The art of parenting

The Art of Parenting: 10 Effective Ways That Enriched 100M+ Parents

Have you ever seen how an artist makes a clay doll from mud? With the gentle touch and the warmth of the naked hand, artists make those dolls. Every doll looks the same as the others. But if we look closely they are all different at some point.

Kids are like those clay dolls. The way you try to shape them they will be. That’s why I would like to call parents as Artist. And, parenting is the art of parents. Being an artist is a fascinating thing but at the very beginning, it feels overwhelming. 

If you are reading this article, let me assume that your kid is a preschooler. When you are having busy days with your career, your children’s education, personal growth, and many more things are on your shoulder too.

Therefore, this article is all about how you can balance both your work life and parenthood. Keeping in mind your busy schedule, we have enlisted 10 effective tips that can help you with the art of parenting.

10 Ways To Manage Your Preschoolers 

Parents get nervous and confused as there are a lot of ways to raise a child. But there is no right way or fixed rules to raise your kid. It depends on how you want them to raise, and with which qualities they should grow up.

1. Schedule Everything 

Schedule everything

From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night everything should come under schedule. That’s why you should stimulate your kids to maintain an analog to-do list system to be productive.

With meetings, deadlines you can schedule Cooking, Playtime, meals break, sleep routines, and most importantly study time.

If everyone in the family can maintain the time frame strictly, this will help your kid to be disciplined. Besides that, Preschoolers need to follow a routine so that they can easily cope with the strict rules of the school.

But no one has time and patience to customize schedules for every single day! In that case, apps can help. There are a lot of apps for making personal schedules, time management, reminders.

But how to find the best app that actually works for parents?
Find out- Top 8 Time Management Apps for Busy Parents.

2. Divide Responsibilities with Your Partner

The Art of Parenting
Father playing with kid

In this patriarchal society, Mothers manage the house, and kids and fathers manage every sort of financial issue and official works. These workloads are clearly impractical for a person, and can easily frustrate someone.

Frustration leads to misunderstanding and conflicts. Equal shared parenting avoids this kind of situation. Where you can divide workloads with your partner. For example-

  • Divide cooking responsibility. Suppose the mother will make lunch and give the father time to work and the father will make dinner so that the mother gets rest or finishes another work or vice velrsa.
  • Divide schooling subjects. This will help you to make a bond with your children. So, They can get both parent’s time and guidance.
  • Similarly, you can divide laundry, shopping, bathing kids, dusting, etc. This will not make you feel bored doing the same thing.
  • Try to eat with your children. And let your preschooler eat with their own hand. This will minimize your effort behind feeding them. Also, this will reduce dependency on you. 

3. House Chores They Should do

The Art of Parenting
Involving kids with everything is the art of parenting

The way  Language learning is important for a person, learning basic house chores is equally important for a person to grow. Often we mix up work with gender. That a boy should know specific work, and girls should know other specific work. That’s how parenting turns into discrimination.

Everyone should learn basic household chores while growing up. In modern parenting styles, parents invite their children to help in house chores, This will make them feel valued and a part of the family.

Working parents have zero time to teach their child teamwork and leadership, responsibility, or other good behaviors.

When you are working with your kid, sharing your own story, will bring them closer to you. They can understand your situation easily, and help you actively. You can ask them the following things to accomplish.

  •  Let them make their bed, does not matter if it’s not perfect.
  • While dusting, washing clothes, take them into your team.
  • Let them clean their doll’s house, or the mess they made after playing.
  • Inspire them to take 100 days challenge of productivity to grow a healthy habit.

In this way, they will get your attention, and be busy with something. One more thing, physical work will make them tired easily. Kids’ bodies will demand rest or food after a funny but tiring work.

4. Cooking Is An Exciting Game

The Art of Parenting

Kids love games and attention. They love to repeat the work their parents do. They try to wear parents’ big size shoes, use mom’s lipstick, or often act fake cooking. All these things reveal their ideas of self-improvement.

It’s not going to be a harmful decision for your kid if you take him/her with you in the kitchen. Yes, you can’t let them go near to the fire of course! But we have safe games ideas-

Game 1

Combine pulses, and peas together in a bowl. And give them another bowl to separate peas from pulses. This upgrades patience and analytical views of your kid.

Game 2

If you are making dough for cake or bread, give them some of the dough to make bread out of it. Encourage them for every art piece they make with that dough.
After all, they are helping you to make the art of parenting!

5. Home-schooling

Home schooling

Preschoolers’ parents know how whining they can be when it comes to the most important part of the day “study time”. Preschooler children tend to be impatient and inattentive. In this case, kids’ time management is very essential.

Before dealing with them, parents should think like children. As we said earlier, kids always say “yes” when it comes to playing fun games. So, you should teach them everyday lessons as these are games. Here are a few games ideas-

 Game 1

When you are working with a laptop or a desktop you can give them counting tasks. They need to count all of the books you have in your personal library.

If the answer is correct they will get promoted into level 2 of the game. You can replace books with any other countable things. This way parents need to give extra time for studying.

Game 2

While they are playing in the backyard. Make a cup of tea and sit. Ask them to draw alphabets for you. Also, they can tell you the colors of the leaves or sky if you ask.

6. Limit the Screen Time for Your Kid

The Art of Parenting

In the past, parents took their children outside for various exciting activities. The kids also enjoyed outdoor games. But with the passage of time, modern parents can not take their children outside due to their busyness.

If you are interested to learn more about the differences in parenting styles in the and present, read the following article.

Yes, I understand parents have thousands of work to do, and parenting is harder today. To finish them without hassle, parents often give their kids gadgets so they remain occupied.

You know this is wrong, but you have no other choices at all! But in the 5 points above explained how you can entertain your kid without gadgets.

The craft of parenting is making attachment with your kid as much as possible. Surely, you don’t want to control their lives but your active involvement is essential.

As an adult, parents also need to limit their screen times. For impactful family time, you can watch those movies on Netflix that are friendly for your kids.

Still, Kids gonna touch your phone anyway. Some parents face an awkward situation while their child sends a weird text to some of their bosses, or uploads something inappropriate.

To control your children’s phone uses you can turn on the parental control on your phone.

7. Encourage Creative Work

Encourage your kid
Encourage their good work

To make your child ready for school encourage them in creative work. Spends money on clay dough, Coloring books, Story Books for a preschooler, jigsaw puzzle, etc.

Drawing, solving puzzles, or making clay toys requires a long time, patience, and brainstorming. In fact, in schools, there will be tasks on clay toys, drawing, and story reading. If they start playing from now, school tasks will become easier for them.

8. Improve Mental Health by Having Pets

Having Pets art of parenting

From a survey, In every 200 people of the USA

74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements from pet ownership. 87% of pet owners are more likely to recommend a pet to a friend or family member.

A pet can be a dog, cat, or anything. This is a natural way to release stress. When a kid owns a pet, empathy grows in his mind and he starts to take care of the pet.

It is important for a human to keep attachment with other animals to be kind and grounded. Eventually, the kids learn how to think straight and positive.

9. Explain it Without Saying “NO”

The Art of Parenting
Father helping kids

Kids of 4-5 years learn from parents and surroundings. Every time they listen to a “NO” without explanation from you they lose connection. If they can’t rely on you, how will they trust others? 

This is the artistry of parenting, where a kid should feel safe, warm, and valued with you. Your approaches, behaviors, and personality directly affect them. Here are some other ways you can try without saying “NO”.

  •  Tell them the exact fact why you don’t want them to do a particular action.
  • Without using harsh words politely give them the bad news.
  • Tell them why their approach is wrong, also let them know the correct way.
  • To grow awareness, tell them about the consequences.
  • Instruct them to flourish as a leader.

10. Self-care is the Key of Family Happiness

The Art of Parenting

When a person becomes a parent, their focus goes straight to their children. They forget everything and insanely care about what will be better for the kid. Take a moment and think about yourself.

No, this is not a selfish thing to care about yourself. If you are hale and healthy, you can then help the other family members.

At the end of the day, you are a human too. Humans have emotions, rages, bad days, mood swings and the list goes on.

If you broke your hand, will you try to pull your kid with that hand? Of course, not! You will go for treatment. Because your partner and kids’ well being depends on your fitness too.

Similarly, your mental health is also vital. Do the things that can change your condition of mind. Here, Addressing some tips on how you can find a few time for you,

  • Try 10-15min physical exercise in the morning, you can encourage your kid.
  • With good music, you can take a long shower.
  • Try to call and talk with your friends or parents for at least a few minutes.
  • Read books on self-awareness for about 30 min before going to sleep
  • Try to sleep early so that you can wake up in the morning timely.
  • Social media is unrealistic, spend time in this real world.
  • Spend on yourself to cherish parenthood.

What to do with a child that is out of control?

If you struggle to control your child, you can follow these simple but effective tips. They will help to take proper steps.
Find out the reasons behind your kid’s behavior problem.
Never get angry with them.
Offer them productivity gifts.
Try a different way.
Seek advice from a doctor if needed.

How do you discipline a child without hitting and yelling?

teaching discipline

If you are interested to improve your children’s way of life without punishing them physically, try out these 5 awesome techniques.
Teach new skills.
Put them in time-out.
Curtails some privileges.
Ignore mild misbehavior.
Praise for good deeds.

What are the four basic parenting styles?

There are four types of parenting styles. They are:
Authoritarian or Disciplinarian.
Permissive or Indulgent.

What is the most psychologically damaging thing you can say to a child?

Telling a lie is the most psychologically damaging thing to a child. When the child finds out that it is not true what you said to him, their sense of trust breaks down. In later life, they can not put faith in others. This may create serious consequences in the future.
So, never tell a lie to your children.

How do you help your child love themselves?

Teach your kids to do the following things so that they can learn to love themselves.
Be compassionate.
Show respect.
Communicate with love.
Teach them to contribute.
Encourage them to learn from their mistakes.
Allow them to solve problems.
Permit them in family decision making.
Inspire them to change their mind to change their life.

The Art of Parenting in a Nutshell

Parenthood is a kind of roller coaster journey. Every sort of emotional element is there to treat you. It depends on you how you want to enjoy it!

Did you follow any rule book when you hopped on any roller coasters? But surely you asked people who have already experienced it, and everyone experienced it in a different way!

Similarly, the art of parenting is all about raising your kid in your own customized way. 10 tips mentioned above are just 10 points where you should emphasize more. If you like this article share it with your community.

Again, if you have any question, please feel free to comment below.




Contributing Author: Sumaiya Ali

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