How to Get Back into Reading

How to Get Back into Reading? 10 Incredible Methods to Apply

How do you spend your leisure time? Reading books is the most popular and fruitful habit. There are many people who used to read books daily when they were a student or hadn’t that much work pressure. If you are one of them and searching for how to get back into reading then this article can help you. 

However, if you haven’t continued reading books for a while, then it can be a challenge to get back. 

In a world where technology has taken over, it can be difficult to continue reading books at a stretch. 

For you we’ve compiled different proven methods of getting back into reading in this article. And we assure that if you follow these techniques, you’ll get back into reading within no time. 

So, without any further ado, let’s begin. 

10 Simple Methods to Get Back into Reading

8 Simple Methods: How to Get Back into Reading

Well, someone can stop reading books due to many reasons. But, the most common thing that people face as a problem these days is the lack of time.

Nowadays, jobs, studies, and technologies have occupied a major time in our lives. Hence, it’s not possible to provide time into learning as it was a couple of years ago. 

If you can adopt habits of reading books like successful people, you can then improve your productivity insanely.

However, we won’t leave you hanging on this matter. So, let’s take a look at the easy methods that you can follow to get back into reading. All of these methods have been provided by bookworms, so it’ll be easy to follow them.

Method 1: Make a Specific Routine

Make a Specific Routine

You might take this method as a fancy one for yourself. But let me tell you something. 

Usually, people stop reading because they don’t have time to. So, if you can manage a specific time for learning, you’ll grow a habit. And once you develop a practice, reading will feel great just as before. 

In fact, according to book lovers, reading is considered as a way to escape time. So, take a book before going to bed and start finishing that story. It doesn’t matter how much time you’re spending in learning, just start from today. 

Method 2: Ignore the Distractions

Ignore the Distractions

Well, this is a no-brainer. It’s essential that you get rid of all distractions before reading something. At the time of reading, if you have Netflix playing in the background, it’s normal for you to lose concentration. 

Furthermore, it’ll be tough as well to focus if you have notifications coming up on your phone. Hence, you must switch everything off and concentrate on that story or whatever you’re reading.

Method 3: Use Audio Books, E-Book or Your Phone to Read

Use Audio Books or Your Phone to Read

A significant part of this article has already been dedicated to phones and technology for not sparing enough time to read books. However, you can convert technology to help you read books as well. 

And how can you do that? Well, there are a lot of audiobooks & ebooks available out there. These apps will basically read out the books, and you’ll be able to listen to the contents in the book. 

Similarly, there are different PDF versions of books that you can download and read on your phone. But we don’t like to recommend this method to everyone. Because the harmful rays come from the screens on the phone. These waves can damage the eyesight as well. 

But, if you want, you can take this method by using anti-blue ray glasses. In fact, many have used this method and got help quickly.

Method 4: Set a Goal & Try to Achieve It

Set a Goal & Try to Achieve It.

Goals are essential in life. They can motivate and push people to achieve them. Similarly, you can set up aims for yourself in reading books. 

Here, you can set up an objective that you’ll finish this particular book within two weeks. Moreover, you can consider reading 5-6 books per month, which will grow a habit automatically. 

However, we don’t want you to take this as a competition. Even though many people finish almost 100 books in a year, it’s not the mindset that you should have. 

Reading should always be fun and enjoyable. If you consider that as a race, it won’t be useful in the long run. So, go slow and try to enjoy it. That is the main aim of learning books- relish and escape time.

Method 5: Don’t Consider reading as a Burden

Don’t Consider reading as a Burden

In the previous tip, you might’ve heard us mentioning that reading books should be a goal. However, when setting different objectives, humans tend to get overwhelmed about them. 

People start to consider that responsibility as a burden. But, let me clear it out. You shouldn’t contemplate learning as a liability. Reading habits is a beautiful way to increase productivity. If you recite to enjoy and pass the time, it’ll bring the best feelings. 

And, if you consider this as a burden, you can never get back into reading.

Method 6: Ask a Friend to Help 

Ask a Friend to Help

Friends can always help you out from difficult situations. If you have a pal who loves reading books, then ask for his/ her help. Tell them to suggest good books. These books can help you get back into reading. But how? 

Good books spike up the level of interest. So, if you go through a decent book, you’ll automatically feel the urge to read another one. And besides, friends know about the types of books you’re into. Hence, they’ll suggest the best kinds of books for you, and you’ll get back into reading within no time.

Method 7: Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

It’s better to start slow. However, don’t stop there as you’ll need to speed up eventually. When starting to read books, go for 20-25minutes. Here, you don’t actually need to set a timer and start reading books because that’ll be hilarious. Just keep a record of how many pages you’re reading.

And, the next time you start, try to read a bit more than the first time. By doing this, you’ll be forcing yourself to create a habit. Once this habit is created, you’ll be done finishing books after books.

Method 8: Enjoy Reading

Enjoy Reading

In the end, it’s about the joy and happiness of reading books. Book-reading was never a competition and will never be one. If you’re forcing yourself to read books after books without joy, it won’t be better in the long run. 

In fact, you’ll stop sooner or later. Thus, it’s better to understand the contents of the books before increasing the pace. It’s essential to fall in love with the idea of reading books. Hence, it’ll be possible for you to get back into reading. 

If you love to read, no phones or technology will be able to stop you. So, it’s better first to create this mindset before trying to change anything. 

Method 9: Look for Free Resources

If you’re a bookworm and an e-reader, free resources are your beloved one. Don’t underestimate the free resources. You may have some confusing self to buy books. But free resources are available there to support you here. Thus, you can help yourself with new unread books.

Method 10: Finishing is not Mandatory

Finishing is not Mandatory
Finishing is not Mandatory

You may tend to start and finish any book. But reading is crucial here, not the finishing line. Rather, you can read only a chapter or a passage to begin reading. Reading is key part. Not the digit of ending books.

Hence, you may feel great that you know the gist of many books by reading some portions. Thus, you can learn how to create the reading into your habit. Gradually, you tend to learn more and have the the desire to finish books.

FAQs on Get Back into Reading

You may have some questions regarding getting back into rigorous reading. Stick with us to learn more.

Question 1: How do I become bookworm again?

Answer: You may take advice from others. Moreover, you may think it’s a date with your beloved one that you don’t want with a gap. As book has the potential to become your beloved friend, look it as it. And start the dating after a robust mindset.

Question 2: Is reading habit dying in this digital world?

Answer: As we are going through a digital moment, book habit is dying. The listening part is being supported as people are nowadays becoming video friendly. But reading habit is dying. Yes, there is not available time. But, if you’re having a focused mindset, then it’s possible.

Question 3: Why can’t I focus on reading anymore?

Brain stop

Answer: Actually, your one side of brain is not supporting you to read. As we are materializing everything, moral things are going far away. But with the proper augmentation and benevolence to reading can be a help to get back into reading.

Question 4: How do you become a book addict?

Answer: Overusing of social media is the main inferior to your book addiction. So to become a book addict, you need to eradicate the problem of overusing social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Question 5: Are books dying?

Answer: Books are not dying. The book-alcoholic people usually read. That’s why the sell is not curving negatively. But the ratio is alarming among the young people. They tend more to other activities.

Parting Words

Well, that’s all we got for you. Hopefully, you got an idea about how to get back into reading from this article. 

In the end, we’d like to say that it depends on you to make a change. And if you want to have a change in yourself, you’ll be able to do it anyway. That said, the methods and tips shared in this article will help you in bringing that change. 

So, why don’t you start today? Good Luck! Keep Reading!

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