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Adopt Reading Habits of Successful People: Be an Achiever

If you want to be an achiever, you’ll need to be a good reader. The most successful people have the reading habits in common and they credit their books as a key factor behind their success. 

According to a survey by the National Endowment for the Arts, only 43% of U.S. adults have the habits of reading any type of literature not needed for work or school. This percentage is a three-decade low.

However, this survey doesn’t display the reading habits of successful people. Successful people tend to read to attain their goals. If you want to become a gainer like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey,  Elon Musk, or Mark Zuckerberg, you’ll need to read a lot. 

Reading habits of successful people can make an achiever

They have the passion to know more from books. There are many catalysts to reach their position where reading habit is one of those. So, to adopt successful people’s reading habits around the world, you require investing time to read in a scrutinized way.

This is important to learn how to read like achievers. Now let’s dive into 5 reading habits of successful people around the world, and try to become a profound reader like them. 

5 Reading Habits of Successful People that You Can Learn from Them

Below you can learn about a few of the people who appreciate reading as a huge part of their success.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

When Warren Buffett started his career in investment, he used to read 600 to 1000 pages of newspapers, corporate reports, and magazines every day. 

Still, he reads at least 500 pages a day. Buffett thinks this is the standard way how knowledge works and builds up, like compound interest. 

Yes, many of you can read 600-1000 pages per day, but would you actually do it?

However, let’s try these 3 things to read like Buffett.

Schedule Your Time

Scheduling time isn’t a tough task to do. But managing time effectively to become natural in adopting reading habits of successful people is quite hard. 

It could be tougher for you to invest time at the very outset of daily life. But, still, you can schedule 30 minutes per day when none would disturb you there. 

Think for Yourself

We may have a tendency to copy the reading style of a successful person like Buffett. Means, many of us can be a reader with daily practice. 

But do we try to impose the gathered knowledge in our real life? To become a reader like Buffett, you’ll need to read and think about reading for yourself to progress more in life.

Invest in You 

Investing in yourself is the best investment in the entire world. According to Warren Buffett, you can invest in yourself through reading. 

This practice is the best investment. So, to change your present life, you have to frame productive habits and be eager to learn each day.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates credits reading books as techniques of being one of the successful people

According to Bill Gates, he reads 50 books per year. Or, he weekly goes through a book roughly. 

Father of Bill Gates told that Gates had an intensive habit of reading books in his childhood. There was a rule for not reading books on the dining table.

Books on public health, disease, engineering, business, and science are his favorite kind of books.

However, let’s try these 4 things to read like Bill Gates

Take Notes While Reading

Practice of taking notes can help you to re-read books. By just having a glance may make you understand the whole thing. 

In non-fictional ones, Bill takes notes with the help of margins. Thus, he can make sure to himself that he really read the book with total attention.

Start That You Can Finish

The general people tend to start anything, but cannot reach the finishing line because we don’t have the capability to project anything. But great people are different here. 

Bill never starts any book that he cannot finish. You can learn from this and start reading that you can finish it properly.

Read at least for One Hour

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. How many of us utilize it properly? 

Bill Gates gives one hour per day especially at night before going to sleep. Try to manage at least one hour a day to be a reader like Bill.

Read Bill’s Choice

Every success has a secret. A few people reveal their success recipe to mass people. Bill is one of them.

Gatesnotes is Bill’s personal blog where he provided his 150 book’s list. You can get an idea there to follow his choice.

Oprah Winfrey  

Oprah Winfrey

Have you ever watched the “Oprah Winfrey Show”?  This woman is a great cognitive person, right? 

Her reading habit makes a difference from any other woman in the world. Eventually, she is one of the most influential women in the world. 

However, let’s try these 3 things to read like Oprah Winfrey

Add Reading to Your Bedroom Routine

Reading is a habit where passion plays a key role. Everyone has an issue with the timing of reading. You may have a lot of daily tasks to do. Being busy is very common but consistency in your priority is crucial. 

Before sleeping, you may attempt to sleep for a long duration. What do you usually do that time? Surfing the internet? Chatting with your friends? 

Even though Winfrey has a very busy schedule, she manages time to read every evening before bed. Exclude unproductive tasks and include the habit of reading before sleeping.

Read with Your Friends

Winfrey has a habit to discuss the topics of the books that she read. This is a great idea for you to enhance your inner gestures by discussing with your friends, that would help you to dig deeper into your thoughts.

Read What Oprah Reads

Winfrey usually continues her sharing of knowledge with her fans and followers around the world. She provides a book to discuss weekly in her blog. You can follow to read and discuss with your true idol on her blog.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk credits his sci-fi and non-fiction books to learn about rockets. He used to spend 10 hours a day reading novels on science. 

The costs to make a rocket were high, so Musk concluded he could do it himself after reading about it. He was entirely guided by a specific destination, and wanted to achieve specific knowledge. 

He didn’t pull up until he learned what he desired to learn. This habit paid him back and learned from where he wanted to gather knowledge.

However, let’s try these 2 things to read like Elon Musk

Find that You Makes Curious

You’ll not only follow the mechanism of reading habits of successful people, but you have to be curious about things you tend to read.

Then if you have any interest, start digging about that from books. There are a plethora of books out there to satisfy your thirst for your interest. The great thing is you’ll start reading regularly if you have an interest in any topic and read intensively like Musk.

Prioritize Your Learning

Reading habits are the fundamental skills in a human life. But priority is a key to learning anything from a book. 

You’ll need to prioritize your learning like Musk to read like Musk. All his life he wanted to learn where he had an interest. Thus, prioritize your time according to your learning priority.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

According to Mark Zuckerberg, books are valuable for how they allow you to explore a topic, and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today.

This is how Zuckerberg credits books to learn deeply about anything. He thinks his success came because of reading books.

However, let’s try these 2 things to read like Mark Zuckerberg

Find a Balance 

You have many things to do in your entire daily life. But without balancing, can you ever reach any goal?

Yes, he checks social media at first in his daily routine. Instead, he can balance and read regularly to enrich him from inside. So, you need to try finding the right balance in your daily routine as well. 

Set Goals While Reading

What do you desire to learn? Firstly, you’ll need to set your goals. Zuckerberg, in his free time, started to learn the Mandarin language from books. 

So, try to set your goals of learning first, then begin working on it.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Adopt Reading Habits of Successful People

  • Read every day as consistency is the key to conquer anything.
  • Try to balance. But don’t let your adequate level of reading habit be lessened.
  • To become an expert, try non-fiction ones which will give more constructive knowledge.
  • After reading a book, you’ll need to summarize the book.
  • Read with your friends. Maybe, organizing reading competitions can help you to improve.
  • Try to discuss what you’ve learned so far from reading.
  • Without a goal, you cannot achieve anything. So set your goal of reading.

Adopt Reading Habits of Successful People: Final Words

It is true that becoming a successful person is not an easy task, or by copying them will not ensure you to become like them. But you’ll get wealthier inside by adopting the reading habits of successful people. Moreover, if you want to prepare for the corporate field, reading habits will help you.

Reading has many positive outcomes like it is a good exercise of the brain, reduces loneliness, enhances your technical abilities and most importantly it will keep you updated. 

Successful people tend to be updated and enhance their analytical power through their regular reading habits. Who knows? Might be you are the next successful person in the world and we’ll have to write  about your reading habit to enlighten others.

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