How to Change Username On WordPress

How to Change Username On WordPress: 3 Effective Ways

Are you trying to change your WordPress username? But worried after seeing WordPress’ default message “Usernames can’t be changed”? 

Do not panic, my friends. Though WordPress does not allow you to change your username following the same process as changing your password or display name, there are some alternative options out there. 

So, today we will show you how to change username on WordPress properly. Here, we will demonstrate 3 methods. They are: 

  1. By Adding/Deleting Accounts
  2. By utilizing phpMyAdmin
  3. By using a plugin

What is WordPress Username?

WordPress account username refers to the name you use to login into your WordPress dashboard. 

Please, do not mix up the username with the display name. To clarify, the display name is the name that you see under your posts and comments.  

Why Do You Want To Change Your WordPress Username?

There might be several reasons behind changing the username of your WordPress website. But I think security comes first. A good username plays a pivotal role in maintaining the security of a website.

Nowadays,  brute force and dictionary attacks have increased alarmingly. The report says that towards the end of 2021 brute force attacks soared by 274%. 

Therefore, it is clear, you must strengthen the security of your website from hackers. And the first step of this journey is to change your inappropriate username. 

Apart from security issues,  the following factors might be the reasons for a username change. 

  • To transfer the Admin role to another user
  • To correct any misspelled username
  • To promote your site’s branding or style
  • To avoid similar username 

However, you should choose a username seriously. Be unique and short so that you can remember it. Stay away from personal attachment. 

Now, it is time to learn the ways to change your WordPress username. 

Some words you should avoid while choosing your WordPress username

  • admin
  • user
  • admin1
  • root
  • adm
  • test
  • manager
  • sysadmin
  • support

How to Change Username On WordPress- 3 Simple Ways 

This article will show you the most effective 3 ways to change your WordPress username. 

Let’s start! 

Method 1: Change Your WordPress Username by Adding/Deleting Accounts

Truly speaking, in this process, we will not change any username technically. Sounds weird? But believe me my friends, in the end, you will find a completely changed username. 

Plus, this method is super easy. Because you do not need to use a plugin or code to do it. 

You may wonder how it is possible? Basically, we will do the following steps in this process. 

  1. First, we will create a new username and then will give an appropriate user role
  2. Second, we will delete the old username

Let’s learn the whole process in detail. 

Step 1: Add a New User

Log in to your WordPress dashboard. From the admin panel, navigate to Users and click on the “Add New” option. (Users → Add New) 

Add a New User

Fill out the form with the correct information. Use your desired username. One thing to mention, use a new email. Do not use the email used in the existing account. 

Now, click on the drop-down menu under the “Role” section. Select “Administrator”. If the new user does not mean to hold the administrator role, select the appropriate role from the available options. 

At last, hit the “Add New User” button to create a new account with your preferred username. 

adding a new username with administrator role

Step 2: Delete The Old User

To delete the old user, just sign out from WordPress. Again login to your WordPress dashboard using the newly created username. 

Now, from the left admin panel of your WordPress dashboard, click on the “Users” tab. You will see all the users with their roles there. 

Hover your cursor over the old user. Some options will appear under it. Click on “Delete

How to Change Username On WordPress:  Delete The Old User

Once you hit the Delete option, you will be redirected to a new page. Choose “Attribute all content to” and click on its drop-down option. Select the newly generated username. All the posts and pages from the old user will be transferred to this new user now. 

Lastly, click on the “Confirm Deletion” button. 

Confirming Deletion of the old user

Congratulations! My friends. It’s done. Your new username will work exactly as the deleted one. Now, verify it from the Users area. 

Note: Check the email that you have used for the new username.

Method 2: Change Your Username Using WordPress Database- phpMyAdmin

No doubt, it is the hardest method regarding how to change username on WordPress. Here, you have to access your website’s database and edit it directly. Therefore, it would be better if you have prior experience dealing with phpMyAdmin.

So, before proceeding to do it, you must back up the database of your website. 

If you make any mistake, you will be lost. But don’t panic, my friends. As long as you follow this guideline, nothing will go wrong. 

Let’s start the process! 

Step 1: Access Your Database- phpMyAdmin

Sign in to your cPanel dashboard providing correct information. Then go to the “Databases” section and hit the “phpMyAdmin” option. (Databases→  phpMyAdmin

Access Your Database- phpMyAdmin

Step 2: Navigate To wp_users Table

After entering into phpMyAdmin, concentrate on the left sidebar. Here, you will find all of your domains’ databases. Select the database of your preferred site. After that, look for the “wp_users” table. Once you locate the table, click on it. 

Navigate To wp_users Table

Step 3: Edit Your Existing Username

Now, track down the user whose username will be changed. Once you find it, click the “Edit” option. 

Edit Your Existing Username

Then, in the “user_login” field, input your desired username. Finally, click on the “Go” button. 

click on the “Go” button

Done! Log in to your WordPress dashboard using this newly made username. Your email address and password will remain the same. 

Method 3: How to Change Username On WordPress By a Plugin 

You will surely admit that the easiest way of changing your WordPress username is to use a plugin. Here, we will use the Username Changer plugin to change a username. 

To install this plugin, go to Plugins Add New. 

installing a new plugin

Search for “username changer”. Once the plugin appears, install and activate it. 

activating a new plugin

Now, navigate to Users → Profile from the admin panel. Go to the “Username” field under the “Name” section. Here, you will find that a new option labeled “Change Username” has been added already. 

change username dashboard

When you click on the “Change Username” option, you will be able to edit it. Input your desired username. Finally, hit the “Save Username” button. 

editing new username and saving update

After saving the new username, you will find a success message. Now, you have to log back in using the newly added username. 

success message after successfully changing the username

If you want to allow any user, depending on their role, to edit their username, navigate to Settings → Username Changer. Select the user role from the “Allowed Roles” section. At last, save the changes. 

allowing others to edit username

That’s all! Enjoy the freedom! 


1. Can I Change My WordPress Username?

Answer: You always have the freedom to change your WordPress Username. You can do it in 3 ways.
a) By adding/deleting an account
b) By modifying the database from phpMyAdmin
c) And by using a plugin 

2. Can I change my WordPress username using a plugin?

Answer: Of course, you can change your WordPress username by using a plugin. There are a good number of plugins available on the web. Among them Username Changer, Easy Username Updater, and WP Edit Username are good. 

3. What is the default username for WordPress?

Answer: The default username for WordPress is “admin” and the default password is “password”.

4. What happens if I change my WordPress username?

If you change your WordPress username, you won’t be able to log into your WordPress dashboard using the old username.

Final Verdict

Now you know all three methods of changing your WordPress username. We hope it will make your journey easy. Follow the method that seems easy to you. 

If you have any questions relating to how to change username on WordPress, please leave us a comment. 

However, if you are working with WordPress and want to minimize your time by duplicating a page or post, read the following article. 

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