Multitasking at Work: A Complete Guide You Must Know

Multitasking at Work

If you want to have a deep idea about multitasking at work, you’ll need to be an active worker first. Nevertheless, managing your time and capabilities according to your work requirement is quite essential for growth in your career.  You should be able to perform as a multitasker in order to maintain the productivity that will help you to … Read more

Ibn Sina Inventions and History on Quarantine

Ibn Sina Inventions

Who doesn’t know about the father of modern medicine? Well yes! We’re talking about Ibn Sina who was also known as Abu Ali Sina. Apart from being the father of medication, he was also acknowledged as a writer, thinker, physician, and astronomer of Islam.  Even though Ibn Sina’s inventions are quite famous, many don’t know … Read more

Nutrition Facts about Eggs: How Eggs Supercharge with Perfect Diet

Nutrition Facts about Eggs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re health-conscious or not, you cannot deny that you’re an egg lover. Knowing nutrition facts about eggs will enrich your cognition about this food. According to the United States’ Department of Agriculture’s current Dietary Guidelines for Americans, eggs have an adequate amount of dietary protein.  Moreover, eggs are the cheapest superfood where … Read more

5 Simple Methods You Should Know to Live on Budget

5 Simple Methods You Should Know to Live on Budget

For a healthy body and mind, we all prefer healthy diet plans. Some people try intermittent fasting, others may try low-fat diets or keto. All of these are beneficial and work for people. It depends on a person which dieting method they should try. As there are several choices for you to select one best … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Weak Leadership

Weak Leadership

Weak Leadership, the term used to define a situation where the managers are trying to bring out the best from their employees but still failing to do so. At times, managers become too harsh on their employees and force them to do the work.  Here, the employees end up doing the work but their job … Read more

How to Improve Productivity in Economics in Your Daily Life

Do you know what is the difference between you and Jeff Bezos? Well, he is the richest person in the world, and you are not. But do you know what is in common between you and Jeff Bezos? Truly, he has 24 hours in a day, and so have you. He doesn’t have more or less … Read more

Time for Parents: Top 10 Quality Time Spending Methods

Have you ever felt you would get older someday? Do you know that someday isn’t so far from now? You’ll be a parent and your children will treat you like you treated your parents once. They don’t spend time with their parents, means for you. Perhaps, you may think, you cannot stop this from happening. … Read more

7 Valid Reasons Why Soft Skills are Important for Your Career

7 valid reasons why soft skills are important for your career

While growing up we learn technical knowledge to develop a bright future ahead of us. This never-ending process of learning new things builds a career and shows off your expertise in particular work. When you’re writing a resume about these achievements of yours, the world is looking for more than this. Something that marks your … Read more

Why is Parenting Harder Today: 6 Legit Reasons

Why is Parenting Harder Today

Don’t you think raising kids is harder nowadays? If your answer is “Yes”! Then you are not alone. No one ever said it was easy to raise kids, but parenting has grown more difficult against the context of this modern world.  You’ll hear some elderly saying that parenting has always been the same, but actually, … Read more