Stop Trying to be Productive: Try Different Way (6th is My Fav)

Things that productive people do are different from ordinary people in the whole world. They stop trying to be productive. Rather they just do differently. If you want to be productive, then you have to be committed to planning and focus. Here we can input an axiom to understand it better.

“The formula of happiness and success is just, being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can.” 

Meryl Streep

We all have the same amount of time in life, but most of us do not utilize it properly. Some people waste their time for no reason and suffer in the long run. Do you want to relate yourself to them?

If not, then follow our listed golden secrets tips to be more productive. You might not use all of them, but if you try to follow at least 7/ 8 out of it, you will be a great working person. 

Here we will share with you the 15 surprising things effective people do differently. A remarkable repetition of 15 specific tasks had improved their productivity.

Surprising Things to Stop Trying to Productive and Doing Differently

Being productive does not only increase your bank account but also ensure your happy and healthy life. If you try hard and soul, you can also chisel yourself into a better person by following these tips. 

1. Things Productive People do: They are Careful About their Time

Time is the most valuable resource. Those who utilize the time correctly can successfully pass the long run of their destination. 

To be productive in life, what most successful people do is implement their time correctly. In that case, their main job is utilizing every minute precisely. As you get 1440 minutes in a day, you have to focus on every minute so that it will be easy to divide your time based on your work.

2. Productive People Concentrate on One Thing

Stop trying to be Productive

Most people have a habit of starting several tasks at a time. By doing so, they think that they are the most efficient person around the world. They begin to concentrate on all the work simultaneously. But as a result, they won’t be able to succeed in any of them.

Moreover, by doing so, they waste their valuable time. So, to achieve your goal, always focus on one thing and go after it without any distractions.

The researchers found that multi-tasking puts people under cognitive load, which disturbs their performance. Get free from all types of distractions.

3. Always Note Down Your To-Do List

Highly productive people write down their to-do-list every day. It’s better to summarize your tomorrow’s work in your notebook or to-do list tool and continue the day by following it. 

This habit will make you a punctual person. Because when you see the personal to-do list, you will definitely try to complete your tasks and never forget the important one timely.

4. Beat Your Future Self

Whenever we intend to do something, then the evil version of ourselves always tries to impede us and endanger our best intentions. We just hang on to that work for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or two days after. By doing so, we detach ourselves from our goal or mission.

Don’t know how to fight back with yourself? Productive people follow some tricks. 

  • Beat all those excuses that keep away from work
  • Defeat your future self in the present moment.
  • Plan for next 2/ 3 months in advance

5. There Will Always be More To Do

There Will Always be More To Do

Successful people never think about the work done. For instance: Manager’s and businessmen’s jobs have never been done. They always do more. If you decide to work 7 hours or 12 hours a day or whatever you choose, just follow these two steps.

  • Be focused and intentional about it
  • Allocate other minutes for your health, gym, family, kids, and what you prefer to do most.

6. Always Carry a Notebook

Another secret thing about most of the productive people is carrying a laptop. Richard Branson, a British business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist, also gives priority to it. He said that the single most valuable possession is his notebook.

Not only him, but most of the successful people do that. Here are some reliable tips for you, which are the best ways to capture information in your mind.

  • Jotting down little notes from the meeting
  • Note down words of wisdom from the books that you read
  • Write down the ideas you got all on a sudden

7. Control Your Inbox

Ultra-productive people never check email or other messages from inbox throughout the day. Many of us use such types of messages or emails all day long. To get rid of such kinds of distractions what most of the productive people do are the following:

  • Shut off the notification on your phone from everything
  • Fixed a specific time for checking email when you prefer.
  • You can check three times a day. Not more than that.

8. Avoid Attending a Lengthy Meeting

The meeting is vital in a successful business, but not all. Few sessions need to last more than five or ten minutes.

If you decide to attend all meetings, you will probably kill your time.

9. Learn to Say No

The most constructive person has a healthy habit of saying NO. Time and work are crucial to them. They know very well what their jobs are and what they should do. 

Even, they fill their calendars with the most important things. So, that work does not leave any time for them to focus on other things.

Because whenever they say yes to something silly, they delay your necessary action. 

10. Follow the Pareto Principle

Follow the Pareto Principle

The Pareto policy refers that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, which is known as 80/20 rules. So, focus on the things that will bring you the most significant result.

11. Focus on Unique Strength and Passion

Another golden reason behind the success of fruitful people is, they never think about any work how it can do; instead, they think about how it should be doing. They prioritize their inner passion and strength.

To get the full authority of their strength and success, they owe the power of delegation rightly. It is indispensable in business. If you don’t delegate your work, you will fail to get 80% of perfection in your work.

12. Batch Your Work

It is known as one of the top time management strategies that most of the entrepreneurs apply in their business. But don’t you see what is batching and how to do that? It’s straightforward to do.

Batching is dividing the works that are similar to different themes and perform all the various actions at once. This process helps you not only to maximize your focus on one type of task over a while but also to enhance the productivity of that particular job.

13. Do the Task Immediately if it Can DoWithin 5 Minutes

Several people have a habit of doing the same job again and again, even though it can be done just in less than 5 minutes. But for being highly working, you must try to complete that right now.

14. Use Early Mornings Routinely

Use Early Mornings Routinely

The most successful person gives priority to early morning activities. The best productivity tips for you are listed below:

  • Don’t wake up feeling stressed.
  • Invest yourself for the long game
  • Have a fresh bath
  • Eat healthy breakfast
  • Do light exercise
  • Nurture your mind with meditation
  • Read newspapers.

15. Focus on Energy

Energy is the root of all things and is far more critical than time. It’s not about managing the time. The main priority is your body.

You have to take care of your body, which will regenerate your spirit, increase your attention, and productivity. What do most of the scholars do to keep themselves productive? Have a look.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Get good sleep
  • Take enough rest as possible
  • Don’t skip your meal
  • Get fresh air


Question 1: Why is it so difficult to be productive?

Answer: Sometimes people fight to stay productive just because they’re annoyed with the work. They may find it boring or tiresome which makes it more arduous to complete.

Question 2: How can one stop considering unproductive?

Answer: Attempt to do these three things, and you can be productively unproductive.
1. Plan for Tomorrow.
2. Get Any Housework Tasks Out of the Way.

Question 3: Is it perfect to not be productive sometimes?

Answer: While productivity can be important and even crucial in some cases, it’s also healthy to take time to exercise self-care, rest, and just do nothing.

Summing Up the 15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently

Being a productive person is not an easy task certainly. As you have many things to do with your gadget, your productivity may exacerbate. So all you need to do is following the instructions rigorously.

Overall, we believe that these 15 surprising tips can assist you to be a productive person entirely. These secret tips have been collected through interviews of several prosperous people in business and the ultra-productive person who has reached the peak point of their goal. We hope if you can follow these secret ideas, nobody can defeat you.

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