27 Sure-Fire Tips on How to Stay Motivated to Study

Why is it tough to inspire yourself to study? It’s easy to watch another video. It’s easy to listen to another song. But when you are creating a mindset to learn, you feel unmotivated. 

You can be a good citizen, attain a better-paid job, or an expert in any field with rigorous learning. These are not enough catalysts to get inspired for gathering knowledge. Then how to stay motivated to study?

You can be a good learner by following some techniques. Stick to the write-up till the end to master the comprehensive strategies to get encouraged for learning.

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27 Must-follow Strategies to Stay Motivated to Study

There are plenty of tips to inspire yourself to learn from an academic perspective. Here, I have enlisted some techniques on how to inspire yourself to learn for the academy.

1. Find the Reason for Your Procrastination

Find the Reason for Your Procrastination

Students who procrastinate spend most of their time on less important tasks. They do enjoyable activities which add zero value. So as a student, you need to find the causes of procrastination. The reasons for procrastination about your learning are complex.

Broadly, here are the common scenes:

  • You have questioned your ability to accomplish the tasks, and convinced well that you are unable to perform them.
  • The topic you are going through now is tiresome and you cannot tolerate the boredom of the part.
  • The quest for the perfect timing to start learning is still to come.

While you find the reason, you can head-start to study. According to writer and scholar ‪Joseph R. Ferrari,

“The chronic procrastinator, the person who does this as a lifestyle, would rather have other people think that they lack effort than lacking ability.”‬ 

2. Chunk Down the Heavy Materials

Chunk Down the Heavy Materials

When you start eradicating procrastination, you may find some heavy materials in front of you. In this sort of situation, chunking down can aid you. It is a strange but effective method for the inner incentive of study. 

But what is chunking down? It is the system of breaking down materials that are instructional into tinier. After that, you will decorate the materials in a sequence. 

So, what would be the outcome? The flinders of the heavy materials system make the hard things easier for you to learn the material. You may have questions about the process of the method.

So in a nutshell, when you have huge things to complete, just break them into smaller portions. Suppose, you have to find related 5 articles for your research paper. Start finding one article each day. After 5 days, your task will be accomplished!

3. Make a Tendency to Give Productivity Gifts

As you complete the chunks, you need to get support to finish all of the portions. So when you accomplish one task, reward yourself with one soft music, a short walk, strumming your guitar, or things that stimulate you to learn better.

When you accomplish all the flinders, you need to give a perfect present to yourself. Does it seem unimportant to you? But the tendency to present productivity gifts galvanizes the inspiration of learning. 

4. Create a Study Routine and Stick to it

Make a Study Routine and Stick to it: How to Stay Motivated to Study

Are you a student of maintaining a schedule? If the answer is yes, just make a routine and stick to it as that’s how you can crack the process of how to stay motivated to study. But if you are not a student of obeying a routine, create one. But is it as easy to follow as I am saying? 

In fact, human beings are creatures of habit. When you are making a good habit of following a routine, keep in your mind that you must practice the activities for 20 to 30 days to make it a habit. The reason is research depicts that a habit requires a timeframe of 20-30 days to form.

5. Trigger a Target

Trigger a Target

While making a routine, you need to set a target. But the aim should be small. Suppose, you have aimed to reach 10 miles by walking. 

Before reaching your destination, you have to reach the first mile, then the second, after that third, and so on. So, trigger the first mile at the outset. Grab it within a timeframe. Then, you must crave for the next one.  

6. Give 100% to Attain the Target

You may have a scenario like many students. You have triggered a desire. But you lose your hope since the expected input cannot be injected. It’s a common phenomenon. Sometimes, you may need to manipulate the time-boundary. 

Seems weird, right? Most importantly, you need to be goal-oriented. You require the concentration on the target. Give utmost effort to achieve the goal.

7. Make a Map to Organize the Data

Sometimes your brain stops working. What do you do at that time? Most students get reluctant from doing anything. Do you know that a mind map can imitate your brain and activate your brain? How? Simply, use a pen and paper. 

Then make a mind map to organize your data about what you want to read today. Make sure the map is clear and concise. Some people use a to-do list for creating a mindmap. But the pen-paper method is classic.

8. Take the Boring Subjects and Make it Interesting

Take the Boring Subjects and Make it Interesting

Boring subjects are avoided by many students. Eventually, they get a poor mark in that subjects. Say, you don’t like mathematics. If you avoid it, the consequence will not be suitable for you. The books are, most of the time, understandable and related to your daily lives.

To turn a subject from boring to interesting, change your mind and train your brain; you may fake for a while. Consult your mind that the subject is great! Understand the fundamentality of every topic. Factually, you can make the subject interesting.

9. Avoid Memorizing Without Having the Essence

Learning without knowing the essence is a common tendency among the students. It happens when they don’t get a proper guideline.

You may tend to memorize any topic when you are unable to understand it. Talk to your senior or mentor if you cannot go through the pith point of a special part of a subject. 

10. Get Understood all the Topics

Get Understood all the Topics: How to Stay Motivated to Study

Keeping yourself motivated is a key to success. If you just want to get a higher mark in the exam, you cannot get the comprehensive contentment of any subject. 

Therefore, the topics should be understood thoroughly. Google can be an assistant to help you get supporting information. Moreover, knowing scarcely about a topic is tantamount to knowing nothing.

11. Quest the Gaps in Your Understanding

Truly, students scrutinize for analysis of the gaps. Gap analysis is vital in every sector. But the process is little known to them. So they cannot strengthen their capacity. The method of gap analysis is easy.

What have you studied for a certain duration? Put all the insights down. Match it with your textbook. Quest the gaps. You can enlist it in a paper for the further step.

12. Mend the Loopholes

When you get the gaps, you require a certain amount of time for mending the loopholes. Students tend to find the gap, but they don’t pay attention to mend the loopholes. 

After clarifying the loopholes, you need to interpersonally teach the topic simply to yourself. Once Einstein said,

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

13. Segment Your Reading Hours

Segment Your Study Hours

Segmenting your study hours is essential for continuing your studies. While trying to read a topic, you need to segment for reading and writing. Dissect your time for the following things:

  • Taking rest.
  • When to read alone.
  • When to go through in a group.
  • Listening to music.

14. Learn Alone Depending on Your Condition

When you are reading, you may get many issues that you can mollify while studying alone. So give yourself proper timing alone for understanding any hard topics. It permits you to apply the learning modes which are the most feasible. 

According to research, students who tend to learn lonely maintain the following methods:

  • SQ3R Method (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)
  • PQ4R Method (Preview, Question, Read, Reflect, Recite, Review)
  • Flashcards Method (Using piece of notes to memorize)

15. Study with a Group When Needed

Study with a Group When Needed

Reading in a group is motivational for each individual reading in a group. When one or two of peers of a four-persons-group are dedicated to giving utmost diligence, others get impacted positively. It’s recommended that a study group should not be more than 4 as more than 4 make chaos.

16. Use Your Brain, Do Some Exercises

You have to make a robust brain to stimulate yourself to study rigorously. Have some brain foods to bolster your brain. You can develop your brain as you can focus on any worldly critical thing. It’s a gradual process, you cannot earn it now.

There are many websites such as NeuroNation, Lumosity, and BrainHQ to think critically through brain exercise. Sleep is crucial for the students. Some need 8-hours of sleep, again some need 9 to 10 hours to sleep. Don’t avoid your sleep-time.

17. Remove the Brain Fog

One of the main reasons for brain fog is stress. You need to know your limitations to mitigate the pressure of learning. 

Moreover, a regular adequate level of sleeping, avoiding excessive levels of caffeine, alcohol, and positive thinking can be helpful for removing the brain fog. 

18. Avoid Expecting the Motivation All Time

Avoid Expecting the Motivation All Time

Sometimes, inspiration can be unavailable. That time you must keep in your mind something special. In fact, you will not get inner inspiration all the time. 

So keep in your mind that as you are a student, you have to give your time for reading and writing. Whatever happens in your mind, you need to learn for getting higher marks in the exams. And when you begin to read, you are sure to get inspiration internally.

19. Organize Your Time Perfectly

What do you do when you are committed to doing something? You try your best to fulfill your commitment, right? When you organize your hours, you do the same. So, methodize your hours of reading like promising yourself to perfect the commitment.

Genuinely saying, organizing hours for academic learning is essential for you to keep you inspired. Downloading a schedule template for the allotted time, using times like 7.00 to 8.00 PM, and sticking with a plan in a body can give you the inner incentives to read. 

20. Learn Actively, Not Passively

Active learning is a process, you can learn directly. But when the instructor gives you all the ingredients and instructions to integrate your learning, you are learning passively. 

So how can you actively learn anything? Go through the following examples:

  1. You will find the application in your life of the topic you are going through. 
  2. Some group projects can help you to learn actively.
  3. You can apply the concepts to issues you come across.

21. Take Some Time for Relaxation

Take Some Time for Relaxation

When the examination is knocking at your door, you forget about the time for relaxation. You recharge your brain by giving time for relaxation. Do some pastime activities to make more room for new information you want to gather. 

In that time, you can do the following activities:

  • You can practice meditation.
  • Yoga can be your medium of being relaxed.
  • Practice some breathing exercises like slow breathing techniques.
  • Learn mindfulness activities.
  • Take a power nap.

22. Schedule Time for Fitness 

To be inspired, you need to schedule time for exercise too. It’s crucial for your body and mind. You can take 30 minutes to one hour for exercise. 

According to research, the time of exercise will give you the rhythm to get motivated and learn more. If you want to learn the tips of exercise, read the following article:

23. Feel the Completion of the Task

At the end of the tunnel, you will find the light. So when you feel unmotivated, talk to yourself about the matter. Be a parent of yourself and heal by saying the journey is not unending. Sometimes lessons are too tough to handle. 

In that time, you need to master your mind for the completion. Say to yourself that you accomplished the majority of the parts of a subject. And it won’t go in vain. You’ll definitely complete the task.

24. Focus on the Action, Not on the Result

Focus on the Action, Not on the Result

You need to persist in how much study you need. Sometimes, the outcome may be the opposite of what you expect. But you cannot defocus from the actions you usually take. When you complete a task, congratulate yourself.

Here is the scope of being stimulated. Continuation is the key to get a demonstrational result. Keep yourself saying that you are enjoying your journey of reading.  

25. Get Rid of Any Type of Distractions

Distractions can impede your study hour and procrastinate your priority. So have a look to know how to get rid of distractions:

  • Find a suitable place.
  • Keep the place clean and tidy to get a distraction-free environment.
  • Get a distraction-free organized digital life for keeping yourself away from distraction.
  • You can avoid noise by listening to music.

26. Start a Timer and Start Studying for at least 5 Minute

Start a Timer and Start Studying for at least 5 Minute

You are determined to avoid any sort of distractions. Instead, you may not start reading or writing. You are trying by hook or by crook, but it’s not happening. In that time, you need to immediately start a timer.

Sounds weird? But trust me, starting a timer, and stick to read at least for five minutes can be helpful for you. Actually, the beginning of reading is tough. When you head-start it, the continuation is not that hard.

27. Apply the Pomodoro Technique

Motivation works most of the time. But starting to action rather than just being inspired is important. As you have started to read for 5-minutes, you can read for more 20 minutes too. Here, Pomodoro Technique can help you. 

So what is Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the time management activities. It galvanizes people of any profession to perform work for the duration they have. They don’t have to work against the time.

As a student, you can follow the following strategies:

  1. Make a funny to-do list
  2. Get a timer and set 25 minutes to focus on a single unit of the task. 
  3. You have to work till the timer rings.
  4. You require to write how many tasks you have accomplished after finishing the session.
  5. Here is the turn of the break, get yourself a 5-minute break.

However, if you are a teenager and want to master your time management, you can read the following article:


Question 1: How can I motivate myself to study?

Answer: There are many ways to inspire yourself to study. You may tend to fake yourself sometimes. But acknowledging your resistance is vital. Then, you supposedly blame for some tiny reasons. 

Broadly, you may delay any work averring “I’d do now… not now, later!” But you have to avoid blaming for procrastinating now and then. Many students have many styles of learning and you need to choose your best schedule. 

Visualize yourself starting. To focus you need to target the task at hand. Thus, you can induce yourself to study.

Question 2: How to stay motivated to study during a lockdown?

Answer: The following strategies can assist to stay motivated in the lockdown period:

  1. Make a paper to-do list on weekly basis. 
  2. Make a routine and follow it.
  3. Give some reward to you when you accomplish any task!

It’s tough to read during the lockdown. But following the rules mentioned above can help you to get induced.

Question 3: How to stay motivated to study at home?

Answer: When everything is happening at home, why not study at home? Just follow the following tips and stay motivated to schoolwork at home.

Time management is important while studying at home! So you need to create a schedule to prioritize and keep on track. Additionally, brakes are crucial for any type of homework. So, take regular breaks to stick to what you want to read.

Make a zone for reading at home, and stay connected with your teacher and peers. Here, one thing is mentionable that multitasking at the places of work is sometimes okay. You need to avoid multitasking while reading.

You need to be active in the daytime, as that time is vital for concentration keeping your attitude positive. Moreover, have a healthy diet for staying induced while studying at home.

Question 4: Why do I not feel motivated to study?

Answer: You may get fed up with reading when you don’t love the subject. It’s mandatory to love what you read. Otherwise, you feel unmotivated while reading thoroughly.

If you don’t like what you are going through, you will not have a purpose for reading and the goal of reading can be demeaned.

So try to understand what you are studying. Give time there to crack the unknown facts. Thus, you will get the essence of reading.

Question 5: How to make yourself study everyday?

How to make yourself study everyday?

Answer: When you do anything and doing anything for every day… These are totally separated.

If you want to stimulate yourself to read every day, you need to follow the following tips:

  1. Find out your feelings that are difficult. 
  2. Use self-parenting to deal with difficult feelings.
  3. Realize the style of your reading and try to better it gradually.
  4. Stop questioning your ability; rather, believe in yourself.
  5. Start, whatever your noises distract.

Question 6: How to increase motivation to study?

Answer: The ways to increase your inspiration for learning are:

  • Create a goal and write it on an offset paper.
  • Make a schedule and stick to it.
  • Impede the distractions so that they cannot distract your time for reading.
  • You need to deal with your stress levels.

Question 7: What is the best motivation to study?

Answer: Make a solid purpose of reading. The best inspiration can be one of the following lists:

  • You want to get higher grades.
  • Make a routine; The routine will be your inspiration.
  • Set a reading hour, and achieve it.
  • Give yourself a reward like if you reach the destination, you will get a trip to your favorite place.

Question 8: How can I love studying?

How can I love studying?

Answer: You can enjoy learning. Though you may think that  You can listen to positive music.

Then you can make the study a game. Make a zone for reading with positive speech and decorate it with nice stationery.

Sometimes to love a matter you must challenge yourself. Consider that it’s tough to go through and crack. But challenge yourself to perform it perfectly.

Question 9: How do I study when tired?

Answer: It’s true that when you study for a long time, you may get tired. That time start reading some easier subject and take a piece of chewing gum and chew it.

When you feel dehydrated you may get tiresome. So go drink a glass of water. A brief exercise can help you to overcome your tiredness.

Wrapping up

Motivation is what gives you the strength to accomplish something. Find what is your inspiration for reading. The result may take time, but you’ll get success in the near future.

Hopefully, the ideas, I have discussed on how to stay motivated to study in this blog can help you to get inspired to learn for academic purposes.

Let me know in the comment section which ones have inspired you the most to read rigorously. Share with your community if you love the blog.

Que tenga un buen día. 

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