special, and they need special care. Besides, it would be appreciable if you stay together.

Having an intense relationship between your kids and your parents has a great output also that you may consider.

The best output having a sound relationship with your parents-

  • Teaching your kids values
  • Traditionally enriched mentality
  • Knowing the history
  • Won’t need a baby-sitter 

In western culture, most families tend to keep apart from their parents. Thus, their children get deprived of having grandparents.

Most importantly, the kids don’t get the chance to learn values from their grandparents, the warmth of love, getting enriched mentally, and they don’t get to know the history of their family; the origin.

If you and your spouse work outside, your children may stay in a babysitter house. But if your parents stay with you, the total scenario will change.

Eat Together Once a Week to Spend Time for Parents

Eat Together Once a Week to Spend Time for Parents

This is a rare practice in western society to eat together with parents. Make a schedule to visit and have a meal together every week once at least. 

If your mom loves cooking, you’ll need to visit their home. Unless this happens, you could go out for dinner with your parents.

What is the most vital part here? You‘ll get some time to spend together. Additionally, this practice will help your kids to grow a similar mentality.

Cook Favorite Dishes Together

Cook Favourite Dishes Together

Cooking is an enjoyable part when family members do it together. Ask your family’s experienced chef about the secret elements s/he usually gives. 

Be inspired to make the recipe to entertain your parents. Cooking favorite dishes with family members would make strong bondage. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to grab images of those moments to recall when you’ll get older. So don’t miss the time to be together.

You May Walk an After Dinner Walks

Walk an After Dinner Walks

If you made time to eat with your parents, then why wouldn’t you walk for twenty to thirty minutes with them. This practice is very healthy both for your health and relationships.

Do you know this is the coolest habit in Singapore? Once the dishes are cleared and the table is cleaned you can start a walk through the road with your parents.

You may share what you feel and how the current situation has been changed nowadays. They would also say about their time. It is a great practice to give time for parents.

Plan a Monthly Excursion to Spend More Time for Parents

Plan a Monthly Excursion to Spend More Time for Parents

You may think of a monthly excursion to spend more quality time with your parents. Perhaps, it could be a museum or an antique place. 

Moreover, you can visit any relative’s house to just stay connected with your parents. It wouldn’t be very tough to do. But your parents would feel they are vital in your life.

Share Funny Stories to Pass Time with Parents

Share Funny Stories to Pass Time with Parents

If you don’t stay with your parents, you’ll need more care than usual. Tell them about their grandchildren’s funny stories or stories from your office. 

Hence, your parents don’t feel they are no longer outsiders. When you’ll get older, you feel no one is there to value you. 

So, sharing everything with your mother and father will make them delighted.

Schedule Time for Parents to Make Realize You Prioritize Them Most

Schedule Time for Parents to Make Realize You Prioritize Them Most

Time management is important in every stage of life. You may prioritize wealth, success, or anything else. But how you define them, that is a key factor. 

Relationships are very vital in your life. You might have realized it when you’d get older. Karma is one of the harsh truths in your entire moments. 

What you’d do, the things must come to you like a boomerang. Your parents are your wealth. Their smile is your success. So, schedule your time accordingly and prioritize your parents most.

Learn Something New Together

Pick a hobby of your parents together. Perhaps, you could join a yoga class or start learning a new language.

Learning new things together would allow you to open them up and you might get more time to spend with your parents.

Celebrate Family Traditions 

Celebrate Family Traditions

Traditions are what closely knit your family members. Your parents have some tradition from the previous generation.

Share the tradition with your next generation. Set aside the time for those traditions and celebrate the traditions along with your parents and family.

Summing up on Time for Parents

You are grown-up for your parents. They need you when they are getting older. But in this period you don’t stay with them. Conversely, they lead a life without love. What do you think? Won’t karma come for you also?

Take care of the time, take care before it is too late to realize. When your parents won’t be anymore, you’ll feel your lonely soul. Spend as much quality time for parents as you can. Your kids also get the cognition about this. After that, you’ll get the same respect from your children too.

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