Laziness or Depression

Laziness or Depression: 7 Life-changing Ways to Get Rid of Both

  “There is hope, 

   Even when your brain tells you, there isn’t”              

  –John Green 

Depression is a mood disorder that can hamper your normal lifestyle. Sometimes it gets so bigger that people commit suicide. 

On the contrary, laziness is a break that your body or sometimes your mind demands and you can’t deny it. 

In this content, you will get to know what is depression and laziness, how they impact on your life, and how to be safe from them.

So let’s begin 👇🏻 .

What is Depression? 

What is Depression: Laziness or Depression

Human mood functionally depends on the outer influences of the world. This constant feeling of sadness causes depression. 

So, it is a continuous or inconsistent case of mood swings between sadness, remorse, uneasiness, loss of interest in living, and worthlessness. This mindset can last for weeks, days, or even years. 

Moreover, suffering from depression can cause you behavior problems such as,

  • An improper manner with close ones. 
  • Getting disappointed in little things.  
  • Thinking illogically.  
  • Nervous while communicating with people. 
  • Find wrong ways to get out of the situation, like doing drugs.
  • Feeling uncomfortable in a big crowd of people or an occasional family gathering. 

Another thrilling situation is, some people have a clinical condition of depression. In this state, they feel extremely depressed when they are sick or unhealthy. Usually, 3-6 months of regular check with a psychiatrist and lots of love from families can efficiently cure clinical depression. It happens to people who have suffered from trauma or going through a severe disease. 

Some Causes of Depression 

Depression can be caused by many things. Below we have enlisted some of the primary influencers- 

  • Childhood trauma. 
  • Poor living conditions. 
  • Uneasy working place. 
  • Medical conditions. 
  • Usage of drugs. 
  • A loved one’s death. 
  • Inferior brain structure.
  • Criticism from another person. 
  • Work pressure. 
  • Rise of hormone (Adolescent period).
  • Seizures. 
  • Occurrence of a natural disaster. 
  • Strong phobia. 
  • Old age. 
  • Not getting attention from a beloved person. 
  • Internet abuse. 

Other than these causes, DID (different Identity Disorder) or dissociation from your regular self can also be a triggering point for depression. 

Psychologists estimate that nearly 264 million people around the globe suffer from depression.  

Approximately 80 million people commit suicide for depression is between 15-29 ages. Depression during pregnancy is also a terrible thing because it creates difficulty in labor time. 

One other thing is, depression is widely more common to celebrities. J.K. Rowling, the author of the novel “Harry Potter” series, is an inspiring example of overcoming this mental situation. 

In her 20’s, Rowling was a single mother and had to support her daughter Jessica. Her first Harry Potter book was rejected by publishers 12 times. But, she never gave up and continued her work without any distress. 

But, some are not that lucky. In 2017, Chester Bennington, a former member of the world’s biggest band Linkin Park, committed suicide for depression. 

Countries Ratings Addiction 
China23.8%0.16% of entire population 
America 18.1%5.89% of entire population 
Grece 74.5%8.6% of entire population 
Russia 46.3%40% of entire population 
India 43% 13% of entire population 
United Kingdom 21% 9.4% of entire population 
Indonasia 3.7% 1.5% of entire population 
sub-Saharan Africa 10-20% 1.6% of entire population 
8 Countries with Highest Depression Rate

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Laziness or Depression

What is Laziness? 

Laziness is the human nature of intentionally avoiding physical work or tasks. More briefly, when you hesitate to perform a task despite having the ability to complete it. 

Well, sometimes it’s not wrong to be lazy. Scientists discover that being lazy is part of human survival techniques, which we have inherited through our ancestors. 

Long ago, hunter-gatherers used to search for instant food. They followed the trail of big predatory animals and searched for their left-out prey corpses. This way, they would get food fast and without spending too much energy. Hunter-gatherers used to spend a lot of time sleeping (intentionally), conserving their energy. 

Somehow, it’s relatable to us. Sleeping a lot and spending much time doing brain work instead of muscle activity made us more intelligent species and lazy at the same time. 

What is Laziness

7 Reasons of Laziness in Life

Laziness is not a disorder; it’s more like natural behavior. But, it becomes a disease when a person is always wasting their time. Here are some influential causes of laziness:

1. Demotivation 

People tend to spend more time at leisure if they are demotivated by someone else’s behavior or talks. It feels distressed to do work, and they waste time doing nothing. Scolding a preschooler too much for not doing homework for one day may cause the child to avoid studying every day. 

2. Delaying Tasks 

Procrastination causes a person to pause a task instead of doing it now. They just left the work to do it late. Storing up duties for later will only make your list of chores long and harder to accomplish. 

3. Getting Distracted  

Intentionally or unintentionally, some people love to make others suffer. When you are super concentrated on a task, even a tiny distraction may make you lose interest in that work. Some software companies use noise-proof office environments so that their programmers can work peacefully. 

4. Self-Confidence  

Confidence can make a huge difference in starting and completing a big task. Sometimes having less confidence can make a person dwell or quit a job after going halfway. Feeling about your family, their well-being, your health, doing regular exercises, and start giving yourself value to raise that confidence level highest. 

5. Unhealthy Diet 

Unhealthy Diet Laziness or Depression

Healthy food will make a person active and fit. A susceptible body makes a person dull-headed and less adaptable to any situation. Consuming too much raw fast food and not eating healthy is considered an unhealthy diet. 

You will always feel sick and fragile, which will eventually make you lazy. Try to maintain a healthy diet and eat more organic. This diet will not only make you live a long life but also will make your industries. With a better body, every work should feel like nothing. 

6. Not Interesting or Soul-Crushing 

Uninteresting work can feel like a weight in the back. Reading comics instead of reading textbooks should feel more fun. The exciting thing is we dislike something by representing it through laziness.

One of the problems is we all have to do soul-crushing work once in a while. Still, if you hate your work from the core of your heart, then give it up. The job was not worth your time from the beginning. 

7. Inappropriate Decision Making 

Hindrance in decision-making can also make you lazy. Separated thoughts of what you should do first or which task to prioritize often make the person abandon the whole schedule.

Instead of thinking, the person will become lazy and forfeit the work. Making decisions like a pro can help you to change your personal plan and think precisely. This change can ultimately make your life more industries.

Top 8 Laziest Countries In the World 

Below, we have listed some countries that have the lowest activity rate and highest leisure rate (adult). 

Rankings Countries Rating 
1Kuwait 67% of overall population
2American Samoa 53.4% of overall population 
3Saudia Arab 53% of overall population
4Iraq 52% of  overall population
5Brazil 47% of overall population
6Costa Rica 46.1% of overall population
7Cyprus 44.4% of overall population
8Marshall Islands 43.3% of overall population
8 Countries with the Highest Lazy Population 

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Probably because of rich land heritage and scientific research advancement some of these countries have this amount of lazy population. However, African countries like Uganda, Mozambique, Cambodia, and Togo have the lowest laziness ratings because of their physical economy. According to, Hong Kong has the highest life expectancy rate all over the world, which is 85.29%. 

Does Desperation Cause laziness? 

This question is pretty popular among the general people. Well, there are 2 answers to this question. So, we will divide them into 2 separate divisions. 

Answer A 

Scientifically speaking, if you have regular depression, then the impact of depression hits the body in 3 different areas, 

  1. Physical Impact– Your brain has less activity, though your physical output of working is less than average.  
  2. Central Nervous System Impact– Depression probably impacts the central nervous and hampers the reproduction of Serotonin, Norepinephrine, or Dopamine. That is why it feels wrong to work at all. 
  3. Brain Hormones – To adjust to the bodily changes, the brain can realize hormones from the thyroid and other body glands.  

The thing is, physical changes during the depression period can make the person not enjoy their work. Consequently dealing with duties and responsibilities feel pretty unreasonable for them. So, this doesn’t mean that they are lazy. They are only not active and less confident about themselves. 

Laziness is the unwillingness to do work, even if the person is capable of that. So, it depends on the choice of the person. That is why depression can’t cause laziness. 

Central Nervous System Impact

Answer B

Philosophically speaking, depression can cause laziness. High functioning depression or struggling with depression is a mental state that makes people quit living. Their thoughts are not precise, and for them doing any work is pointless. That is why they intentionally stop working. 

In the Above, we discovered that the choice of an individual is a crucial factor to decide whether a person is lazy or not lazy. Depressed people choose to stay indolent, which is why they are comparable to lazy people. 

Thus, we all can agree that depression can cause laziness and not cause laziness at the same time. It depends on people’s assumptions. The better part about this is, laziness or depression can only affect a person if they choose to be unhappy. 

7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Cure Depression And Laziness 

Follow these steps for a quick remedy or some cases, permanent cure. The problem of the human brain works in a complex way and goes back to the misery it was before. 

Some scientists believe that seasonal affective disorder depression may never cure. However, it’s possible to reduce the depression symptoms and stay productive at home

1. Accept Your Current Condition and Approach Accordingly 

Accept Your Current Condition

One of the main reasons a person to be depressed is not accepting their current situation. You may always have questions like, 

  • Why do I have less than someone else? 
  • Why can’t I concentrate? 
  • Why is my boss unhappy with me? 
  • How did I end up being scolded when I didn’t make any mistakes? 
  • Why do I always end up without any promotion? 

These questions can easily cloud someone else’s judgments and will eventually make that person depressed. If you are suffering from these “why” questions, then help yourself with positive suggestions. 

Suggest yourself about the good stuff happening alongside the bad stuff. If no good is happening, then have patience and be positive. Think about if the situation was worse than it is now. 

2. Express Your Emotions in a Constructive Way 

Express Your Emotions

Only a fool will repress their feelings and feel more distressed. Emotions are crucial to remove depression. Some people believe that suppressing your feelings is a way to cure seasonal depression. But, we can assure you that this method will make you sicker. 

The point is if you are having a bad day, then let it be. There is no reason to give fake smiles and enjoy. However, the trick is learning from that state of life and moving on. This day or event was a bad one, but the next one may be the happiest day in your life. 

3. Record Your Days 

Record Your Days

Create a self-journal or diary to record your precious moments. Experiencing these moments through your writing will help you to calm yourself. Record your bad days so that you can learn from your past mistakes. 

Self-journaling can maintain that pace of good health and improvement. You can also use voice recordings and video recordings to document your life. People who love to create videos about themselves and their families tend to be happier. 

4. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan 

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan

Create a routine paper to-do list system for exercise and diet. Exercising every day helps the brain to produce endorphins and hormones. Most importantly, your heart and entire body muscles will become strong. Blood circulation will increase and will create a feel-good vibe every day. 

You can call exercise the essential medicine of depression. 

Moreover, to boost your lifestyle, start eating healthy. Eating green veggies like Kale, Spinach, broccoli (it will feel bad in the first bit), Cabbage, Capsicum, latus, Beans, Watercress, Swiss chard, Arugula, and Endive contain so many nutrients. A healthy diet will also prevent you from stress by having too much junk food. 

Together with fruit, your healthy living at home in this pandemic situation will be on another level. Along with the Coronavirus, laziness or depression viruses will not be able to touch you. 

5. Focus on the Big Picture 

Focus on the Big Picture

Sometimes, we only think about what all the bad stuff has happened to us. Childhood trauma, war memories, or horrifying accidents are some things that a person never forgets. But, we are stronger and more persuasive than these memories. Depression starts to pile up with these negative emotions. 

When these emotions start to hit, you will only focus on the bad stuff in your life and forget about all the privileges you have. Giving attention only to the wrong things makes someone more depressed and lazy. 

Balance your viewpoint by stopping the overgeneralization of a single part. If you have a bad day, then you have a good day too. Start accepting everything about yourself, do not trash anything. 

6. Start Self-Help 

Start Self-Help

There is an irrelative area in our brain. All it can do is, fill your head with negative emotions and an irrational voice. These thoughts will eventually cloud your judgments and cause high functioning anxiety. 

Self-help or self-caring is an effective way to prevent any types of these thoughts. The process is pretty simple, 

  • Seek help from an adult or doctor. 
  • If you are going through a problem, then share it with your friends. 
  • Follow their guidance. 
  • Be an open-minded person. 
  • Use logic to remove the evil thoughts. 
  • Address your thoughts every nighttime, when it occurs. 

7. Reward Yourself 

Reward Yourself: Laziness or Depression

This rewarding part will be the most crucial component of healing depression. In a full day and night, we achieve a lot such as having a good breakfast in the morning, doing the office work perfectly, being a good person, helping out an elder. These achievements are not just noteworthy but also crucial for a better living. 

The lack of motivation, depression, or laziness will become like an inescapable pool of tar without recognizing your surroundings. So, reward yourself for every achievement you acquire; the smaller, the better.  This approach will help you to be more productive when depressed.

FAQs Related Laziness or Depression

1# Question: What are some symptoms of anxiety?

Feeling edgy all the time. 
Everything feels irritable. 
Muscle pain. 
Difficulty in controlling emotions.
 Always a restless feeling.

2# Question: Why does a person feel so lazy?

Probably lack of sleep can cause dizziness, and eventually laziness. Other than sleep reduction, being sad can also affect laziness. 

3# Question: Can laziness be a mental illness?

No, laziness is not a mental illness. Hence, it is more comparable to a human behavior pattern. 

4# Question: What is Bipolar Disorder?

A mental disorder that creates extreme mood changes. The change scales between high to low temper. 

5# Question: When did the great depression start?

In 1929, the stock market in Wall Street broke and created a global crisis for millions of investors. After this incident, in the next few years, overall sales dramatically dropped.

This drop in sales affected millions of companies to reduce the industrial output and failure in employment. 

Final Goodbye Part

There can be a lot of bad days up ahead and good days too. All you have to do is be positive about yourself. You are the redeemer of your life. Take these suggestions as the staircase that will help you to climb into your achievement. 

Remember that sadness is your past that you left behind, remove remorse in the future, and take today as the gift of the creator. Try to live every day. 

We believe in you and hope you can enjoy your life without depression. 

If you have any extra queries besides laziness or depression, then please let us know in the comments. Our experts will try their best to answer them. 

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