Organize Your Digital Life

7 Effective Tips to Organize Your Digital Life

Modern life is all about digital, mechanical, and fast-forward living. You can lose focus for one moment, and the next thing is someone else has climbed the ladder before you. 

Moreover, the worst thing is, you also have to make your life worth living by taking life lessons and happiness essence. You can’t ignore these things; they are part of life.

Managing both analog and digital lifestyles is challenging in a pandemic situation, like COVID-19. 

So, how can we organize your digital life and also maintain our happiness circle within it? 

It’s not that hard; with some little adjustments in your digital life, ignoring all the odds, which was not possible before, will be a snap.

So, you don’t have to worry about a single thing to completely change digital living and make it more organized.

In this article, we will briefly discuss all the necessary things you can do to maintain your digital life.  

Furthermore, you will be able to understand-

  1. What is the concept of digital life?
  2. How to reshape your digital life?
  3. The benefits of a balanced digital life. 

The Concept of Digital Life 

The Concept of Digital Life &Organize Your Digital Life

“Digital life is an analysis and informative presentation about entirely rethinking of the human-computer interactive experience”


It’s pretty simple digital life is a concept that determines the interactive relationship between human and technological devices. 

So, this concept allows you to control technology and experience the privileges of digital machinery. 

In a glance, digital living creates a connection with,

  • Telecommunication 
  • Internet
  • Electrical devices 

Furthermore, digital living actually helps us to transform human civilization into a more advanced civilization type. 

According to the Kardashev scale, we are right now a lvl 1.75 civilization type. But right now, we are taking baby steps towards the near future. 

Who knows, maybe a hundred years will take for us to reach that point. 

So, organize your digital life means ordering your digital tools around you. Build control over those, but don’t let them control you. 

Simple Yet Powerful 7 Tips to Maintain Your Digital Life

Some of these thoughts and ideas are all well known to you. Some of these you use every day. Still, for the lack of simple understanding, you always end up unorganized. 

Trust us, after you read about these ideas, this will never happen again.

Start Creating To-Do Lists for Your Digital Life Management

Organize Your Digital Life

To-do lists are best for organizing your messed up digital life. There are tons of positive stuff about a to-do list.

Some people actually think a to-do list is usable only for completing tasks and nothing else. But the thing is applications of a to-do list further than you imagine. 

You can list your organizing task list, list out deleted items, have a precise focus point, make your works less time consuming, be impressively productive, and so on. 

If you think which system is better, then the easy answer is, it doesn’t matter.

Either you can choose a digital to-do list system or may be satisfied with an analog to-do list system; it’s totally your wish. Both are equally good.  

Some to-do list that you can follow-


Todoist is the combination of both simplicity and efficiency. The interface of this app is so simple that even smaller children can understand. 

For the convenience and balanced module, Todoist is used by 10 million users worldwide. 

Todoist can offer-

  • Easy and quick task adding.
  • Simple interface. 
  • Support different kinds of the to-do list. 

Google Tasks

All Google apps are easy to use and less complicated. Google’s task is not different.  

Gmail and Google calendar did give some small advantages for computer users. But, Google designed Google tasks for smartphone users too.  

Separate Your Digital and Analog Life

Separate Your Digital And Analog Life

One of the most asked questions on the web is, which is better? Digital or analog. 

This question is so simple, yet so hard to answer. Maybe, because of different opinions. The answer doesn’t matter. You can live a full naturalist life, or you can solve your problems through modern technologies. 

But we suggest you keep everything 50/ 50 for the best out of both. And why not? When handling is easy. 

There are crucial reasons for choosing both. You will select digital life for,

  • This system is more proactive and productive.
  • Digital living has more opportunities.
  • Can connect with the world easily.
  • Everyone has a second existence online.
  • Digital living can ensure six human rights.
  • Through digital living, we can get access to crucial information. 
  • Digital living makes life simple. 
  • We can have safe transactions for digital living.
  • Digital living created scope for more job opportunities. 
  • For more convenience, digital living influenced modern technology to be smaller and versatile to adjust to any situation. 

There are more advantages digital living can offer. We included only a drop of water in the ocean. 

But, without an analog life, you can never enjoy life solely. What analog life can offer,

  • You can live without distractions.
  • Nature is your main priority.
  • The analog system offers more creativity than the digital system.
  • Analog living is more satisfying and enjoyable.
  • The Analog system is an escape from the everyday hustle. 

Digital living makes our lives easier. At the same time, analog living makes our lives enjoyable and fun. 

You see, we need both simultaneously to make our lives perfect and organized. You can compare them with the two sides of the same coin. 

Start From New and Finish in the Old

Organize Your Digital Life

When it comes to knowing how to declutter your digital life, then you should always start with the new. 

One of the most unnecessary mistakes you do; when organizing files, photos, audios, and videos, you start the process from the old archives. It happens all the time and slows down the organizing process. 

Another problem is when you realize that you need to organize your files on your digital devices, you may always try to set up the old ones first, which is totally irrelevant.  

Both of these mistakes are time-consuming, pointless, and might lead you to a never-ending hustle. 

Furthermore, you may never gain the desired objective you worked to get. Starting from the old never helps actually, and it may ruin the organizing process. 

What you need to do is, if you have 1 or 2 years of unorganized files, photos, and videos, then leave them be. Start organizing from today. 

Don’t Grant Permission for Unnecessary Notifications

Don't Grant Permission for Unnecessary Notifications

In digital devices, notifications are always unorganized, and they ruin your focus/ productivity. 

But little do we know about notifications. Researchers found out, paying attention to pop up notices can lose you up to 40% productivity

Moreover, notifications force us to multiple-task, which may lead us to not finishing up anything.

But, the solution to this problem is quite simple. All you need to do is go to your settings, and in the app permissions, disable notifications for rarely used apps. 

Don’t disable the utmost important notifications like Slack, Messenger, and Emails. 

It should help you to focus more on your work and keep your pace at the same time. 

Stop Multitasking

Stop Multitasking

Our brains can process a lot of things at once. It does this process so effectively that we believe something called multitasking. 

Multitasking is a term used for doing multiple things at once. But those tasks have to be in those exact moments. Typically speaking, multitasking is never possible. But some people believe that they can juggle.  

You see, our brains can never stop working even in sleep. But it doesn’t mean that it can focus on multiple works at the same time. 

For this reason, we can’t multi-task even if we want to. What we do is rapidly switch between tasks, which makes us unable to complete anything. 

Furthermore, multitasking takes away the fun of working and productivity. 

In big corporate offices, there are hundreds of teams and thousands of employees to multiple tasks. Even in factories, various robots work in single kinds of stuff. 

The positive part is you don’t have to multitask. If you focus on one work at a time and finish that task more efficiently, then you justify your productivity and manage to balance your digital life. 

So, from now on stop multitasking and start focusing on one work at a time. Multitasking is an awful hindrance to a great outcome.

Delete Unwanted Items 

Delete Unwanted Items

We have more unnecessary items than necessary things in our digital devices. The worst thing is we never use them, yet we always store them for no particular reason. 

If you compare the unwanted item list with the needed item list, then you will know that your device is flooding with useless items. 

These things only take up too much space and slow down your device. Sometimes your device even hangs for these unwanted items. 

If digital organizing is your sole purpose, then the delete button should be your best friend. 

In your working hours, focusing on these points might be troublesome. So, we recommend you to make a weekly regime for deleting the junk. 

Furthermore, you can select a personal time and get on with it. And, try not to be too quick; you may delete essential items with the junk. 

Organize Your Passwords and Logins 

Organize Your Passwords and Logins

One of the fascinating theories about digital life is, you have a second existence on the web. This second presence can collaborate with others, can buy anything from online, and uses measures to be secured on the web. 

If you are experiencing security issues on the web, you may create strong and hard passwords. 

The nightmarish thing is one of them that may be important to you, and suddenly you forgot. You may fix it later, but it just messed up your organizing process. 

Caring about your security is not the problem here. The problem is to remain unorganized and forget important things. 

Use these measures to solve the problem-

  • Sort out your passwords and logins.
  • Add fields with importance to you. 
  • You can use your bank account numbers too.
  • Never make this list in a paper.
  • You can use online spreadsheets for the base. 

Add fields like this-

  • Relevant 
  • Considerable 
  • Necessary 
  • Most important 

Sorting out your pieces of information like this will help you later if you forgot something vital. 

Related FAQs About Digital Life

What is the term “Digital decluttering”?

Digital decluttering

When we delete all the unnecessary items from all your digital devices is called Digital decluttering.

Can digital organizing change my life?

Yes, it can.All it takes is some small changes; this strong sense of control can lead people to create clutter-free, organized, and inspire them to make the necessary steps. 
An organized life can make you mentally healthy, have a perfect mind at the workplace, and a soothing sense of peace in your home. 

How can I make more space in RAM for my laptop?

Follow these simple steps-
1. Close applications that are open in the background.
2. Use Task manager to navigate.
3. You can use a USB flash or sd card.
4. You can increase RAM by increasing virtual memory. 

Concluding on Organize Your Digital Life

Digital life is significant. This concept enabled us to be more agile, upgraded, and create differences. 

In the near future, we may be able to build bases on other inhabitable planets, use more energy, and make space travel effortless. 

But to reach that point, we have to be more organized and subtle. If we can change our perspectives, maybe it’s possible. 

So you see, the future is depending on you. Our actions will reflect the next couple of decades of humanity. 

If we are digitally organized, we may be able to cope with the coming changes and make our lives worth living.

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