Personal Finance Examples: Instances to Help You Financially

Do you want to manage your money? Or, do you want to save as well as invest your money? This article about personal finance examples would like to help you better understand personal finance including examples from real lives.

You might take personal finance for granted. But you cannot deny that most of the portion of your entire days engulfs with money. So how can you avoid personal finance? Examples of personal finance will be there to help you with this problematic condition.

Some people love to calculate it with application or software. Again, some people like to work on it with the old school thought. Means, with a pencil and paper. But most importantly, for personal finance, you must calculate the average income of a certain time frame. 

However, let’s learn about personal finance with help from instances right here. By the end of the article, you’ll have a complete conception of personal finance and all.

What are the Personal Finance Examples

What are the Personal Finance Examples

A personal budget is crucial for personal finance. According to Yahoo! Finance, fixed earnings like paychecks from your job, alimony payments, royalties from investments don’t use to reinvest and they include in a personal budget. 

Again, uncertain incomes like bonuses or raises don’t include in your personal budget. To keep simple and implementable you have to focus on fixed incomes. You organize your all the expenses in broad two labels:

fixed expenses

Fixed Expenses stay the same every month. It sometimes fluctuates though. But most of the time it doesn’t change. There are some examples of fixed expenses. Take a look at the examples of fixed expenses- 

  • Mortgage
  • Rent Payment
  • Car Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Car Insurances
  • Health Insurances
  • Daycare
  • Tuition
  • Utilities

See, these expenses are fixed. When you sit to calculate personal finance, these items are ubiquitous. Fixed expenses are always fixed and your personal finance would flow after spending money for fixed expenses.

Discretionary expenses

Discretionary expenses can change every month. It is also known as variable expenses. Fixed expenses are necessary. But it doesn’t mean that discretionary expenses are unimportant. Take a look at the examples of discretionary expenses below.

  • Groceries
  • Going in Excursion
  • Items of clothing
  • Gifts
  • Ceremony
  • BBQ Party
  • Eating at restaurants
  • Hobbies

Here, discretionary expenses aren’t the same. Look deeply and you’ll find your life will flow easily without these. Need and want theory applies here. These are “want” according to economics. However, these expenses fluctuate month to month. Personal finance courses or degrees are available to learn in a more polished way.

By getting a personal finance course or degree, you’ll easily keep your personal finance railed. Casual types of personal finance are there to keep you more psychic about your individual finance.

Casual Types of Personal Finance Soft Skills

By getting personal finance education you are able to keep your personal finance under surveillance. But many things you’d learn by your soft skills. The casual types of personal finance soft skills examples are- 

  • Systematic Savings with Discipline
  • A Sense of Timing
  • Emotional Detachment
  • Practicing of Mindfulness for Financing
  • Remember Personal Finance Examples

Now let’s have a deep dive into the soft skills of personal finance soft skills

Systematic Savings with Discipline

Systematic Savings with Discipline

When you work on your personal finance management, you must have discipline. Most importantly, discipline is key to every success in life. Your tiniest undisciplined approach may fall you in danger. 

Say you earn $1,20,000 per year. If you only expense the money in discretionary expenses, you’ll fall into a problematic situation after 8/9 months. However, you may work on fixed expenses first. Systematic savings can help you further. 

A Sense of Timing

A Sense of Timing for personal finance examples

You have saved $8000 after 2 years. Now, this money is a reward for you. Here is the key thing. If you have a sense of timing, you’ll get rewarded. What you can do today, why would you do tomorrow?

It creates a debt. Don’t avoid the timelines. It’s going to be a huge debt that you’d not want to payback. Otherwise, your retirement schedule would fluctuate. You’ll pay for your tasks after a time. 

Emotional Detachment

Personal finance is all about the business where the business is an emotionless individual. Perhaps, a loan can make your family happy. But in long term investment, this is only a hoax. Again, your cousin needs money for his hobbies. 

What would you do? Would you provide that? If s/he has that much paying back gist, then provide. Otherwise, deny giving your money. As you aren’t sure about getting the money back. It could be quite harsh. But in the long run, it will help you grow.

Practicing of Mindfulness for Financing

Practicing of Mindfulness for Financing

Mindfulness is ubiquitous and in personal financing mindfulness is vital. If you are patientless, you’ll fall into danger in the long run. So mindfulness is there to help you to save from here. Try to meditate at least 30 minutes every day. Appease your mind and see the magic.

Remember Personal Finance Examples

Remembering personal finance examples is important to grow financially more suitable. Always keep in mind the examples, then you can easily divide your personal finance. Additionally, practical knowledge helps to grow inside.

A-List of Personal Finance Management Tips

A list of personal finance management tips can help you to better understand personal finance. Let’s have a look- 

  • Create a Financial Calendar of Incomes and Expenses
  • Track Your Weekly Net Worth
  • Set a Realistic Budget
  • Set Specific Financial Goals
  • Overall Love Yourself
  • Learn to Savor
  • Start with Small debts to Help You Conquer Big Ones
  • Shop Individually, not in a Group
  • Learn to Control Yourself
  • Monitor Your Financial Future
  • Start an Emergency Fund
  • Save for Retirement
  • Keep in Mind the Taxes
  • Guard Your Health

Last Note on Personal Finance Example

Last Note on Personal Finance Example

To track your personal finance you may have a mobile application for budgeting and all. Yes, it’s hard to pinpoint your daily spendings. However, a small notebook can be a help in this condition. Personal finance is inevitable in every human being’s life. 

Additionally, your spreadsheet of personal financial statements would be your safeguard in every expense. This is wise to keep a financial expert for personal finance. But how many of you have the ability to keep one for entire individual finances? In fact, if you keep your personal expenses and any sort of financing under surveillance, your total industry will get a huge smoothness.

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