Change My State of Mind

How to Change My State of Mind: 23 Infallible Techniques to Positivity

When you change your state of mind, your whole life changes, nothing remains the same. Nothing looks the same, because you have changed.

Frederick Lenz

Life is a battlefield where you fight every moment. Every single day appears to be more ferocious with its new challenges. Tons of problems hinder your progress. They drag you down to the earth.

Some of them are external aspects like complications in personal finance management and economic crisis. On the contrary, others involve your inner struggle. So, you may think about: How to change my state of mind.

Internal conflicts change the state of mind. They’ll lead you to anxiety, stress, and depression. As a result, your productivity will fall drastically. Besides, it’ll make you physically unfit and mentally unhappy.

However, have you ever thought of that changed state of your mind? What measures should you take to prevent yourself from that situation? You may be perplexed with questions like these. Don’t panic because we are here to show you the exact guideline.

Our expert team has discovered some productive ways to relieve your stress after days of research. In this article, we’ll present you with 23 unique ways to change the clouded state of your mind. So, let’s read the full section to have a healthy soul! 

What is State of Mind?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, state of mind is “a person’s mood and the effect that mood has on the person’s thinking and behavior.”

In other words, it is an ongoing emotional and intellectual happening of your inner self.

Your mood does not remain the same every morning you wake up. Some day you find yourself packed with energy, motivation, and willingness to do anything.

On the other hand, you may discover yourself in the darkness of procrastination and sluggishness on other days. All of these happen because of your state of mind.

However, the current condition of the inner self dominates your present thoughts, ideas, and actions. We’ll draw an example regarding this context.

Suppose you are a disciplined and organized person. You never misbehave with your colleagues and near and dear ones.

But one day, everything went wrong. You slapped your wife and rebuked the kids while going to the office. Most surprisingly, you also blew up with one of your colleagues. Therefore, an unpleasant situation like these may occur due to your stressed state of mind.

A poor-quality condition of mind breeds a poor-quality action. You will always be the victim of your inner angry beast because of the low-quality state of mind.

So, you should learn to control your mind if you wish to change and organize your life.

How Your State of Mind Determine Your Performance

State of mind determining performance
State of Mind Determines Your Performance

Both people and the environment around you affect your mood. The atmosphere of your bedroom, the amount of your sleep, your foods, family members, and many like them are responsible for your present mental state.

Some of your habits, such as eating unhealthy food, late-night sleeping, addiction to TV, and social media will change the freshness of your mind. Besides, association with unenthusiastic people may adversely affect you.

All these things that happen with you throughout the day determine your performance. They make you less productive posing challenges to your success.

To bring about a change in your lousy state of mind is very tough. But it’s not impossible. If you try wholeheartedly, you’ll be more productive at home, office, or business very soon. It’ll make you different from the crowd.

So, stop procrastinating on your work right now and try for the best. Here goes the famous quote.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Jimmy Dean

23 Unique Ways to Change Your State of Mind

You can change the state of your mind both by psychological and physical factors. The aspects will help you to develop your diseased mind.

Besides, the ways are easy to apply. You will notice a change after following them. So, enjoy a healthy mind with the following methods.

Psychological Factors to Improve Emotional State or Reaction

Psychology holds a higher ground in your daily routine. If you are psychologically broken down, you can not concentrate on your goals. So, we’ve enlisted some of the techniques to change your mind. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Make Fun with Your Near and Dear Ones

Making Fun to change my state of mind
Making Fun

You know that life means struggling. You toil hard to achieve your goals. Sometimes, you go ahead, leaving everything behind. Despite enjoying the happy moment, you deal with the equation of life. As a result, it leads you to a stressed condition of mind.

So, make fun so that you can release your stress. Do whatever you love. Travel, cook, eat, hang out with your near and dear ones, and whatnot.

It will bring about a change in you and also inspire you to perform better. Besides, it will help you to learn how to get work done more effectively.

2. Set a Challenge to Go Ahead

Set a Challenge to change the state of my mind
Setting a Challenge

Are you in a dilemma imagining: How challenges can change my state of mind? Yes, they can. Challenges keep you focused. Without any challenges, you’ll beat in the bush.

One of the successful techniques to overcome any challenge is to set small goals first. If your first target is too gigantic to achieve, you may lose self-confidence.

Therefore, start small and finish with the big one. After accomplishing your first objective, you’ll discover a new yourself. You will start believing that you can do more amazing things. Consequently, a wind of change will blow in your mind.

As a result, your productivity will increase dramatically. Furthermore, if you want to boost your efficiency and be productive in 100 days, read the following article.

3. Supervise The Frame of Your Mind

Supervision of your mood is an effective way to change the state of mind. Every day you don’t feel the same. If you notice something wrong, try to find out the reason behind it.   

You can take quick action after recognizing them. However, it’s wise to solve the issues before they become worse. Thus, you can change your life by changing your brain.

4. Live Your Own Life to Be Happy

Live Your Own Life
Live Your Own Life

You live in a society with millions of burdens and responsibilities. As a result, you can’t live your own life. You have to lead a life by satisfying others. It won’t bring any peace of mind. So, break the rules and establish your own.

Try to learn how to say no. Stop delighting others all the time. Listen to your heart. Spend some time alone, give yourself a space to enjoy, and be your best friend.

Thus, you can change the doomed state of your mind.

Today you are you! That is truer than true!

There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

Shout loud, ‘I am lucky to be what I am!

Dr. Seuss

5. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

No one in this world is the same. Everyone is unique in one or another way. If you compare yourself with others, you’re just finding your faults. Besides, you should keep in mind that none is flawless.

Comparison creates dissatisfaction in you. It kills the laden potentialities. Similarly, it also affects your mental health. Here, goes a saying.

“Comparison is the root cause of all evil.
Why compare when no two people are alike?”

Haresh Sippy

Happiness will peep when you stop comparing. Keep faith in your ability and never underestimate yours own-self. So, try to know yourself and strive for self-improvement.

6. Search for Meaning to Reduce Stress

Human beings are emotional by nature. They can survive any circumstances if they find meaning there. It means you can bear anything if you have the reason. Besides, by finding the meaning of life, you can change the state of mind.

7. Control Your Focus to Be Efficient

Control Your Focus to Change My State of Mind
Control Your Focus

If you want to change your life by changing your mind, you must control your focus. Focusing on one thing at a time helps to change the state of mind. When your anxiety, depression, and stress level climb up, avoid multitasking in this situation.

Besides, scattered attention will not allow you to complete the tasks on time.

For example, if you are cooking, just think about it. You need not worry about your kids’ study. It’ll create a distraction.

If you can master your concentration, you can release your stress. Therefore, the output will amaze you creating self-confidence.

8. Avoid Pernicious People Around You

All the people around you are not your well-wishers. Some of them envy your success, talk behind your back, try to harm you, and so on. They won’t help you when you need it.

Again, they will force you to feel unhappy. It will change your mood, which may hamper your progress.

Thereafter, you should not come in touch with these types of people. You will feel safe as long as you’re away from them.

So, to bring about a change in your mental condition, you should select people wisely. You can learn how to spend quality time with your parents because they will always inspire you towards positivity in life.

9. Never Neglect Your Emotional Pain

Never Neglect Your Emotional Pain to change the state of mind
Never Neglect Your Emotional Pain

You will certainly see a doctor if you have any physical injury. But there is a trend among us not to seek treatment for our mental health.

However, you should sort out the importance of priorities in life. Your emotional pain should be treated in the same way you treat your physical pain.

Mental distress results in illness. So, take care of your physical and mental health.

10. Stop Thinking Negative

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.


Negativity is the main culprit to demolish your happy mind. You cannot settle your mind when negative thoughts cloud your brain. As a result, you suffer from mental restlessness.
So, another perfect way to change your mind is to put a full stop to your negative thoughts. Therefore, avoid pessimistic words. Always think of the brighter aspects of life, and hope for the best.

It will help you to shift your mind from its clouded state to the sunnier side.

11. Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.

Norman Vincent Peale

Self-respect and self-confidence can change your outlook towards life. When you believe you can do your assigned tasks, your brain also adopts your assumption and commands the organs accordingly.

It signifies the fact that if you wish to change your mind, you have to believe in yourself at first. When you know your potentialities, it will create a sense of happiness and prosperity.

One more thing, do not forget to celebrate your own achievement. Present yourself with some gifts to increase productivity. It will also aid you in changing your mentality.

12. Recollect Sweet Memories to Refresh Your Mind

Thinking of happy days in life is one of the best practices to change the state of mind. When you are in a pensive mood, pick up the favorite one from your memory jar. Besides, it will take you away from the din and bustle of daily life.

The sweet memories will erase your pangs and soothe your mood. They have the ability to encourage you to go farther.

13. Grow the Habit of Smiling 

Grow the Habit of Smiling

Smile, smile, smile at your mind as often as possible. Your smiling will considerably reduce your mind’s tearing tension.

Sri Chinmoy

Nothing can be more effective than smiling to change your state of mind. You will be astonished hearing that even the celebrities you know always try to master the art of smiling for a better mental state.

Research conducted by the University of South Australia and published in the Experimental Psychology confirms that a smile makes you more positive.  

In this context, Dr. Marmolejo-Ramos, Lead researcher and human and artificial cognition expert, says:

 When your muscles say you’re happy, you’re more likely to see the world around you in a positive way.

Dr. Marmolejo-Ramos

Again, numerous scientific studies have proven that the act of smiling stimulates the secretion of dopamine and neurotransmitters serotonin into your brain. These chemicals are known as happiness potion that elevates your mood.

Now, you know a smile costs nothing but makes your life blissful. Therefore, change your world with a pure smile.

Physical Aspects to Change Your State of Mind

You can bring about a positive change in your mind through physical activity. Physical movement eradicates your dullness and infuses energy. It makes you happy and healthy.

14. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing to Change My State of Mind
Deep Breathing

According to a report of Harvard Health Publishing, deep breathing is a relaxation technique to eradicate stress. By controlling your breathing habit, you can improve your immune system.

Deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen intake. The more oxygen your body will receive, the more energetic it will be. Consequently, there will be no chance of being dull and depressed. So, take a deep breath to change your state of mind.

15. Take a Cold Shower to Calm Yourself

If you are stressed, you can go for a cold shower. You may ask: How a cold shower will change my state of mind. This method helps to increase your blood circulation, alertness, willpower, etc. It also strengthens your immune system and stimulates weight loss.

16. Make a Hobby to Be Active

Have you budgeted time in your daily routine to meet your hobby? If not, it’s time to make a new one. Your hobby may include various activities that you love to do.

Gardening, reading books on self-awareness, fishing, riding, etc. are some examples of traditional hobbies that you can follow. Try to be active during the whole day.

17. Taking Exercise Will Release Your Stress

Taking Exercise to Change My State of Mind
Taking Exercise

Exercise is another method to boost your mood. It increases your blood circulation and heart-beat rate. As a result, your body feels moved.

Besides, physical exercise can prevent diseases and keep you fit. It also makes you attractive, which may change your mind. However, read the following article to get some effective weekend fitness tips.

18. Travel to Nature to Feed Your Mind

Nature has the magical power to expel all of your depression and anxiety. When you come in close contact with nature, its serenity calms your mind. You feel fresh and enthusiastic. It generates the power to crush the day. Therefore, love nature, stay healthy.

19. Keep Hydrated with Water and Juices

Your body lacks energy due to the insufficiency of water. As a result, you may feel sluggish all day. Inactivity and depression will grasp you, and so you should drink a lot of water to get rid of them.

Your nerve system starts working fast after drinking water or juices. And you can focus on your daily activities with joy and organize your goals properly.

20. Watch Motivational Movies and Videos

Another effective way to change the state of your mind is to watch inspiring movies and videos. These types of videos can pull you back from the pit of darkness. They present you with the perilous journey of success.

Similarly, they try to inspire you to stick with your goals and ambitions. Consequently, positivity will come, and you will grow as a leader.

21. Give More Without Any Expectation

When you give but don’t expect anything in return, you can retain peace of your mind. When you think of others, there will be a change in your inner-self. According to research, problems arise due to the tendency of expectation.

However, participate in charitable works, give a hungry man some food, help a blind person to cross the road, etc. In other words, provide the resources for managing life.

22. Try Meditation or Yoga to Change Your State of Mind

Try Meditation or Yoga Change My State of Mind
Try Meditation or Yoga

In spite of taking medicine, you can meditate or practice yoga to reduce your stress level. Meditation and yoga heal your inner wounds.

Besides, they help you to control your focus and fight against insomnia. Therefore, you can try bedtime yoga for better sleep at night.

23. Bring a Change in Daily Routine

You may feel bored doing the same thing every day. It puts pressure on your mental health. Therefore, re-routine your daily schedule. It will bring variation, and so you will get motivation and energy to go ahead.

Additionally, to stay focused throughout the day, you can try self-journaling or maintain an analog to-do list. Thus, you can change the state of your mind.

FAQs on How to Change Your State of Mind

Question 1: How do we control our state of mind?

Answer: There are various impressive ways to control our mental state. You can master your mind through your physical movement. Try to control your focus also.

Question 2: How can I change my state of mind quickly?

change my mind

Answer: To change your state of mind quickly, you can take deep breaths, cold shower, drink, watch motivational videos, or even meditate. Besides, you can practice the following tips.
Add fun to your work.
Enjoy your freedom.
Listen to Music.
Play with your pet
Plan a tour.
Practice yoga.
Read and relax.

Question 3: How do I completely reset myself?

Answer: If you want to completely reset yourself, take physical and mental exercise. Growing a habit of reading will also help you.
Besides, you can meet inspiring people and talk to them for motivation. Go to nature and also extend your helping hand.

Question 4: Why does my state of mind change?

Answer: Your mental state changes due to the situation you are in. Here is a list of the things that may change your state of mind.
Lack of Sleep
Family Responsibilities
Extreme Workload
Financial Crisis
Break-in Relationship

Question 5: How do I control emotions at work?

Answer: It is not a positive sign to get emotional at work. It will destroy your progress. So, you should kill your anger through deep breathing and quick exercise.
You should be assertive and respectful to your colleagues. You should not take any vital decision being emotional. Lastly, focus to improve the situation.

Question 6: How can I improve my state of mind?

Answer: You can apply the following tricks to improve your state of mind. They are easy to implement and seem to be efficient for everyone. 
Sleep well. 
Spend more time with your family.
Maintain a secured and healthy digital lifestyle.
Go for an adventure.
Keep a self-journal for expressing your heart.
Cultivate your hobby.

Question 7: What are the 5 states of mind?

Answer: According to Yoga Journal, there are 5 States of Mind. They are:
Ksipta– State of high agitation and inability to think and listen.
Mudha– No information reaches the brain.
Viksipta– Mind captures the information but cannot process it.
Ekagra– Mind seems to be relaxed.
Nirodha– Mind is no longer distracted and can sustain its focus.

Question 8: How can I get a clear state of mind?

Answer: Here are some tips to ensure a better state of mind.
List your daily tasks.
Follow a funny to-do list system.
Stay organized.
Avoid negative words.
Learn to say “No”.
Turn off all notification.
Look for help.

Summing Up How to Change Your State of Mind

The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.

Wayne W. Dyer

A sound state of mind plays a crucial role in your life. Every step of your personal and professional life depends on it. Besides, it determines both your happiness and sorrow.

You can’t win your life-battle unprepared. You need the right weapons in your arsenal. So, in this article, we’ve shown you the most reliable ways to fight against your anxiety, depression, stress, and illusion.

If you follow and practice them, you will have your answer on how to change my state of mind. Moreover, feel free to suggest anything you like. We value your opinion.

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