How Elon Musk Become Successful

How Elon Musk Become Successful (9 Secret of an Expert Entrepreneur)

From rockets to electric cars, Elon Musk has developed many technologies that have created endless possibilities for the future of transports and AI. 

However, he didn’t stop there. Elon, still developing many plans for future devices. His non-stop contributions have made billions of people believe in the unimaginable. 

Some analysts predict that Elon may become the world’s fastest trillionaire. And the only person who will be capable of doing it. 

So, how Elon Musk become successful? Well, every successful person has a backstory that is full of struggles. The same goes for the wealthiest person on the planet, Elon Musk too. 

Before being the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, OpenAI, Neurolink, PayPal, and The Boring Company, Elon was a different person. 

The Childhood of Elon Musk 

childhood of  Elon Musk: How Elon Musk Become Successful
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Elon Musk was born in South Africa on June 28, 1971. Little is known about his childhood educational institute. 

But, some information suggests that Elon studied at a private institute named Waterkloof House Preparatory School and later finished his graduation from Pretoria Boys High school. 

Elon’s childhood was a happy one. He had to face many difficulties from his parents and school kids. Elon’s father was a multi-talented who was a pilot, electromechanical engineer, consultant, and property businessman. 

He was not so attached to his family and gave priority to his work. Later, in 1980, his parents divorced, and Elon mostly stayed with his father in South Africa. In an interview, Elon tells how insane and awful a human being his father was. 

But, his despair didn’t end with his father. Elon often had to deal with school kids who intentionally bullied him. Once, some boys threw him down the stairs. He was hospitalized for several days to recover from that injury. 

The abusive behavior from his father and school bullying was so intolerable that he had to leave South Africa and move to Canada. 

From childhood, Elon was a quiet and introverted kid. He usually didn’t prefer to do the usual kid’s stuff. Instead, Elon was interested in learning programming languages and computer video games. 

He was so intrigued with them PCs that he urged his father to buy him a personal computer. At age 9, he learned the programming language in just 3 days. 

At age 12, he made a PC video game named Blaster with the Basic programming language. He sold this game to PC and Office Technology Magazine for $500. 

In a one-word description, kid Elon was a computer nerd who loves sci-fi films and technologies. 

9 Secrets Behind Elon Musk’s Success

Who has ever believed that a kid from South Africa will become the richest person in the world? So, how Elon Musk become successful so fast? We will try to unveil some of them in the points below. 

1. Money is not the Big Picture 

Money is not the Big Picture How Elon Musk Become Successful

For Elon, wealth is not a crucial factor in business. In an interview from BBC news, Elon says that he is not aware of his own wealth. 

He also prioritizes the number of votes on his side instead of having a pile of cash somewhere else. Elon’s approach to a particular subject is becoming successful and learning from past failures. The money will come eventually. 

Many other new young entrepreneurs like Langston Whitlock, Jeremy Miller, John Feinsibler, and Kenan Pala have the same approach, which is working pretty well for them. 

Having an open approach and becoming successful in that work is the central purpose of a project. Money is crucial, but it can never be sweeter than a successful outcome. 

If you always think about the result more than money, then the assets you have built will have more worth than your expectations. 

Elon’s endless efforts made Tesla one of the biggest car transport companies in the world. Today Tesla is estimated to be a $700bn company, which is enough to buy every significant car company in the world, and still not enough to finish the money. 

So, always chase for the outcome and never chase for the money because the money will come eventually. 

2. Dream Big

Dream Big

One of the most intriguing things about Elon is, he always has a bigger dream for the next day. From childhood, he dreamt of human civilization on other planets. Some information suggests that Elon’s chief purpose is to colonize Mars.  

But, to reach that point, he had to make 100 more adjustments. He wants to update the car industry, build trains for vacuum tunnels, combine AI with the human brain, and revolutionize solar power. And, Elon has succeeded 60% on his mission. 

Most of these ideas came from kid’s futuristic magazines of the 80s. In an interview with a BBC news reporter, Elon tells how he got the idea of building tunnels from a magazine. 

Elon also thinks that having only big dreams is not essential until you have the courage to predict success. If a big company starts a mega project and fails, then it doesn’t impact that much. However, the same does not apply to small companies. 

That is why small companies try to hold their so-called “the things that matter” instead of developing a completely new product from scratch. You do have to build a strong foundation for future assessments. 

3. Be a Risk Taker 

Be a Risk Taker

Business is all about having a great product than the previous one. If the current asset can’t satisfy the needs, then ditch it and develop a new one. Elon has taken many risks in business throughout his life, and he was successful in almost every one of them. 

The first venture Elon developed was Zip2, a global link information network, which could convert print content to digital content.  

But, sometime later, Elon sold this tech to Compaq Computer Corp for $307mil. This tech later became a part of the search engine AltaVista.     

After this, he invented Confinity, a virtual banking system. But, he sold this one to the online e-commerce company Ebay. 

Confinity is now known as PayPal, which has a present market value of $300bil. Elon would have been a billionaire if he worked for this venture. He was a millionaire before his 30s. 

However, after this, Elon had to face the dark period of his business life. The invested money in SpaceX and Tesla didn’t bring any fruitful resolution. SpaceX failed its first 3 launches, and Tesla has had many problems from the start. 

There was a time when he had to ask for money from his friends to cover his living expenses and house rent. Unbelievable right. 

But, look at him today. Maybe it’s about the higher the risk, the more valuable the achievement. 

4. Hard Work is the Key

Hard Work is the Key

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is a workaholic. He is the perfect example of hard work and success. He worked so hard to stand with SpaceX alone is unthinkable. Summing up his daily routine will be like this, 

  • Wake up at 6 to 7 am in the morning. 
  • Eat breakfast. 
  • Go to work and continue your work for 12 to 13 hours. 
  • Return home and sleep for 6 hours. 

But, this is his regular routine of the present time. In the developing period of SpaceX, he used to work for 22 hours a day and only slept for 2 to 3 hours. 

Elon musk believed that the more effort you put into the task, the more chance you get to achieve success. He worked for at least 50 to 80 hours a week every day non-stop. 

  • If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that… you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to accomplish.” – Elon Musk. 

If you want to know more about the daily routine of Elon Musk, read and enroll the following tips.

5. Be Consistent

Be Consistent

One of the best things about Elon is, he never stopped innovating. He is constantly developing something or working with a team. Consistency in his work was one of the most important driving forces for his success. 

If you look into a day in the life of Elon Musk, you will see that he is always doing something. 

After developing Zip2, Elon faced many difficulties making things work and hiring employees for this company. Later, when Elon saw no way out, he sold the asset to Compaq for a large sum.

With the amount of money he earned, Elon could have lived a happy life. But, instead, he chose to develop another company that would solve the money transfer problem of millions of people in the future. 

However, he got fired from his own company and later sold it to Ebay for a considerable amount. 

Elon lost one asset and the next day built another one. His consistent efforts paid off pretty well. 

If you want to know more about the time boxing method of Elon, read the following article.

6. Ignore Criticism

ignore criticism

Throughout his life, Elon had to face criticism from many people. Tesla had its roughest time in the 2008 marketplace. 

The global economic crisis made thousands of companies go bankrupt. “At the end of 2008, we were a few days away from bankruptcy,” said Musk. 

His SpaceX company was also not doing that great. But, after these crisis times, many people started to criticize his failures. One of the incidents in 2014 impacted him the most. 

Some websites started a death countdown for Tesla. Maybe it was because of his arrogant ambitions. 

However, it was not enough to stop him. Musk’s most crucial lesson for business is never to care about negative criticism from others, instead make them a turning point for your own success. 

7. Feedback is Necessary

Feedback is Necessary

No matter how much you learn, there always has to be room for further improvement. As explained how crucial feedback is for the better upgrade of the future product. 

You have to continually think of your present doings and how to make it better. Questioning yourself also increases the success of future updates. This feedback loop can help you discover many things that you may have never found on your own. 

Many companies use this method to calculate how effective their product is performing in front of the audience. If there is a problem, the developer team can fix it immediately. 

8. Always having New Ideas 

Always having New Ideas

One of the most crucial things to consider in business is always having new plans. Many entrepreneurs ignore this approach and only focus on one idea. And, when their ideas fail, they give up. 

Accepting new challenges every day and always thinking about new things is the only way to make genuine changes. In business, having new ideas can hold your position as a leading end. 

From Elon Musk’s life, we saw how he is constantly thinking about new designs and technology. He may be the only guy on this planet that can make Mars colonization possible. 

Always thinking about new stuff and welcoming new ideas is the best quality of a true entrepreneur. 

9. Enjoy what You do 

Enjoy what You do

In the end, enjoying your work is necessary to uplift your spirit till the end. Saying everything is simple, but turning it into reality is something arduous. It’s nearly impossible to stand out without enjoying your work. So, try to learn the way how to lead a life of your own.

Even in the present day, Tesla is not a simple company to manage. Elon spends most of his time running this company. Designing, planning, and keeping his employees happy is everything he does perfectly. The best part is he is satisfied with his life. Enjoying what you do should be an entrepreneur’s life motto. 

Elon has been accused of many social media controversies and defamations. Even he had problems with the US financial regulator for tweeting that he wanted to make Tesla a private company in 2018. 

Moreover, Elon needed to shut down the Tesla San-Francisco bay factory due to the Covid-19 factory. 

He has done many controversial things, such as announcing his newborn son’s name X Æ A-12 Musk, tweeting about selling his physical possessions, and tweeting support for Kanye West in the US presidential election. One of the hilarious ones was his tweets against the anti-covid restrictions. 

For many law-breaking tweets, the USA court restricted his tweeter accessibility significantly. But, nothing actually made him lose interest in his work and impacted his vision. 

However, you can learn how to be more productive like him even after enjoying life by simply enrolling the following tips. Click on the button to learn the techniques.

Concluding on How Elon Musk Become Successful

From an abused child from South Africa to become the wealthiest person on the planet, Elon Musk has achieved many things. And, at the same time, he lost many of his assets. 

But, whatever he lost, nothing broke his spirit. This unbroken spirit can be the best teaching of Elon Musk. 

  • “Never… I will never give up” ~ Elon Musk. 

If you think that this article was enough to inspire you to be the next Elon Musk, then you can leave a comment below. Why not change how Elon Musk becomes successful instead of How I can become a successful entrepreneur. 

However, if you want to follow Morning Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, you can read the following article.

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