How to Convince Someone to Do Something

How to Convince Someone to Do Something: 11 Effective & Easy Approaches

You can not do everything alone to solve the issues that appear in your way of life. Sometimes, you need others’ help also. Here comes the necessity on how to convince someone to do something for you. 

But you may get confused finding out the right and easy ways to exploit your purpose. Therefore, teamvirtunus has enlisted some infallible techniques so that you can easily persuade someone to get the work done effectively.

Let’s’ learn the tricks to lead a prosperous life!

What Do You Mean By The Art of Persuasion?

According to Betterhelp, 

Persuasion is the act of convincing someone to change their beliefs or do something you suggest. Persuasion has often been described as a delicate form of art, but what exactly makes it so powerful? Understanding the art of persuasion can not only help you learn how to influence others; it can also make you more aware of the techniques others might use to try and change your beliefs and behaviors.

Practical Ways to Convince Someone Without Being Dishonest

1. Pick the Right Person to Convince

Pick the Right Person to Convince

There are lots of people around you, but you will find a few who can give you what you expect. Now, you may get confused thinking about whom will you persuade. 

The best person to convince should be someone with whom you have a previous personal connection. They may be in need of something that you can offer them.

When you will find such persons, reach out to them. Try to convince them by talking to their needs and then show them the ways to solutions so that they feel you as one of their well-wishers. 

2. Approach Them in The Most Suitable Time

Timing is also an important factor while convincing someone to do something you want. If you approach your targeted person in inappropriate time, everything may go unsettled. So, study their activities, find out their free time and talk to them cordially. 

For instance, most of the corporate people remain very busy towards the beginning of the week and get relieved on weekends. If the person to be convinced enjoys Sunday and Monday as his weekends, Saturday night would be your best time to persuade. 

It is one of the easiest ways if you want to convince a loved one or a friend. So, you should practice the most appropriate time management activities.

3. Select The Appropriate Environment

Select The Appropriate Environment

According to studies, people’s minds fluctuate due to the environment. We act differently in different situations. For example, if people are in a business-like environment, they appear to be business-minded.

That’s why you should select the best environment that matches your purpose. If they are not in your preferred environment, take them elsewhere to change their state of mind

You can take them to a coffee shop, restaurant, resort, private home, or any other places according to your need instead of any conference table. 

4. Start Your Conversation With a Story

One of the trickiest approaches to convince someone is to begin your conversation with a personal story. Researchers have proven that people are touched by their personal stories. So, when you want someone to do something for you tell a coherent narrative. 

It will help you a lot to grab his/her emotional attachment. Try to relate their  personal elements with their should always tell them the truth. For example, you can share what has happened on your way to reach him.

However, it is also right to fabricate. Therefore, you can make such a story that will draw the attention of the person whom you want to convince. 

5. Choose Powerful Words and Use Them Carefully 

How to Convince Someone to Do Something: Choose Powerful Words

The words you use play a pivotal role while convincing someone. Your single word can convert others’ opinions. So, fram your statements around the key phrases.

In particular, if you want to convince someone to buy a car insurance policy, you may use the word, “car accident” to make the process more effective. But the phrase may create a little impact on the person you are trying to persuade.

On the other hand, if you use “death”, it will add more intensity to the situation because we fear death. S/he will be motivated with your words and ultimately do whatever you are hoping them to do. 

Nowadays, most of the marketers and advertisers use these types of words to convince people to buy their products. Therefore, you should learn powerful words from various sources by the same token. 

6. Apply Ethos, Pathos, and Logos While Speaking.

Apply Ethos, Pathos, and Logos While Speaking

Rhetorical persuasion is another significant aspect while convincing others. According to Aristotle, it consists of three main pillars. They are:

  1. Ethos- A speaker’s credibility
  2. Pathos- Emotional appeals
  3. Logos- Appeals to logic

Generally, applying ethos means explaining your credentials to others. Pathos refers to the idea that you have to make them feel that they can be of great help to you. Similarly, logical arguments denote making the deal beneficial for the both parties. 

Studies have shown that logic can easily influence us. The Conflict Research Consortium of the University of Colorado declares,

“Persuasion is the process of convincing an opponent to change his or her beliefs and/or behavior through moral or logical argument (rather than force).

When someone is persuaded to do something, they do it because they have come to believe it is the right or best thing to do.”

Just think, you want to convince your co-workers to complete a pending task. But how can you engage him/her? Therefore, convince them by telling that he will be benefited by doing the task. 

7. Be Confident in Your Arguments

Be Confident in Your Arguments

To get your purpose done, remaining confident throughout the entire process is vital. When you deliver confidently, your argument will sound more convincing. If you are not confident in yourself then no one else will be convinced of your words. 

According to a study of the University of Leicester, 

“The single significant behavioral difference between persuaders and persuadees was in the expression of confidence.”

One thing you should remember while showing your confidence level is to never take it to the exaggerated stage. It may appear to be arrogant to others. Again, if you feel fear of failure while talking to others, try to overcome it.

8. Show Them The Future

Show Them The Future

People feel interested in listening and thinking of their future. Therefore, the best trick to convince someone is to talk to them in future tense.

Under such circumstances, the person whom you are trying to persuade will feel that you are willing to move forward with him/her and you will fulfill your promise. 

You can use the phrase like “We’ll do it.” It creates the impression that things will happen. But don’t force them to make any decisions.

Show them the possibilities and what the effects might be if they make the decisions. You can change their life by changing their mind.

9. Listen More Than You Speak

Listen More Than You Speak

The common philosophy about human nature is that they love talking rather than listening. When you let others speak, they feel valued. If they frankly talk to you, there are more possibilities to know more about themselves. 

Eventually, you will begin to understand what they believe and where they give much importance. It will make your persuasion easier. 

To make it more effective, follow the below techniques.

  • Pay attention while they talk.
  • Always refrain from spinning the conversation related to your personal interest.
  • Give quick responses and ask related questions also.

10. Create a Feeling of Missing Out

If you are a salesman and trying to sort out how to convince someone to do something to buy your product, then make an amazing offer.

It should say that if they do not buy right now, they will miss the opportunity to have your product which they need.

11. Understand Their Body Language and Respond Accordingly 

Understand Their Body Language and Respond Accordingly

One of the easiest approaches to build emotional attachment with others is to figure out their body languages. Try to mirror those expressions. It will express that you and the person you would like to convince are of the same minded. Try the following tips.

  • Smile when they smile.
  • Lean when they lean.
  • Move your hands if needed.


Question 1: How do you convince someone to do what you want?

Answer: You convince someone by doing the following things:
1. Have a great visual handy
2. Make people feel a positive vibe
3. Make people want to assist you

Question 2: How do you convince someone to say yes?

Answer: To convince someone to say yes you need to use the right words first. Moreover, how the person would get benefit, it should be considered and made realize. 

Question 3: How do you politely convince someone?

Answer: First of all, ask them to share their thoughts. Then try to give the genuine opinion and pose the counter argument politely. 

Question 4: How do you convince someone of an idea?

Answer: Be clear, ask questions, and listen. Then, establish the foundation for an agreement. Then, use inclusive words, pay attention to your timing as well as be open to changing your own mind to convince someone of an idea.

Wrapping Up: How to Convince Someone to Do Something

To sum up, we can say that the power of convincing is an art that can not be improved overnight. You may not succeed in applying the mentioned tactics for the first time.

But with time comes wisdom. So, apply the approaches again and again for better results. Most importantly, don’t try to manipulate others. You should not try to establish the morals by hook or crook that you believe.

On the other hand, your wholehearted desire should be to extend your helping hands to them so that they can see things from different perspectives. 

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