Talent vs Hard Work: Undeniable 7 Truths to Be Successful

Are you looking for the catalyst of being successful? Well, you are not alone! Most people wonder about which works most effectively! Talent or hard work?

There’s an ever-continuing debate between talent vs hard work to determine what’s the best. Talent requires fuel, which is hard work to glow brightly and persist vibrantly. 

Nevertheless, talent exactly is an innate ability. It equips you with a great start. But what would happen when you stop to smell the roses? You will certainly get beat to the end line. So you must keep paddling.

In this article, we’ll articulate some core facts about talent and hard work. You’ll understand the matter by the end of the reading. 

So read on.

7 True Facts: Natural Talent vs Hard Work

The following are 7 basic points that describe the revelations about natural talent and hard work. Stick with us till the end to have a clear view.

Talent is Inborn Gift for Particular Activity

Talent is Inborn Gift for Particular Activity

You’ll find many people have a desire to be a singer. But their persistence to be a singer doesn’t help to sing in tune. Some can easily sing even a tough song, without trying profoundly. 

Talent is absolutely an inborn gift where you have nothing to say about. It helps a person to achieve things in a particular activity.

However, you must have seen some musician who doesn’t have a so-called god-gifted quality, but they can deliver better than a naturally talented person. 

Why? It’s only due to practice hard. But it’s true that a gifted person can galvanize a particular activity easily. S/he can organize the goals of life efficiently.

Hard Work is a Form of Natural Talent

Though hard work is underrated, you cannot be an industrious individual overnight. Innate talent has got popularity due to some discourses. 

Having the constant energy to work hard towards a goal is considered a natural gift. You may find a lot of difficulties. And you have the guts to overcome it. This potential is worth bragging about.

But we think with simple effort if one gets something it would be the talent. Nature has filled the gap of talent with the value of working hard

Hard Work Grows Talent

Hard Work Grows Talent

Hard work can improve talent to higher levels. If talent and hard work go hand in hand, the outcomes must form way more useful. 

What does it mean then? 

If you are talented and don’t put in hard work, your talent will shift into nothing but useless. Talent indeed gives you a wonderful beginning.

But with hard work, you can achieve your aspirations. Hard work comes as an impulse factor to sustain and advance talent. 

Hard Work Allows for More Success

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Colin Powell

You’ll around you many people who have talents. But are they as thriving as those who work hard? 

You can count talent as a matchstick. It creates the fire and hard work the fuel that retains the fire burning. Talent is the thing that makes the inception of the trip to success more apparent. 

However, if you don’t tend to be an industrious person, things may not work as you want. So what does it mean?

It means that talent will give a great start. But with hard work, you can make the journey successful. Many people are not gifted, but they work vigorously to achieve success.

Talent can be Wasted if Hard Work is not Poured

Talent can be Wasted if Hard Work is not Poured
Talent can be Wasted if Hard Work is not Poured

How often have you watched in spite of being talented, the person has nipped in the bud? 

There are a lot of people with natural skills. But they just go to misuse as they are not willing to put in the constant effort to promote their expertise. 

You may have seen many musicians, sportspersons, business people, and others have faded away. What’s the key catalyst to lose their games?

Obviously, due to the paucity of hard work and putting significant efforts towards promoting and supporting their talent, they have lost to edge the expected goal.

Hard Work can Develop New Talents

Hard Work can Develop New Talents

Most of the time, you praise the talent rather than labor. But who’s an actual praiseworthy individual? A self-made person or a fortunate one? 

Interestingly, in many cases, hardworking people can acquire new talent or skill; this is attached to hard work and the determination to do something more useful. The developed talents keep you active throughout the day.

This new talent or ability arises and is seen as innate talent. But in the true sense, it is a consequence of hard work.

Many famous people in the world have reached their status by working hard after the scenes. And what do you see? You just see their successes openly.

Both are Important to Reach the Top

Both are Important to Reach the Top

“Hard work pays off- hard work beats talent any day, but if you’re talented and work hard, it’s hard to be beat.”

Robert Griffin III (American Football Player)

You cannot underscore either only talent or hard work, as both are important for comprehensive development.

When you undermine hard work, you’ll lose the quantity. Again you cannot abate talent as it buttresses you with the smart quality output.

Ultimately, to reach the top, you have to praise both. Although we tend to praise talent most of the time, you cannot be one-eyed for talent.

Conversely, hard work cannot be the apple of your eyes. You need to castigate both when someone makes any mistake. 

Hard Work Beats Talent Examples

Hard work is the training and preparation you practice to sharpen and intensify your actual talents and expertise.

Talent is the esoteric factor and something of a wildcard. It can be used as an advantage to gain. 

But one important thing is talent can do nothing without hard work. Think of the tortoise and the rabbit’s story. There, the rabbit had all the potential to win the race. 

But the paucity of diligence resulted in the rabbit’s failure. There are many instances of the story in studies, sports, and so on. 

Let’s have a look into it. 

Talent vs Hard Work Studies

Talent vs Hard Work Studies

Hard work is the strengthening determinant that retains in researches at high levels. When you are writing a talent vs hard work essay for an empirical reason, you’ll see talent provides you a glow.

But hard work enables you to produce a flame that will burn for a long moment. 

Talent or hard work research demonstrates different results according to diverse circumstances.

Most of the studies are circumscribed for business growth, more specifically for human resource management. 

Research on talent vs hard work conducted by K. Anders Ericsson, Ralf Th. Krampe, and Clemens Tesch-Romer, avers the effectiveness of “deliberate practice.”

Those researchers concluded that to be successful, one must put in the deliberate and meticulous work, citing 10,000 hours as the least.

Duckworth, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, stated that the most prosperous pupils maintained grit, a quality of being enthusiastic and determined for very long-term goals. 

Grit is having vitality, sticking with your future for years, and struggling hard to make that prospect a fact.

This spirit of resolution and continuation reveals itself in hard work, providing more success.

Talent vs Hard Work in Sports

Talent vs Hard Work in Sports

“The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it.”

Wayne Gretzky

Here is a difference in studies. A study articulates all elements being equal, those with talent do great in life than their less-talented sportsmen colleagues. They begin with an advantage. 

However, researches suggest more that with practice and hard work, the distinction between the gifted and the not-so-gifted curtails. So talent benefits, but conclusively, hard work spots you in the sport.

You don’t have to watch further. Look at Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Undoubtedly, Messi is more talented than Ronaldo. But CR7 is still in the competition and rules to an extent due to his dedicated hard work. 


Question 1: Why is hard work more important than talent?

Answer: Hard work is more valuable than talent. The reason is if someone is talented, the talent will succumb because of proudness. 

Additionally, hard work makes talent. One has a talent, and they feel like they are the most qualified person at it. So instead of working hard, they just lie on the couch, and rest, just being hopeless.

Question 2: Can hard work beat luck?

Answer: It is just hard work that can assure you success, not your fate. The more hard work you do, the more beneficial actions you take, you will get more favorable outcomes.

But if you remain taking unfavorable actions you will produce bad results in the future also.

Question 3: Can hard work beat genetics?

Answer: Definitely, dedicated hard work is the key factor to get success, and it hits natural ability and genetically gifted skills. All you require to do is accept that you can improve.

Question 4: Can you succeed without talent?

Answer: Most people think to get success in life you require talent. And it’s correct that for most enterprise, management, and leadership success you do necessitate at least some range of talent. 

But there are ways you can achieve success greatly, even if you have zero talent.

Question 5: Are talents born or made?

Answer: Talents are not born. it can be developed with 
* Enthusiasm, 
* Motivation, 
* Patience, and 
* Practice.

Ending Notes

I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I think that shows hard work pays off. A good thing takes a while.


So to wrap this ever-continuing debate, we would like to reach a decision. For one to be victorious, just the talent on its own can’t drive one to triumph. 

Hard work, passion, and endurance are significant when it comes to sports, businesses, jobs, and all activities you do. 

Don’t just believe in your talent. Rather, trust more on hard work. Your diligence will help you to get success. But put in hard work which is very influential in life, and you will get your dreams and aspirations conveniently.

So what’s next? Hopefully, this article avers the core subjects of talent vs hard work. If you have any questions related to this topic, the comment section is available for you. Share this with your community on your social media. 

Have a great day.

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