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10 Great Ideas of Teacher To Do List Before School Starts

As a teacher, it’s hard to get prepared for the school year after a long summer break. There is a lot to cover, and some things may slip through your mind. So, a teacher to do list before school starts is crucial to maintain those big and small responsibilities. 

Moreover, you have to prepare yourself for a long working year, which may feel like hell. After a couple of weeks, all your energy, enthusiasm, spirit, and different ways to seek productivity will feel strained. 

Starting a school year is also enjoyable in so many ways. All that chit-chat, the old smell of school rooms, and a fresh new start are what you need to get back in the field. This part also requires some specific practices to make it enjoyable. 

So, a teachers checklist is needed to align your startup, but the question is, how will you create one? 

To make it simple, we have created an informative and scientific research-based guide about back to school to do a list system for all those hard-working and skillful teachers out there who are struggling in this COVID-19 pandemic. 

After reading this article, you will definitely know how to prepare yourself for the upcoming school year. And if you are a new teacher, then take it as a first year teacher must-have guide. 

Why is the Back to School Checklist for Teachers is Crucial in this Pandemic? 

Why is the Back to School Checklist for Teachers is Crucial in this Pandemic

It’s a pretty simple concept. Being a teacher has perks and drawbacks at the same time. Teachers have to be the precautious, punctual, and less self-centred person. 

What we mean to say is, a teacher has to be more of a mentor character in the society. 

Moreover, this rational thinking can make a teacher more responsible for their students and the actions they took. But, the problem is embedding yourself into this new responsibility can be difficult; more likely, aligning yourself with this new way of thinking is a one-word challenge. Sometimes, even long years of experience may fail you. 

After a long summer break, you may have similar thoughts about your profession like,

  1. Is teaching worth my time?
  2. Does this job offer me sufficient payment?
  3. Am I happy about this profession? 

Research from study international states that over half of the Australian educators experience anxiety and nearly one-fifth of that number are depressed at the same time. In this COVID-19 epidemic, the situation is worse. 

For these reasons, teachers need to have a todo list system or a funny to do list so that they can start their first year teaching wholeheartedly, and having a teacher to do list template will give them a definite objective to complete. Experienced teachers can also feel the same way. 

10 Preparation Ideas You Can Add to Your Back-to-school To-Do List 

Yep, that time has arrived. Starting the school year will be the perfect time to freshen yourself and prepare for the next year. You don’t want to screw it up. 

So, maintain a healthy relationship with your students and at the same time relieve some stress to keep yourself on track; you can follow these excellent back-to-school rules. You don’t have to worry this checklist will be easy-to-follow. 

1. Elevate that Former Classroom Atmosphere

Elevate that Former Classroom Atmosphere Teacher To Do List

A neat and clean classroom is a must to ensure the best education for the students. 

After a long summer break, your classroom can be a bit messy. So, your first priority should be to clean and decorate your classroom for the students. This way, you and your students can interact in a pleasant environment. 

Furthermore, Your students will pay more attention to your teachings. Here are a few classrooms set up advice-

  • Your desk and student’s chair will be crucial in the classroom checklist. So, before starting anything, determine the desk arrangement. 
  • Other than the desk, there may be a few extra pieces of furniture such as bags storing cabinets and a teacher’s cupboard. Take care of them wisely. 
  • Organize your student’s sitting area. 
  • You can add some interactive bulletin boards. 
  • Check the emergency evacuation procedure (EEP) and all the equipment connected with it. 
  • You can add a welcoming banner to greet them precisely. 
  • Decorate your classroom with interactive arts and crafts made by the students. 
  • And finally, stick those class schedules, posters, and calendars. 
  • To make them more agile, you can make a school to-do list system for one each. 

2. Self-Introduction for First-Year Teachers (Applicable for Other Teachers too)

Self-Introduction for First-Year Teachers

This one is very crucial for the first year teachers and the students also. You are starting your career in the education sector. 

So, a nice self-introduction will give you confidence, and introducing yourself to the students will help them understand your teaching style and your attitude towards them. Some students are curious about what their teachers do during the summer vacation. You can do a Q&A about this and other school subjects. 

Moreover, good self-introduction can impact a lot in first-year teaching and even in the upcoming years. 

A smooth self-introduction will not only help your students to trust you but also support you to interact with them easily. Believe us, you don’t want to screw this one. 

You can do an all-time-same speech introduction, or you can do something exceptional for those mini-minds. Here are some quick tips for you-

a. The Postcard Introduction 

The Postcard Introduction

Just an ordinary postcard, but you will write some small details about yourself and what students can expect from their teacher. 

But, for this one, you have to know your student’s address and spend some of your own cash. Assume it as a small price to pay for the greater good. The simple thing is, you don’t have to wait for your students to come, you can go to them instead. 

Moreover, you can add some extra stickers, arts, and drawing to make your postcards more interactive. 

b. The Doodle Idea (Name Map)

It’s more like a map to recognize you. Instead of creating a plain write bord, you can make a drawing map that tells the students about you. 

The concept is pretty simple. On a page, write your name with a drawing pen, and then on the sides draw you some interesting arts of your everyday natural life such as your hobbies, your family, and your passion. 

c. An Interactive Video 

An Interactive Video

If postcards and doodles are not your cup of tea, then you can try out the video idea. It is not that hard if you know the right applications. Because most teachers have access to mac os classroom computers, which has a free video making iMovie app. 

But, you do have to remember that it will require some fundamental video editing skills. 

3. Some Rules and Regulations Are a Must

Rules and Regulations

School life is all the fun and at the same time a bit boring too. But, what separates us from the animals?

Rules and Regulations. So, be prepared to make some rules for the students and also for you.  

These rules have to be perfectly aligned with your classroom management plan throughout the year. Also, these regulations have to be based on expectations associated with the behavior and administration of students and will help everyone (including yourself) to stay on course. 

You can add these rules-

  • You can add a morning routine. 
  • To make students attentive to class, make a rule for grabbing the attention of students. 
  • Build a homework policy and monthly gifting for the most attentive student for the month. 
  • Create a routine for cleaning the classroom, serving lunch, and placing supplies.
  • Determine all the student’s responsibilities for the school. 
  • You can create a list of stuff such as bathroom breaks, hallway walk, lunch, and attendance. 
  • Selecting a class caption is also a crucial rule. 
  • You can create a summer to do lists system for kids. 

4. Divide Your Work into Separate Weeks

Divide Your Work into Separate Weeks

As a teacher, working during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tiresome let alone, preparing for the next school year is nip-in-the-bud. And, the worst thing is there will be a lot to cover. 

Moreover, remotely working can have some disadvantages too. They can be-

  • You can’t appear to your institution physically. 
  • Effectively working can be difficult. 
  • Communicating with students is physically impossible. 

But, you can make your work and preparation simple by dividing the essential work. Usually, all teachers plan in time so that they don’t have to feel too much pressure. At this point, your teacher to do list before school starts may fail. 

All you have to do is, divide your work into separate weeks. Put the crucial tasks in the first week and then prioritize them based on their importance. 

You can create a paper to do list system; it doesn’t have to be the best paper to do list system. The purpose of this system is to keep you on track and maintain your sanity. 

5. Check All the Necessary School Supplies 

Check All the Necessary School Supplies

Not all students will be perfect on the first day of school. Some even may not take necessary school items with them. But, it’s completely natural because the first day of school is only to get introduced to everyone. 

However, the problem begins when students make this a habit. Some schools may have a locker facility, but others might not. Due to these reasons, you can hardly expect students to bring every crucial school equipment. 

Another problem is, sometimes students can’t afford expensive notebooks, books, calculators, and geometry boxes. 

So, as a teacher, your job is to make a level-playing-field for all students. You should maintain a kids schedule and to-do list teaching aids for better interaction. Make them feel like they are treated equally. You don’t have to worry about buying new school stuff because you may have purchased the essential items of first year teachers must haves in the previous year. 

Still, if something is missing, then buying them will be your utmost duty. If you think you don’t have enough to buy some school supplies, then you can ask for some funding from the school district. 

6. Enjoyment is the Necessary Part of Your Life 

Enjoyment is the Necessary Part of Your Life

You may be so desperate for preparation, but nothing will work if you get worked out. We know there is a lot of work to do, and you do not have enough time to complete the whole thing. 

The thing is, if you get worked out and don’t have fun, then it will be more a disaster than actual preparation. So, knowing yourself and seeking self improvement will also be a part of your back-to-school procedures checklist. 

Some relaxation, enjoyment, and recreation will not only help you in preparation but also will be crucial to your mental health. You will enjoy your classes and will be proactive after school starts. 

And, as for the fun part, you can get back into reading, play fun games with your family members, and get in contact with your old students in this pandemic. Try to be safe and have fun in your house. 

7. Meet with Your Fellow Teachers 

Meet with Your Fellow Teachers

A long year of work can feel less tiresome if you can cooperate with your fellow colleagues. Contact your teachers before re-opening the school, brainstorm with them, and discuss school stuff. New teachers have to be more open about themselves on the first day of school list.  

Sometimes, school initiatives can be a bit challenging for first-year teachers. Escepllay, if you are new to this profession. However, if your starting teaching institution is negative, then you can find social media platforms for your starting place. There can be a lot of teachers, mentors, and coaching groups, and communities waiting for you.  

8. Prepare Some Lesson Plan 

The first day of school will be less productive, and a few weeks will be the same. You may survive the opening few days after school starts, but after that, a small amount of lesson planning can feel like a lot of work. 

So, to be ahead of your game, start lesson planning before school starts. This way, you can complete a lot of work before school, cover a lot in no time, and will not scramble the rest of the week. 

9. Create a Classroom Management Plan for the Entire Year

Create a Classroom Management Plan for the Entire Year

Monthly and weekly lesson planning can feel manageable. But, isn’t a long-term solution is better for you and your student’s development? Therefore, generate effective self-improvement ideas.

So, if you are new in this profession or a veteran who realized that your current classroom plan is not effectively working, then you can try out these 4 fundamental key-components of an effective classroom management plan- 

  1. Classroom system and coordination. 
  2. Classroom practices and management. 
  3. Classroom procedures using rewards and results.
  4. Practical Classroom Management During the Year.

These key components will work as a framework for your classroom management plan and also will be a proper guideline to make one. 

10. Final Preparation for the First Day of School 

Final Preparation for the First Day of School

These will be some final preparations before the ultimate moment. Feeling a bit anxious and hesitant is normal for first-year teachers. But, expert teachers can cope with this situation. 

To mentally and physically prepare yourself, here are a few last-moment suggestions that you need to pay attention to- 

  • Arrange your clothes before the final day and prepare breakfast at night before, so you don’t have to worry about mixing everything in the morning. 
  • Review everything you have planned, which includes all your rules-regulations, student information, school administrator policies, and activities. 
  • To keep the pace, ready a first-day interactive lesson. 
  • A good night’s sleep is a must, so calm yourself and try to take a snooze. 
  • Oh, remember to set up your alarm so you can get up early in the morning. 

FAQs Related to Teacher To Do List Before School Starts

Question 1: What should teachers do in the first week of school?

Answer: As a teacher, you can post a general schedule for activities such as music, lunch, P.T, recess, and clean works. Create lesson planning that will be followed by the students every day efficiently.

One thing to remember is, kids may not learn it in a single day. Therefore, proceed to maintain and follow classroom methods for the first weeks after school starts. 

Question 2: What should teachers do on the first day of school?

Answer: Here are a few tips you can follow to make your first day of school- 

  • Don’t get freaked out. 
  • Welcome your scholars properly.
  • Have enough interactive work for them throughout the entire day. 
  • Finish the formal introduction. 
  • Tell them about school procedures and regulations.
  • Build a community with your students.
  • Do a proper Q&A. 

Question 3: What are some fun ways to teach a class?

Answer: It depends on a teacher how they will cooperate with the students, but some fun activities can cheer up the crowd while teaching- 

  • Try to discover new things with your students.
  • Make your lessons feel like storytelling and mysteries.
  • Sometimes being goofy is ok.
  • Weekly projects and study tours are perfect.
  • Change your lesson plans once in a while.
  • Review your student’s overall capability of learning.
  • Share your views and passion. 

Question 4: How to attract students to your classes?

How to attract students to your classes

Answer: The process of attracting students to your class can be tricky. However, you can try a few stuff-

  • Relevant to your tasks.
  • Don’t be too difficult or too simple.
  • Always behave rationally with your students.
  • Let students read and write while in classes.
  • Make your teaching method clear and easier to understand.
  • Make sure to use humor. 

Question 5: How long can students pay attention in class?

Answer: There are some arguments about this subject. The general assumption from psychologists is, students can only pay attention to a class for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Question 6: What is a teacher to do list?

to do list

Answer: A teacher to do list is a checklist where all the tasks to be done are enlisted. It keeps the teachers focused and productive. Besides, it creates an urge of finishing any task in time.

But do not get panicked if you can not complete your daily to do list. Add the pending tasks into the next day’s working list. And try to complete them as fast as you can.

Question 7: How can a teacher be prepared for first school year?

Answer: A teacher can be prepared by doing the following steps for the first school year.

  • Revise and revisit the old lesson plans.
  • Make new lesson plans depending on the new syllabus.
  • Buy some new teaching materials.
  • Re-arrange the classroom environment.
  • Stay up-to-date with modern technology.

Final Words Teacher To Do List Before School Starts

The final days before the new school year can be some difficult times for a teacher, and the situation is more troublesome for first-year teachers. You have to cope with significant life changes, develop as a punctual person, and may have to work harder. 

Believe us even experienced teachers have the same feeling once in a lifetime. However, you will feel like starting a new life, which only a few professions can offer out there. 

So, how was your first day of school? Was it bitter or a remarkable experience to be part of something? 

Along with experience, share your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the comments. Your honest opinions will help us to improve our articles further. 

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