15 Productive School To Do List: #10 is Most Important

Most of the time, parents get confused about how to make their kids more productive and focused.

In this case, making a plan is one of the most effective ways to be organized. Planning can make your children’s lives easier and smoother. 

For your convenience, we have made a school to do list based on your kid’s school activities.

If you are looking for a product to do list to make their school year best, then you should consider a glance at the following text.  

15  Best School To Do List for Boost-Up Daily Productivity 

We have tried to cover the most essential to do list for your child school management. Let’s check them out one by one. Don’t get worried you can relate each of them. 

1. Getting Necessary School Supplies 

Necessary School Supplies

According to the grade, you need to buy all the necessary school supplies. So, make a list of the supplies before shopping to stay on track. There are plenty of colourful thematic options for kid’s school supplies. You can either buy or DIY a school todo list template to make their list. 

Moreover, you can go for analog to do list as well. You can easily pick your preferred one. Try to get metal and papercraft supplies instead of plastic.

If supplies are on discount sale then try to buy some extra and stock them for next time. It will save your budget. 

2. Setting Up a Calendar 

Setting Up a Calendar

Setting up a calendar is a major task of the back school todo list for students. It refers to creating a particular routine with a deadline.

As kids are not good at anticipating, this calendar will help them to be on track. You can easily go for either a weekly or monthly calendar. 

However, we will recommend you to set up a weekly calendar instead of a month for working precisely. You can go for a school to do list printable calendar as well.

What you have to do is marking the calendar according to your coming week’s schedule. Include all the deadlines of school and family functions that your kids are going to attend.  

You can check our Top 15 Paper Todo List System Hacks, if you like to note down in paper. 

3. Organizing Room 

Organizing Room School To Do List

A tidy room is a source of a tidy mind. If you want to keep your children motivated all day long, then you have to organize their room at the very beginning of the day.

Don’t forget to take them with you while organizing it. 

Once they learn to tidy up, you will only monitor them instead of doing it. Try to keep multiple storage options in their room. So, they will not invest too much time organizing their room stuff. 

4. Making Routine 

Making Routine

Routine makes life easier and also keeps productive. So make a daily routine based on their school and other extra tuition timing.

It is better to make the routine the night before or at the very first place of the morning. Time management for your children is important. List all the tasks with the exact time that your kids need to accomplish on that day. 

Try to be practical while making routine. Don’t make a list of huge workloads rather balance it with enough break time. 

5. Create Homework Area

Homework Area

Creating a homework area means finding an uncluttered, quiet, and calm space in your home for finishing their school tasks. This sort of area will keep them focused and finish it within the assigned time. 

If you cannot manage to create it in their room then try to make it in your bedroom or any silent area of your home. 

6. Helping Them to Earn Pocket Money 

Earn Pocket Money

It’s very essential to make your kids understand the value of money. For that, they need to earn first. So make a work list with a fixed payment amount.

For example, if they wash their clothes then they will get 1 or 2 bucks after the end of the week.

It will make them feel independent and value any household chores. Moreover, they will also be able to be your helping hands. 

 7. Create A Reading Nook 

Create A Reading Nook

As reading has too many benefits, you need to develop the skill of reading books among your kids. Try to give them access to different kids’ libraries or their school library.

Buy new books for them while coming back from school. So, create a reading nook in their room. 

You can create it besides a window or some other corner which has good lighting and cozy sitting. 

8. Teaching Gratitude 

Although school is the place of teaching social norms and gratitude, you need to practice it at your home as well, you have to teach them how to be thankful for every small thing in life.

It will help them to build a humble personality and a better human being in life. 

Teach them how to respect elders and love Youngers. Give them compliments for every small task which will develop the habit of complimenting others as well.

And, all these can happen when you know the art of parenthood

9. Stocking Healthy Snacks 

Stocking Healthy Snacks

For daily activities, it is very essential to eat healthily to boost brainpower. Make sure that your kids are not taking unhealthy and junk food.

It may hamper their health and their daily productivity as well. So try to stock healthy snacks in an airtight container.

Try out different healthy snack items that you can make at your home and store it for a month. 

10. Have a Deep Conversation 

Have a Deep Conversation

After school, your kid might have a rough and tough day. They might have lots of facts to share with you. So try to have a deep conversation with them. 

Ask them, how was the day in school. If you cannot give them space to share their sufferings and feelings with you, they might lose their confidence.

It may make them suffer in the long run. Therefore, talk with them as much as you can. Make sure that they are not bullied in school. 

Sometimes parenting can seem harder for you, but as a father or mother you must concern how their life is going on. And this point should be add in your back to school to do list.

11. Arranging First-aid box

Arranging First-aid box

It’s not unpredictable that your kids may get hurt in school. So it is very important to prepare a first-aid box. Arrange a box including enough cotton pads, antiseptic, small bandages, pain killers, and alcohol pads.

Don’t forget to introduce them to all those first-aid items before packing. 

12. Update Emergency Number 

Update Emergency Number

Emergency or urgency never comes with informing. But there will be no uncertainty if you are certain. So write down all the emergency numbers in your kid’s notebook or diary. 

And make them aware that whenever they feel danger they should call in those emergency numbers. And, it must include in back to school to do list for students.

13. Closet Organizing 

Closet Organizing

It’s a sign of responsibility if your kids can organize their school uniform and other dresses. Moreover, it also makes them respectful to do their task.

Train them how to organize their closet more effectively. Try to teach them some tips and tricks for folding their clothes. 

Furthermore, give them separate baskets to keep special clothes like school uniforms or party dresses. You need to make space for their regular clothes as well. Make them understand that organising home is a part of funny to do list.

14. Arts and Craft 

Involving kids in arts and crafts projects is one of the best ways to make them creative. Arts and craft tasks help kids to think innovatively and out of the box.

Moreover, it also helps them to work on different school activities like science projects.

Check out different sorts of small and engaging arts or crafts projects that will give them fun as well. It can be added to their summer to-do lists.

15. Developing Basic Culinary Skills 

Developing Basic Culinary Skills

Among all the productive work, cooking is getting top priority nowadays. A silent revolution of culinary skills is spreading all over the places very rapidly.

The world is now running on a binary logic, which is, “As we all eat, we all should cook,” so this logic should be applied to your kids as well. 

Teach them some basic culinary skills in preparing easy dishes. Therefore, it will also help them to cook for their school functions or class party. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question 1- How do students make a To Do list?

Answer: Some facts that you need to know to create your to do list are given below, 
1. Use paper or app 
2. Mark all the deadlines 
3. Make a practical to do list 
4. Don’t take more than 5 tasks in a day 
5. Just include the to do tasks, not your aim or goals.

Question 2- What should I do at school?

1. Maintaining basic norms and formalities 
2. Making sure that you are not late for class
3. Try to be good at interviews and interaction with teachers

Question 3- Why do you need a to do list?

Answer: You need a to do list to be organized throughout the whole day. It will help you to be manageable and also productive. Moreover, it makes you more focused on tasks. 

Question 4- What is a to do list?

todo list

Answer: It is a list of errands and other tasks that you need to accomplish within a particular time.
You can list them on paper or use any to do list app. There are lots of to do list examples for students available online. You can easily check them out. 

Final Verdict 

To sum up, you can include any activities that you want in your kid’s school to do list. However, you have to make sure that those tasks are not monotonous and make your kids demotivated.

Try to shape -up the list according to their age and working capacity. Don’t pressurize them to finish their task rather motivate them to stay glued to their assigned tasks. 

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