Incredible 10 Ways to Love: Consider Love as Habit Not an Art

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

You might become confused about love whether it’s a habit or an art. But when you are a rational being, you have the innate nature to love. In spite of having a lot of hatred throughout the world, only love can pacify the negativity. 

Love is an ocean and there are many ways to show your love and gratitude. Here, we have researched 10 ways to love according to Christian scripture. Moreover, we have included some empirical facts to support the ways.

So let’s get started to know the paths to galvanize the heavenly love that you hold inside you.

10 Ways How You Can Love You and Others

We have researched the Christian scripture and included some related topics to buttress the paths. These 10 ways to love will be means of you to love comprehensively. So let’s dig in.

1. Promise without Forgetting

Promise without Forgetting: 10 ways to love

“It is better to say nothing than to make a promise and not keep it.”

A promise is one’s word that something will be done. Promising somebody is as simple as offering someone a cup of water. 

A promise that something will be done– are tantamount to give your heart to someone else, or letting someone into your heart. It can go as deep as setting your child on the right path.

2. Reply without Arguing

Most people get angriest when they feel avoided and misinterpreted. Therefore, repeating back what someone has averred you is one of the best ways there is to keep a conversation from turning adverse. 

To love someone you need to reply with a normal tone even in hostile circumstances. Make it clear that you care about one’s point of view and want to understand it. If you want to get your work done without making any arguments, learn to convince someone to do something.

Even better, perhaps, someone said something that s/he didn’t mean, or what you had listened wasn’t what was tried to say.

3. Try to Listen without Interrupting

Try to Listen without Interrupting

At the very outset, you need to focus on the speaker and try to not miss any key message. For this, you need to ask questions. When you are listening carefully, you would ask questions to show that you a good listener.

The communication process varies from person to person. But interruption is not welcomed in any sort of communication.

In fact, when you love someone, you are a good listener. And a good listener never interrupts when s/he is listening to someone very carefully. 

4. Forgive without Castigating

Not being able to forgive can harm any sort of relationship. Forgiving without punishing is a skill to show love to someone.

To continue a relationship in a polished way, you have to forget what happened, consider that the pain s/he caused was not a big deal. Besides, there is no point of living if we die without forgiving.

You can make him/her realize that the act what s/he did was not right, s/he wronged with you. Actually, when you forgive someone, you choose to let go of your inner anger towards the person. Moreover, you care for that person. 

5. Pray without Ceasing

Pray without Ceasing

Perhaps, it seems impossible. In fact, if you do anything from the heart, it is considered as praying. So, to love ceaselessly devoting to praying is quite vital. Nevertheless, when you start loving you need to pray to the almighty in the time-bound.

For this, you should make a plan to pray. The positive vibe gathered from pray would remain for a long time. Remember the god, the present, and the tasks continuously. Don’t stop praying. Thus, you will find the point of living.

6. Enjoy without Complaint

Enjoy without Complaint

First of all, you need to see through the lens of gratitude. To love you as well as someone you have to enjoy everything without any sort of complaint.

To exclude the habit of complaining, you can follow the following techniques to enjoy without complaint:

  • Always tag a laugh in your face
  • Examine you relationship
  • As anxiety is the main issue to complain in everywhere, get more sleep to get rid of the anxiety
  • The more you exercise, the greater you feel 
  • Don’t quest the bad characters, rather focus on the good things about you or your beloved ones

7. Share without Pretending

“You look fat” – this is perhaps harsh to say. But when you truly love someone, you would share your thoughts without lying. An enemy says, “yes” when s/he knows a “no” is appropriate to say. 

When one friend is saying something and that wounds you, you need to appreciate this wounding and try to better yourself as s/he really concerns about you.

In fact, someday everyone around one person would be just enemies. According to Timothy:

“For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” 

2 Timothy 4.3

8. Live the Moment

Live the Moment

If you want to love yourself and lead a life you want and others around you, you need to, by the way, focus on the present. Try to pay attention to small things. Giving thanks needs nothing but an oral expression. But it gives you the power to live the now.

Being worry retreats you from the moment. So to love someone you need to exclude the habit of being worry. Performing random kindness can bolster living the moment which drives you to love.

9. Be Your Own Best Friend

To love cordially, at first you have to be best friend of yourself. When you can share your thoughts perfectly with yourself, you can ascertain to love yourself as well as your beloved ones.

Imagine how you love your friends where any kind of confusion doesn’t remain. A common fact we general people do is we don’t respect our wants.

But it is crucial to honor your wants without any hesitation. Exclude the nature of hurting thyself. Being befriended is one of skilled habits to love.

10. Know Your Limits

Know Your Limits

To love, you need to know your limits. If you cannot recognize your inner barriers, you will not able to love perfectly. There are connections between knowing your weakness and showing love.

When you love someone, or even when you love yourself, inferior complexity cannot swallow you. While you know your barriers, you’ll not feel any inner complexity. After that, you can love without impediment. So knowing limits is vital to love enthusiastically. 


Question 1: What are the ways to show love to others?

Answer: If you want to show your love, present your beloved ones with surprising gifts. Whenever you get the opportunity, you may give them big hug. Moreover, you can express empathy. Plus, you can give them handwritten letters and cards. 

Question 2: How can I love myself more?

Answer: You need to know yourself. This is important to say “no” when needed. 

Question 3: How do you fall back in love?

Answer: You can follow the following points:
* Resist entering a critical mode
* Treat your partner with kindness
* Take advantage of what you love about your partner
* Share lively, non-routine experiences
* Maintain and support your and your partner’s individual interests
* Talk personally
* Don’t give up intimacy
* Find healthy ways to vent

Question 4: Is love essential to life?

Answer: Love remains critically essential throughout human existence, but it changes from those early, overwhelming days of desire and almost drug-induced intensity to something more enduring and long-lasting. Love is robust because it transforms and evolves throughout relationships and the journey of human life.

Question 5: Why is love so hard?

Answer: The most common reason why it’s too difficult to love is a fear of commitment. Love needs to confront your idleness, and boredom, which is quite difficult for most people to do.

Concluding Touch

“I love you” begins by I, but it ends up by you. 

Charles de Leusse

Rethink of yourself or your beloved ones about pouring love. Though love is a relative term, if you know how to show love, it will be easy to conquer your heart. No matter it is love is always blind and it does not have any boundary. 

Getting some time and show your affection to your closed can appease you from inside. Besides, we think love is a 50/50 thing. However, when you care somebody, you will need to focus on more than fifty percent. 

Hopefully, by going through all the ways, you can be a great lover. Share the mentras with your community, and comment if you have any recommendations.

Have a great day. 

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