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Personal To-Do List: The Unique Ways to Manage Manually

There is a common flaws in us more or less. We tend to miss our deadlines. Do you always miss your deadlines similarly? Maybe you feel troubled to remember your regular must-have works. Actually, creating a personal to-do list is not a tough job, the real task is here to follow it perfectly. 

You may think that it’s as simple as making it properly. No, you’re living in a fools garden. Just try to maintain it. You’ll understand how tough it is. Anyway, if you daily create your task list, it can reduce your stress and improve your work success ratio.

We think the most effective way is to organize the daily tasks that you need to complete manually. Managing the entire to-do list is the main challenge. Let’s see how you can manage your to-do list efficiently.

The Useful Techniques of Managing To-Do List

personal to-do list

We are living in a world full of resources nowadays as web world is offering us many options. But selecting the best is the main task, right? Many techniques are available on the web to build a to-do list; most of them don’t work well. However, we are sure that the below methods will help you in real life. Most amazingly, this will also assist you in completing your regular work.

9 efficient techniques of managing to-do lists are:

  • Write the Working Date on the Top of Your List
  • Practice Using the Sticky Pad
  • Make a Task List for a Day
  • Use Colored Pens
  • Write Down the Time of Your Meetings and Appointments
  • Track Your Working Hour 
  • Prepare Your To-Do List the Night Before Your Working Day
  • Make a Tick Box
  • Reward Yourself If the Listed Work is Done

Now let’s dive deep into the points.

Write the Working Date on the Top of Your List

Writing is the omni-channel that lives in everywhere. However, when you’re maintaining a to-do list, you have to write. The writing techniques can be different from each other. So before starting any work, it is essential to write down the date (example- 11 Apr 2020), and day (Saturday) in your note pad.

This habit will help you to remember when the work was performed. When you summarize your previous work, you will not have to do brainstorming.  

Practice Using the Sticky Pad

The sticky pad is colorful and easy to bear so that when you need to note down something significant, you can write it quickly. Besides that, you can stick it wherever you want, like on your desk, wall, fridge or your notebook. Therefore, the bright colored sticky pads are more helpful in remembering daily tasks.

Make a Task List for a Day

Do not write a to-do list for more than one day. Note down the vivid amount of tasks and a minimum amount of responsibilities (five or six). Include every task that you must have to do today. It can be your doctor’s appointment, an important meeting, buying a gift for your beloved, etc.

Use Colored Pens

Who doesn’t like to use a color pen? Well, you can apply the color pen to decorate your to-do list. It not only helps you with just coloring but also can remark your tasks instantly. 

Write Down the Time of Your Meetings and Appointments

In our office or working life, we have to attend multiple meetings. Sometimes we need to visit a doctor, lawyer, or meet with an important person. But remembering everything is not possible each time, we may forget any crucial meeting. 

So that if you note down the essential schedule for each day, you will never miss an appointment. Another important thing, try to use a colorful highlighter to mark your programs. 

Track Your Working Hour 

Sometimes we don’t remember the time while working. And, we feel it when we miss one task for another one. It happens for poor time maintenance. So what are the proper solutions? Well, one of the best ways is to track your working hours. Then you can realize how much time you have spent on completing a task. For tracking work hours, you can save your precious time.

Prepare Your To-Do List the Night Before Your Working Day

According to different kinds of research, it’s proven that organizing your worklist at night before the working day can improve your success ratio. 

To add the tasks in your personal to-do list, you need to memorize the whole day you will pass tomorrow. Check your emails, messages, or Slack to know what is essential work for the next day. It will not only save your time but also helps you to reduce the pressure in your brain. 

Make a Tick Box

Tick box

Create tick boxes on the left of each task. Ticking on the boxes will help you to remember which works are done. Try to do this with color pens.

Reward Yourself If the Listed Work is Done

So have you completed all of your works today? If yes, then please reward yourself with your favourite food or something you like most. It will allow you to achieve your daily responsibilities even more. 

Benefits of Making Personal To-Do List 

If you can build a good habit to create a to-do list, you will get lots of advantage. These will not only help you to be systematic but also support you mentally. 

  • Help you to set the top priorities
  • Track your working hours
  • Make you feel more productive
  • Save your valuable time
  • Relieve all stress

Summing Up on Personal To-Do List

What do you think? It’s very tough to manage? In fact, you may find it uneasy because you could have little quantity of dedication. Dedication is the key in everywhere. Managing a to-do list is not a hard job though we refuse to spend some minutes.

This is one of the best habits which can make you fruitful and organized. Just spend your 20-25 minutes every day creating a list of your daily work and see the result after one month. 

So, those are the techniques to manage a personal to-do list. Do you have any unique method of managing daily life? If yes, then share it with us in the comment section below. We are eager to listen to it from you.  

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