Shapes Fitness for Women: Best Tips and Tricks from Experts

Your health is your responsibility.

Jillian Michaels

And you cannot avoid this vital responsibility.

Being in shape in this busy world is hard. It takes heart and bravery to tell your boss that you want some Time-of-Work from your occupied schedule. But maintaining our fitness is more significant than a few hours of extra work. So, why ruin your treasure intentionally.

Sometimes, even weekends fitness activities are not enough for workouts. Especially if you are a woman, you gain more weight than an average man. Research shows that a regular working woman (age between 25-40) has 11 percent extra body fat than a man.

It’s because women have to endure so much pain in their pregnancy. In their puberty to menopause stages, women gain more body fat than a man, for no reason at all. Even if a female takes fewer calories than a male, she will still gain more weight.

But don’t look at it as a disadvantage because, for that extra body fat, women can look more charming, desirable, appealing, and slender than men. Some things are just god gifted.

For a woman, a beautiful body is crucial. Because our society objectifies women more than a man, even sometimes women materialize another woman.

This kind of conduct can happen anywhere like your school, office, park, friend’s party, gift-shop, and meetings. Hearing someone calling you fat is the worst thing ever. Thus as a woman/girl, staying in the right shape is relevant to living your life fully. 

So now you know the importance of your fitness. But achieving those extra curves will require hard work, Determination, and time.

Waking up early in the morning, doing exercise for an hour on the weekends, and eating junk food the next day will not do the trick. It’s time to take an oath. 

In the article below, we have given some tips and tricks to shape fitness for women. There are many kinds of shapes for women. Also, body fitness tips for females are slightly different than fitness tips for men.

Consider it as a vital point. Following these fitness tips and tricks will help you achieve victory over your body and pass some monotonous time in these challenging periods of Covid-19.  

Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily for the Shapes Fitness for Women
Exercise Daily

Daily exercise is essential when aiming for a long term result. Quitting in the middle of your order can bring disastrous outcomes. Maintaining it every day will make your body cope with the upcoming changes in the future. 

Even everyday chores like washing the car, doing the dishes, cleaning your room, and playing with your pet can help you in your exercise. A team of researchers in Sweden did a study on 1200 people of their everyday physical activity.

The survey was conducted for 15 years, and the studied people were ages between (15-65) years old. The research result shows remarkable changes in cardiovascular disease(CVD) effective rate among examined people.

The people who did 30 minutes of regular chores or usual activities minimized their death rate by CVD up to 77 percent. 

So to remain healthy and fit, everyday exercise is essential. It will not only ensure a higher endurance but also reduce your death chance by muscle diseases.

Furthermore, these daily fitness tips will help you find mental peace and comfort.

How to Exercise Daily to Get Best Shapes Fitness for Women

  1. Set the alarm, to wake up early in the morning 
  2. Create a list of chores every day
  3. Write down your daily achievements in a diary.
  4. Take one hour of warm-up walk before doing the real exercise. (it will increase your continuity to do more activity in a day)
  5. Stay hydrated by taking lots of water. It will decrease your overall exhaust rate. 
  6. Don’t try to do more in a single day if you are not fit for it. Doing excessive work out will only worsen your situation.
  7. Keep up your pace by making a daily routine for exercise.

2-Week Schedule Plan 

2-Week Schedule Plan
2-Week Schedule Plan 

Creating a long term plan like 2 or 3 months can ruin the consistency, plus it can bring boredom to the person following the program.

To prevent it from happening, sticking to a short term schedule plan is more beneficial than a long term schedule plan. 

Some questions arise in your head before even creating an exercise program. What is my goal? How to organize my goals? How long will it take for me to reach it?

Why am I not seeing any results? And just like that, after 7 or 10 days later, you lose your hope and give up. So creating groundwork and sticking to it is necessary, making it shorter so that following the procedure will be easy. 

A team of researchers from Florida observed that people who changed their work out plans twice a month were more active than the people who stick on their regular monthly routine.

It seems like people enjoyed their modified order and didn’t get bored after going through intense workout sessions.

So changing your plans once in a while is vital to maintain your agility and flexibility; the below tips will help you answer how to get perfect body shape for girls at home.

How to Make a 2-week Schedule Plan 

  1. Be aware of your current condition
  2. Write down your working days and off days in a paper or phone
  3. Schedule your off-hours in a working day 
  4. Stay committed to those off-hours
  5. Create a checkmark list of workouts, and check to mark them after finishing every set 
  6. If you are to busy to write it down, then note only the important daily workouts in your phone like 1km jogging 
  7. To create an engaging environment always set reminders like writing short notes in an analog to-do list, and sticking it in a place where it is visible in your eyes
  8. Choose your gym equipment carefully 
  9. Don’t waste energy by doing unnecessary tough workouts. 

Choose the Best Exercise

Choose the Best Exercise for Shapes Fitness for women
Choose the Best Exercise

Everything will be useless if you don’t choose the workouts suitable for you. But choosing the best work out is unmanageable. You may need some expert help. Also, you will need some proper gym equipment to do them.

Sometimes people made mistakes while doing a particular exercise. It may cause muscle problems later; doing it the right way will make it more beneficial. Some tasks may be better for another person, but not good for you.

So consider creating a personal to-do list system of the best activities fit for you. Ensuring it will help you to get the most suitable shapes for women. 

Some workouts are pretty basic, like swimming, running, and skipping rope, etc. Consider them permanent on your list and also don’t overture.

The feeling of exhaustion will make the whole session unpleasant for you.

Most of the people quit before reaching their desired outcomes because they don’t do those activities, which are suitable for them.

Doing too much work will kill the fun, and doing less work will not help you achieve your dream body. So consider, developing a balance between your body and training regimes;     

How to Choose the Best Exercise

  1. Do all kinds of activity first
  2. List out those workouts, which makes you less tired
  3. Create a list of those exercises and add the precise number of them
  4. Don’t add too much in one day, try to do the exact amount of workouts every day
  5. If you feel tired after doing half of your listed works than don’t continue that day anymore but remember not to make it a habit
  6. Contact with a local trainer and tell him/her about your plan  

Goal Adjustments

Goal Adjustments for shapes fitness for women
Goal Adjustments

Some people start their journey before setting up their goals and end their training before reaching that point. The reason for it is, they lose concentration in their activities.

A person who is blind can’t walk to a particular spot, just like a purposeless person can’t reach their desired end. Thus setting up goals is vital for great fitness for women. 

The all good and no bad vibe to start the year is pathetic. You know how it wents, every one of us begins with our perfect selves, set up long term goals, and take a pledge to complete them.

But the ideas don’t last long, at least not long enough to support our next moves. So we think of ourselves as a failure and feel disappointed, the wrongest thing. Pros change their strategies of developing a specific goal and the willpower to finish them.

 So to break this year’s cycle of misery, you will adjust our goals based on your condition, the ability to stick to a purpose, and what’s right for you.

If you find your desired goal, you will feel appreciated, be respectful about your body, and want to give your body the proper training to get it into the appropriate shape.   

How to Properly Set up Your Goal 

  1. Create a goal that you can follow
  2. Always make it short 
  3. Try out new workouts once in a while 
  4. Create a self-study diary
  5. Do an active weekly work that lets you relax like going to Self realization club or meeting with your family members
  6. Always remember your “why.” 
  7. Track your weekly progression

Give Proper Attention to Your Muscles

Give Proper Attention to Your Muscles
Give Proper Attention to Your Muscles

All your hard work will pay off when you have toned muscles. So giving time to build your muscles is essential. But building muscle will require more value of hard work, healthy food, and knowledge about different kinds of exercise.

I am not talking about muscles like bodybuilders, so relax, healthy tissues will support your slim body, and also, you will require muscle strength to go one, so notorious food will be your first priority. 

Muscles support bones and give us the strength to lift things, so regular workouts will not be enough to build muscle mass. There are some special intercourses to build muscles.

Taking natural supplements like egg whites, fibered food, B vitamins, adaptogen herbs powder, green superfood powder, and bone broth is enough.

If you are a beginner, then avoid all kinds of synthetic supplements. The exciting thing is, weekends are your off days in muscle training. 

How to Build Muscles for Perfect Shapes Fitness for Women

  1. Add little lifting to your existing list, no heavy lifting.
  2. Smoking and alcohol hamper muscle growth, so say no to both. 
  3. Create a short routine for muscle building exercises
  4. Add these exercises in your routine- regular routine ( takes 2-3 hours most)
  5. Create a chart to track your progress.


Monday – work out A( upper body )

Tuesday – work out A( lower body )

Wednesday – off day ( necessary rest )

Thursday – work out B( upper body )

Friday – Work out B ( lower body )

Saturday & Sunday small exercise sessions 

Give Priority to Sleep

Give Priority to Sleep
Give Priority to Sleep

Sleeping may be the most important thing you need to build muscles, tone abs, and a healthy body. After intense workout sessions, sleeping helps to improve your heart. 

In sleep, we relax and give our body a chance to recover from all-day disturbance. Our body lowers all our senses, dump body waste, rearrange our nerve cells, repairs cells, and revives energy.

The exercise we take affects our sleep. Increasing our dosing off ratio, for that, it feels really sleepy after a hard workout regime. 

The body fat we lose in this process creates a gap of energy in our body. In sleep, we regain that energy. The most exciting fact is, the muscle mass we gain in exercise stretches our muscles.

A night of proper sleep helps them to recover in time. For this reason, trainers suggest taking a 24 or 48-hour break to regain muscle strength. So prioritize your sleep. 

How to Get a Perfect Night Sleep  

  1. Always take a hot shower before sleeping
  2. Clean your bedsheet once in a while, microscopic bugs lay their eggs on them, if not cleaned in 3 days
  3.  Always keep your room clean and tidy
  4. Make your bed comfortable
  5. You can use a dim light, but if you are not comfortable with lights entirely dark is ok
  6. Eat a light dinner before going to bed
  7. You can try bedtime yoga.

FAQs related to Fitness for Women

Question 1: How can a woman get the perfect body shape?

Answer 1: Try usual body exercises like plank, bench press, and push-ups. Always aim for an exact proportion of your body and activity based on it to get the desired end.

Question 2: What type of body shape is the best?

Answer 2: Hourglass Figure is the most attractive body shape for women.  

Question 3: How do I get love handles?

Answer 3: Taking to many calories, sleeping afterward can Build love handles towards your hips and waist. So consider taking light meals, and keep your urges controlled. 

Question 4: What causes a big stomach in females?

big stomach

Answer 4: Overeating and doing less exercise can increase your body fat, including excessive belly fat. It can also abbreviate your muscle mass somewhat with age.

Question 5: What makes a girl's face attractive?

Answer 5: Symmetrical face is more attractive in women than a natural look.

A study shows men show more interest in women who have full lips, high forehead, chin smile, short nose, slim jaw, sharp cheekbones, bright and clean skin, and wide-set of eyes, which indicates symmetry between the boy and the girl. 

Our Final Words on Shapes Fitness for Women

A healthy and fit body is relevant to a perfect society. Maintaining your fitness is not only beneficial for you but also helpful to your society.

So every time you work out and feeling depressed about what you are doing, think about your community and your family. This feeling of belonging somewhere will cheer you up, change your state of mind, and will not let you quit.

If you have any questions regarding shape fitness for women, then let us know in the comment section.

Have a good day!

Happy training!

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