Is Your Digital Life Messy? 6 Amazing Ways to Declutter it

As most of the employers work remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the entire system gets changed. You don’t need to wear formal attire rather, you can work with your casual dresses.

But do you know what changed the most? In fact, your digital life has got a new look. Only you need to sit most of the time in front of your desktop or laptop.

Perhaps, your office only needs the outcome. If you can meet the KPI set by your supervisor, you won’t need anything else.

Recently, research shows that without pressure an employer can bring productivity more or less 3 hours a day. 

That means the rest of the hours remain unproductive. And that time you remain messy with the digital gadgets.

In this article, we’ve researched and got some rules to declutter the confusing digital life. Stick with us and deep into the habits to polish your digital hours in a more efficient way

Declutter Your Digital Life in 6 Exclusive Rules 

Tech fatigue is now a huge problem that is suffered by many people around the world. If you’re also victimized by the dilemma organize your digital landscape with the following 6 methods. 

Separate Your Personal and Professional Life 

Separate Your Personal and Professional Life
Separate Your Personal and Professional Life 

You may tend to answer any text instantly after getting it. It can hamper your present work.

Suppose, you’re a content marketing strategist of a company. Perhaps, you’re working on content, and suddenly a notification of Facebook rings, you become out of focus

Again, you’re working on designing a logo. Your daughter comes to your room and talks about the news she found interesting.

Factually, your serious task blends with the moments. Set a time to divide between personal and professional life. 

Put aside some time to check and reply to the personal messages. Wake up early in the morning and go through the news headlines and details of what is important. 

“In our contemporary moment, to not look at any news looks like it would be a deception of your civic responsibility. Still, on the other hand, to look at news all the time is the dishonesty of your intelligence.”

Dr. Newport

Limit Expectation for Everyone Connected 

Limit Expectation for Everyone Connected
Limit Expectation for Everyone Connected 

You need to talk to your colleagues or if you are a professor- talk to your students about what time you’re gonna answer their questions.

Ironically, you’re expected free all the time for your colleagues or students. You could have a crucial work that is not assumed by them.

You have to understand the importance of tasks. Maybe you’re working and then get a knock on slack from your colleague. That time your co-worker may need you for a vital reason. Your little interruption may aid someone in your company.

However, you may tend to answer all the texts, emails, and any other virtual messages immediately.

What is urgent and what you can response letter, your cognitive mind can help you. Suppose, you have to meet a deadline, and you have only 2 hours. Close all the tabs and focus on the emergence.

Remember, You’re in Transition 

Remember, You’re in Transition
Don’t forget about your transitional oath 

There is a small lifestyle change that can entirely reform your life. When you’re working, give full of it. After that logout from everything.

If you’re a smartwatch holder, stop the snooze of emails, slack, or other office-related notifications. Smartphones are too versatile to use it everywhere.

Many modern scholars started to avoid reading and watching on mobile. Rather they bought kindle to read and spend more time on watching TV.

Are you feeling guilty to scroll Facebook homepage, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok? Uninstall those as they are not gonna add some value.

Just you need to remember that you are in a transition and none can defocus from your daily tasks.

Write Your Daily Journal 

Write Your Daily Journal to structure your digital life
Write Your Daily Journal to structure your digital life

Staying productive is the most remarkable thing– in journaling for self-development. Exclusively productive people can record their days in a journal.

It’s confronting to do your best that is essential to advance your performance at the workplace. What do you need to write a journal? Very simple! You have to produce sufficient work materials to create your daily journal.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, was so careful about his time management, and he also has the habit of writing journals. Journaling encourages you to lose stress about yourself and others.

All those dejections, puzzles, deadlines, coming successfulness vibe, and boredom system is a large collection of trash to manage inside a human mind where self-parenting can help you.

And journaling is gonna help you to declutter your digital happenings perfectly.

Digital Apps to Text Days 

Digital Apps to Text Days
Use Digital Apps to Text Your Tasks and all 

There’s zero inaccuracy with a journal or a paper to-do list. But working with digital apps has many advantages.

Paper is excellent if you appreciate composing by hand, crossing off chores in ink, and drawing signs all over the area when deadlines and preferences alter.

To-do list apps let you prepare all that much more efficiently, moving and unloading chores to reorder them, turning a priority or due date with one click, adding a note to a task with supplementary ideas. 

In many ways, a good to-do app is the ultimate productivity app. Use digital apps to adorn your technological era.

When your list reminds you about your task, you can never be disordered with the other unnecessary tasks, for sure. 

Use Focus Mode 

Focus mode is an innovative digital wellbeing accessory on Android that assists you to get everything finished by momentarily suspending apps. So you can concentrate on the duty at hand. 

You can choose apps you obtain distracting like social media or games. Additionally, if you try to start them, Focus mode will warn you that the app discontinued.

Focus mode will also quiet the apps’ notifications until you’re willing to shift out of the mode. That means you can handle your phone externally obstructions from apps you don’t want now.

Now many of the digital workers feel delighted to work without interruption. You can also use this service to aid you with the work.

Don’t Get Bothered, Funny To-list is Here for You 

Don't Get Bothered, Funny To-list is Here for You
Don’t feel bored, Funny To-list is Here for You 

Sometimes, you may feel exhausted due to the busy work schedule. Plus, your to-do lists may add extra pressure if you have a pile of undone tasks. Again, it happens that maintaining your strict work-frame creates monotony.

As a result, your mentality and productivity will take a downward trend. So, it’s important to add fun while working. You can’t accomplish your goal without working with fun.

So, what can you do to deal with the situation? Here is your solution, and that is creating a funny to-do list. It will make you happy as well as productive.

We’ve arranged some unique ideas that will help you to stay amazed while maintaining your to-do list. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Include your everyday tasks on the list
  2. Also, write down the things that you won’t perform
  3. List of 4
  4. Your wishes and hobbies should be included
  5. Use anything to list your task. You must not need any analog system or digital devices for noting down your task list. 


You may have some frequently asked questions on decluttering digital life. Here we’re going to answer some questions. 

1. What is digital decluttering?

Digital decluttering is the process of rearranging all the information and documents of your accounts, devices, etc.
The method also includes deleting the unnecessary things that may distract you from your focus. 

2. How do you declutter digital photos?

You can declutter your digital photos by applying the below techniques.
Erase the pictures that seem bad Delete the photos that you don’t love anymore Think before taking a shot Review frequently Continue the process 

3. How would decluttering my digital life improve my life?

Digital decluttering will upgrade your life to a great extent. Here we’ve enlisted some for you.
Fewer distractions 
Clear focus 
Opportunity to apply the fives senses 
More time to spend with loved ones 
Ensure more reading time 
Time for exercise 
Time to cultivate hobbies and passions 
Improve your vision 
Enhance the ability of critical thinking 

4. What are the best ways for decluttering my digital life?

There are numerous ways that you can follow. We’ve made a list of where you can start. 
At first, unsubscribe from the unnecessary accounts 
Cleanse your mailbox in a smart way 
Clean up your desktop 
Uninstall unwanted software 
Re-structure your download folder 
Disable startup programs that you don’t use 
Turn off notification when at work 

5. How do I declutter my mind and my life?

By following the below-mentioned tips and tricks, you can declutter your mind and life. Systematize your physical environment. 
Maintain a to-do list 
Write down anything that passes your thought 
Don’t repent for the past 
Stop multitasking 
Limit your presence in social media 
Learn to prioritize 
Try meditation Think straight

Final Touch

Your digital landscape is your blessing. As everything has come to your hand, utilize the help perfectly. Most of us just abuse the technologies for wasting the time.

You miss the deadlines, cannot concentrate on your productivity only of your personal barriers. Here, no hands of your technologies. All you have to do is decluttering life into some segments.

Set your priorities, manage your time, prepare your digital day, and be a person full of positive energy. You have power over how frequently you monitor your emails and newsfeeds.

It’s presumably best not to neglect messages from your supervisor or students. So maintain the guide to brighten your upcoming life.

Let us know your progress. And don’t forget to share, and review the article. Comment below which part really you feel good about the feature. 

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