How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development

How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development? 7 Great Insights

Rubayet is entirely mad at her kid Tanjil. This 10-year-old boy has broken glass. But Rubayet is controlling her anger. When she was a child, her parents tried to teach things simply not roughly. Therefore, Rubayet knows; how can positive parenting encourage personal development?

However, the family next door does not follow the system. Factually, Ratul, the same age friend of Tanjil, has become an arrogant person. The Dad of Ratul has come to Rubayet to know how she is rearing her child. 

Rubayet has a thorough idea about assertive parenting. Now she is going to delineate the facts rigorously and comfortably. 

Definition of Positive Parenting

Definition of Positive Parenting

When parents give birth to a child for the first time, they consider parenting as heavy-duty. The future of a kid depends on the acts of parents, certainly. However, parents choose how they want their children to grow up.

Indeed, knowing self and seeking self-improvement is mandatory for parents to rear children. As some perform this job harshly, while others prefer to approach it positively. 

When you define positive parenting, you are getting the vibe that it walks assertively. In fact, non-authoritarian and non-punitive methods are involved in this parenting process. 

So what are the activities of parents in this rearing process?

Parents expect some positive outcomes from their children. Moreover, they set some goals when children are students, developing self and they try to achieve the goals in an assertive way. Researches depict that parents who have tolerance and libaral are more likely to utilize parenting positively.

Fact is this sort of rearing process makes a robust connection between the children and the parents. Though child-rearing in an optimistic approach is not a new thing, the phrase “Positive Parenting” illustrates it as a fresh matter.

Positive child-rearing practices bolster personal development both for the child and the parents. In the next segment, we would like to discuss these two concerns.

How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development for a Kid?

How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development for a Kid?

Personal development is a relative matter; when it is good for one society, other societies may consider it arrogant. Well, we are not here to debate about this thing. Perhaps, personal enhancement differs from each other, but it originates from family. 

Now let’s talk about self development of the assertive child-rearing system from the perspective of children. 

Development of Emotion

What happens when a kid cannot make the parents understand their feelings? S/he does something vague. Misbehaving with mother and father is common in kids especially when they turn into the teenage phase. But when parents do the same things, it affects the growth of a kid. 

This is when positive child-rearing can help the parents. If parents stay calm in this sort of circumstance, the child can get time to brainstorm how to deal with emotion. After the time of anger, parents can give some time to them.

Truly, anger management or development of emotion is inherited from father and mother what they master through self-parenting. When father and mother make some argument, they need to do it with sereneness, as it reflects the dealing with feelings. Thus, children can get developed emotionally through the acts of their parents.

Best Output of Children

Best Output of Children

A child always craves attention as well as support from his/her parents. But when a kid does something wrong, what occurs in their mind? S/he feels baseless for a moment. The result brings a horrible output. 

So parents should buttress their child in any inferior situation. Because best output depends on positive reactions and reviews. Share the rearing process like providing the feedback and reviews with wife / husband when needed so that you don’t feel irritated when doing your job. Kids keep in their mind that whatever it takes s/he would get the support from their parents. 

A kid retreats from his/her full potential for the fear of punishment. Room for creativity creates when there is no culture of fear. Therefore, the parents who back their kids even in the worst condition, their children become true creative.

Positive Parenting Helps to Enhance Empathy

How to teach the kids about empathy?  Is it really hard? In fact, it’s a vice-versa process. Just parents need to cultivate empathy when they are conducting with their children. Parents require responding to other people’s feelings.

That means not only the emotions of a kid should be understood, but also the feelings of other people should be paid attention. Help the needy people when they need help. Inspire the kids to share your activities with them.

To enable gaining the deeper global realization, revolutionary approaches are not mandatory. Rather, demonstrating appropriate examples to empathize with any hardship of human beings is key to inject a sound and sympathetic mind into a kid.  

Growing Better Self-Esteem

Growing Better Self-Esteem

Positive child-nurturing is all about growing a better self-respect. Considering the esteem a person, parents help their children by vibing the positivity.

When a family breeds the favorable condition for child nurturing, self-esteem becomes ubiquitous in certain families. In fact, fathers and mothers respect their children relentlessly like respected people. You are how your family grew up.

The benevolence would automatically be available in kids’ characteristics when they are nurtured with esteem. Good manners beget good manners. 

How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development for a Parent?

Positive parenting is not only good for kids but parents get the favorable results from it. We have gathered some of the unequivocal outcomes for parents. Heads of family get the following undeniable benefits in personal development.

Getting more Respect

Getting more Respect

Research shows that moms and dads of a family who conceive the concept of this certain parenthood, they get more respect in order to their positive acts. Unarguably it’s self-explained that respect is one of the byproducts of certain parenting.

Positive Parenting Helps You to Lose the Ego

Ego is a negative word that kills a lot of strong relationships. When ego heads up, every beautiful thing gets demeaned. But here is good news for the moms and dads who love in many ways and try to nurture positive child-rearing.

Ego, the relationship killing object, is not rewarded in positive breed-up. Rather, parents throw this and grow an interactive relationship with children in any condition. This is how this parenting can eradicate the ego. 

Part of Whole Family

Part of Whole Family

Parents become part of a family via positive child-rearing. The moms and dads have to have a full concern about each and every move of their kids. Positive parenting allows the parents to connect with the whole family. 

Moreover, kids get a room to comfy themselves after communicating with their father and mother. Thus, they become the part and parcel of the family. 


How can positive parenting help a child's self growth?

Answer: Children are psychologically dilapidated as they are in the process of growing up. Security is a major issue for kids that can be grown via positive parenting. Moreover, a child gets sound emotional development. Additionally, gentle guiding through this kind of parenting can empower children to solve problems positively.

What are the benefits of positive parenting?

Answer: Positive parenting is self-explained that encourages both parents and children comprehensively. The benefits of this type of parenting are: 

Positive parenting helps to encourage and support teaching behavior properly. 

It does not reprimand or punish in reply to misbehavior of a child.

This children rearing process betters psychological health, greater competence in society, and enhances concepts about individuals.

In what five ways can parents develop parenting skills?

Answer: The five ways to develop parenting skills are:

  • Maintain a thorough discipline.
  • Try to become a role model in front of your kids. 
  • Communication should be prioritized.
  • Flexibility is the key to developing parenting skills.
  • Support your kids in every phase of their lives.

How can parents affect a child's self-esteem?

Answer: Parents should not over-involved in the activities of children. Thus, they cannot grow themselves. Moreover, over-involvement can affect the opportunities around the children. So, parents should avoid the act to develop self-esteem as well as self-confidence.

How do I boost my child's self-esteem and confidence?

Answer: The steps of boosting the child’s self-esteem and confidence are:

  • Teach your kids to do something new.
  • Help them to grow the mentality of helping.
  • Support your kids in every stage of their lives.
  • Be an example for your children so they can obey you as a model.
  • Criticism is good but avoid harsh criticism.
  • Show them their potential.

Concluding Touch on How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development?

Dad of Ratul listened to all the matters on this type of child-rearing. In fact, he has understood how he was about to ruin the future of his child. Ratul has come to this place. His dad has hugged him tight.

To conclude, one thing is really important to share and that is there is no bad outcome of positive parenting. So you can try it for your kids. You’ll not regret it.

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Bonne journée.

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