How To Work With Intense Focus

How To Work With Intense Focus: 14 Best Tips To Improve Concentration

High-Quality Work Produced= (Time Spent) *(Intensity of Focus).

Cal Newport

Suppose you have just started work with full dedication. But all of a sudden, you have lost your focus. No matter how much you are trying to hold your attention, none of your attempts is working after a while. As a result, you have lost your interest, confidence, and productivity. 

Losing attention is not connected with your profession, it can happen with anyone. 

But nowadays the alarming fact is it’s a common picture of our young generation, which is coming out massively these days.

The burning question is how to work with intense focus? Is there any solution? 

Fortunately, specific techniques can help you keep attention on your work. 

How to Work With Intense Focus: 14 Ways to Improve Concentration

There are some ways that work pretty well at improving concentration. Let’s take a look at those.

1. Keep Aside All The Distraction 

Keep Aside All The Distraction : How To Work With Intense Focus

The most common distraction that knocks down the intensity of your focus could be the email alerts, social media notifications, or the push notification that you receive every other minute, or even the noises from your surroundings.

The fact here is it takes at least fifteen minutes to get into a state of concentration. With notifications ringing your phone every five minutes, you can’t possibly focus ideally on your work. 

Set a scheduled time to answer the emails and other less critical tasks so that they don’t cause a distraction while you’re working for hours. In case of any big project, request people not to interrupt you on the following day. 

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2. Opt For A Pleasant Environment

Opt For A Pleasant Environment

The environment of your workplace plays a significant role in the intensity of focus. The depth of your concentration in your work will depend on the comfortability and serenity of your environment. 

It is essential to ensure that your seat and desk adjust at the ideal height for you to work comfortably. A reason for that is if there is an imbalance between the seat and the desk, or in the atmosphere, it will make you uncomfortable, and needless to say, your focus on your work will be disrupted. 

You can change the physical environment by putting pictures of natural scenes, wildlife, or landscape paintings. As it is said that sometimes bringing a calming vibe throughout the space can help you to concentrate better.

3. Sound Sleep Deepens Your Focus Ability 

Sound Sleep Deepens Your Focus Ability : How To Work With Intense Focus

Sleep deprivation causes a massive disruption in both your physical and mental health. Not only does it interfere with your focus ability, but it also slows down cognitive functions, such as memory and attention. And the tiredness from lack of sleep can even affect your daily tasks. 

The best way to beat this is to grow a habit of a sound sleep at night. It will boost your mood and performance all at once. Some bedtime poses of yoga can be helpful here. The recommended amount of sleep is 7 hours or more for adults.

Here are some feasible tips that you can follow to boost your sleep health:

  1. Shut down all the electronic devices an hour before you go to sleep. The screen light from the devices prevents your brain from relaxing, which causes damage to the health of sleep
  2. Relax by listening to soothing music, taking a warm bath, or reading a book. This treatment will prepare your body for a sound sleep by calming your mind and body. 
  3. Ensure a cozy bed and dreaming light to make the mood. 

4. Exercise is Essential 

Exercise is Essential

You must try some exercise to maintain a healthy body and a peaceful mind. One of the benefits of regular exercising is profound concentration ability. 

Well, not always exercises have to be complicated, where you need to join a gym or lift weights. If you get your heart rate up, you are exercising, which is enough to hold your concentration. 

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5. Increase Your Focus With Meditation

Increase Your Focus With Meditation

It’s hard when you are living a workaholic lifestyle. No doubt that in the world of overachieving and robotic lifestyle, little do we get the time for ourselves, especially when it’s about our inner mental health, aka mindfulness or meditation. 

Meditation is not only about sitting alone in a quiet place with your eyes shut down. Instead, it’s a process where you look into your inner self, practice breathing techniques, and get your negative emotions free from the core of your mind.

In 2011, a review of a trusted source of 23 studies found evidence that regular meditation training can emphasize attention and focus, which could help increase the intensity of our focus and attention. Regular meditation can also increase the ability to memorize and other cognitive skills. Prayers can also work simultaneously.

6. Listen To Music to Increase Focus

Listen To Music to Increase Focus

While you are a music lover, you will be glad to know that listening to music while working could help intensify your focus. You might have never expected this aspect of music before, but it’s true, the symphony has a great impact on both our body and mind.

According to research, you could also alternate music with ambient sound, white noise, or rain sound as these are helpful to improve focus and other brain functions. 

7. Perform a Brain Workout

Perform a Brain Workout

The head is a crucial part of your body and your brain can stop working if proper nourishment is not present. Brain training games are helpful here. Research depicts that adults who completed between 10 to 14 sessions of brain training games have improved cognition, memory, and processing skills.

It can also develop your working and short-term memory, as well as your problem-solving skills. Few games can help you get better at concentrating. Such as: 

  • Sudoku
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Chess
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Word searches or scrambles
  • Memory games

8. Give Yourself a Break 

Give Yourself a Break

Taking short breaks can help restore your focus and even increase it. When you work for a long time, it’s very obvious you will be tired, and it will affect your concentration. Now, if you keep forcing yourself to finish it even though you know the consequence may trouble you later, it only will bring Chaos. 

Instead, try to relax or take a short walk. A nutritious snack or refreshing cool drink is also suitable for a short break. After a 5 – 10 minute break, you’ll automatically see the change when you return to your desk.

You will feel more focused, motivated, or even creative. Taking short breaks between those long tiring work sessions will boost your cognitive functions and concentration ability.

9. Boost Your Productivity With To-Do List 

Boost Your Productivity With To-Do List

It may sound challenging, but if you start doing a to-do list with fun activities once, it won’t take time to become a habit. As things add up quickly on your list and you can keep a count on the work. So mentally, you can be prepared for all of those. Research says a written plan of work actually improves productivity. 

Make yourself a to-do list by adding items for the next session. After making a list, choose the urgent tasks according to your schedule and write them down at the top. And Then, the rest of the items can be ranked in order of priority. This technique will allow you to finish the tasks as your brain is prepared, making it easy to focus on your job.

10. Avoid Multitasking

Avoid Multitasking

A common scenario in a workplace is multitasking. When it comes to the efficiency of your work, then you should focus on similar tasks rather than jumping from one type to another. If you pick similar tasks, group them and complete them one by one, the result will come in a better way.

Multitasking often creates trouble in the way of productivity, especially for people who struggle with their attention deficiency problem. From a study, the American Psychological Association came to know that multitasking can reduce productivity by about 40 percent, which is obviously an alarming rate.

11. A Clear Concept of Your Goal 

A Clear Concept of Your Goal

A focused destination is the catalyst of success that comes with diligence and innate nature. We all know how important it is to have a clear concept about our goal.

It not only sets us a destination but also removes all the confusion. But many of us often get distracted about our goals. This dilemma confuses our brains and weakens the concentration we need for highly productive work.

So, to avoid such a circumstance, you need to target the main focus and make the structure before you start with work. Give yourself some time and practice it until you can grasp the core structure of your work.

12. Healthy Food for Full Concentration 

Healthy food will maintain the vital nutrients that will provide you the energy of work. Also, drinking the exact amount of water will protect your body from dehydration and will not let you feel tired, slow, or sick. A hydrated body will help improve the brain’s operating system, which is beneficial for intense focus.

Hunger can easily distract you from your focus. Keep some healthy snacks by your side, such as almonds, wholegrain crackers, fresh fruit, dark chocolate, vegetables, etc. This addition will provide nutrition as well as concentration.

12. Foods That Activate The Brain 

According to Harvard medical school, there are few brain foods to improve your brain that you can be included in your daily meals. Such as

  • Kale, spinach and broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables like these.
  • Fish that have healthy fatty acid or omega-three such as salmon 
  • Berries such as cranberries, raspberry, blueberry, etc
  • Walnuts
  • Less heated Tea and coffee in small doses can improve your brain activation.

These all work tremendously on the brain and also work for you to bring back the lost focus power you lack these days. 

13. Mistakes To Exclude from Diet Chart

Diet Chart

People often do the mistake of including some unhealthy items in their diet, unaware of the consequences. This misdiet can do harm rather than bring benefit.

  • Overuse of Caffeine 

Caffeine could help concentrate your work, but its overdose will make your body suffer and cause sleepless nights and health issues.

  • Eating Fatty Foods 

Fatty foods with lousy cholesterol like red meat are best to be avoided. You can take them once for a while, but regular consumption can cause fatigue, which may also affect your concentration.

  • Intake Of Alcohol 

Intake of alcohol decreases your brain ability. Therefore you should avoid alcohol the most. But if it’s a must in some urgent cases, you can limit the intake to ensure less effect. 

14. Medications For Better Concentration

Medications For Better Concentration

In some cases, you may need extreme focus; for instance, you may need to meet a deadline which you can’t miss anyhow, or for exam purposes where extreme concentration is a must, many choose to take some drugs which stimulate your brain nerves and assist you to have a remarkable concentration and energy. 

These drugs are known as study drugs. Concerta, Aniracetam, Ritalin, and Adderall are the most common study drugs which have been misused for a long time. 

Some take these as prescribed medication, and some take them out of necessity. Though these medications are meant to help you with energy and focus. But if somehow they go wrong, then reactions can show their worst form in your body. You may face 

In some extreme cases, it may go immensely wrong like you may feel 

  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Convulsions
  • Chest pain or irregular heartbeat

These medications even can prove deedly toward a human. In these cases, take immediate help of 911 or reach the nearest hospital as soon as you feel discomfort after having them. 

So if you don’t want to face these side effects, you should start taking them in limited amounts, or it’s better if you take advice from a doctor before you think of these medications. 


Question 1: How can I stay more focused when doing work?

Answer: There are four things you could do to stay more focused when you are doing work-

  1. Make your surroundings peaceful so you can work without being distracted. 
  2. Put all distractions out of your reach.
  3. Commit yourself not to leave the work before 10 minutes.
  4. Ensure comfort, so it helps you to pay more attention. 

Question 2: How do I maintain focus on specific work when I have a lot to do?

Answer: Some simple steps that will prove helpful to maintain focus on a specific work

  • Plan Out Your Work Sessions – Analyse what tasks you have left to do or tasks that are important and focus only on those things. 
  • Find Our Productive Workplace – Places that help you focus and concentrate will be your priority.
  • Cut Off The Distraction- Switch off your mobile phone to avoid any kind of interruption. 
  • Build Effective Disciplinary Habits – Try to avoid doing more at once. Start by doing a 25-minute work session with a 5-minute break every morning. 

Question 3: What are the best ways to develop focus?

Answer: Here are some tips that will help you to develop your focus-

  • Get rid of anything that distracts you 
  • Make a list of the things you need to do. Keep it short, but precisely what you have to accomplish.
  • Do a physical workout to form yourself in the discipline.
  • Meditate regularly. 
  • Create self-reward and self-punishment. It will motivate you to stay put with your work.
  • A healthy diet and nutrition is a must
  • Try to sleep for 7 hours every night.
  • Try brain games to improve your cognitive functions.

Overall Verdicts

When your mind and body aren’t ready for work, don’t push yourself too hard. People who are suffering from lack of attention occasionally or generally, hopefully, get a direction from this blog. 

Hopefully, there will remain no more confusion for you about how to work with intense focus. Just follow the guideline shown here and enjoy a successful life with full confidence. 

Have a good day!

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