First Year Teacher Must Haves: All in 1 Dynamic Checklist

Miss Khaleda is waiting for the school bus. It’s her first day at school. Not as a student! She is going to school for teaching students. She is feeling nervous. 

She is getting late as the bus is still not coming. Then, she googles and revises for getting some information about first year teacher must haves. 

Miss Khaleda has found a teacher checklist. Before the arrival of the bus, she tends to go through the list.

9 Things a First Year Teacher Requires for the Classroom

As you are a teacher, you have to consider listing the classroom materials. Therefore, Virtunus research team has provided a classroom must haves list for mentors. 

Let’s dig in. 

1. Power of Managing Classroom

Power of Managing Classroom: First Year Teacher Must Haves

A first-year student desires to have fun. The power of managing the classroom and developing personal skills are essential for first-year teachers. In fact, your rules, expectations, and procedures are keys to conduct the class. Therefore, you can teach the virtues in a rigorous way. 

Literally, the way you demonstrate is vital to get success as a teacher. Trusting yourself is a great part of being a teacher. You might get challenges while teaching your students.

Here, the self-belief should have helped you. Sporadically, when being open to learning things would bolster you to manage the classroom. 

2. Willingness to Learn 

A fixed mindset impedes you to drive a class; rather, a growth mindset would buttress you to teach with sound interactivity. Mr. Ralph is a first-year teacher who thinks he is right always. 

What do you think? Would he get success as a teacher in the future? Actually, willingness to learn can help a person to remain down to earth.

Thus, one can triumph in any situation. Conversely, the ego is a foe of learning as well as teaching. You have to be flexible with students to teach and learn as well. 

3. Practicing Flexibility with the Students

Practicing Flexibility with the Students

One of the classroom essentials for new teachers is flexibility with the students. At the very outset, a new teacher should know thyself and seek self-improvement as it’s the driving force to galvanize oneself. Then, a teacher should teach the students about self-advocacy skills.

When a student knows how to advocate self, s/he can easily become flexible in any circumstances.

A high ratio of praise to correction is the one of things first-year teachers need. Factually, students tend to learn flexibility conceiving the pith ingredients of elasticity.

However, you cannot be super fancy while teaching students flexibility or other soft virtues.

4. Avoid Making Everything Super Fancy Storytelling

Miss Lina teaches her students using stories. Sometimes, the stories become so fancy that the students start imagining supernatural power really exists. She has construed a story of Spiderman to become responsible.

Knowing about the power of the superhero, one of first year students has jumped from a skyscraper that has broken several bones. 

However, story-telling is a good method to articulate hard things to any student. But super fancy stories are deleterious to the mind of students.

Here, embracing the mates and learning from the pioneer is vital for progress in teaching.

5. Embracing the Experienced Teachers and Team Cordially

Embracing the Mentor and Team Cordially

Ask your mentor and team for help, laugh with them, cry with them, plan with them for the upcoming scheduling for better learning. As you are a teacher, you know that they have a better experience than you. 

They were a teacher once themselves and had experienced the situation like you before.

So try to learn from their experience, grab what they tend to share with you, and consider it as it’s your own. Moreover, they might give you some piece of advice like using student mailbox, making some sub plans, or so on to galvanize your teaching profession in school or college.

6. Use Mailbox for the Students

The idea of using a student mailbox is not new. But this is sort of an esoteric thing for applying in a classroom. It would provide a different dimension for a classroom. 

Though each student has their shelves, using a folder for files with hanging files assists to get a number, chronologically order.

This sort of mailbox can be used for years. It might have folders with differentiated work. A teacher can use it for file folders and budget.

7. Make Some Emergency Plan B

Make Some Emergency Sub Plans

Sometimes, a full-fledged plan can fall. Implementing the plans is important for any sort of plan.

So why would you spoil your to type it time after time? Sometimes, you may get ill. Or, you are going on an excursion once during summer. 

Therefore, you may start creating some second plans in Google Drive and make a folder that is just for plan B. Additionally, you can make duplicates when you require to go out.

That way your routine would be the same and time is not being wasted. You can access it from home or school. This can be a lifesaver!

8. The Mentality of Making Fun

Making fun stories while teaching is a champion. Just think of your past. You still remember those teachers who had the power to teach with a jocular mindset. The teachers are also living in a lively mode in your mind.

This is because they had the mindset of creating jokes while teaching. So don’t be a rough and tough teacher; rather, try to conceive the mentality to mentor through fun. 

9. Go through Some Professional Books

Go through Some Professional Books

Books always help to galvanize any person to polish a career. As you are a first-year teacher, you also need some time to read some professional books.

Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess or Teaching with Love is the book that gives you more confidence about teaching with love and techniques. 

Moreover, The First Days of School by Harry Wong are must read-book for any sort of teacher.

Using a Personal Resource Planner Can Help You

Miss Khaleda has started to use Virtunus todo to remind the tasks in a precise way as it helps to remember any teacher about classes, topics, meetings, and any data that help to conduct any first year class perfectly.

Moreover, using the todo helps her to schedule her personal and professional life. She can easily be productive with the app. 


What supplies do first year teachers need?

Answer: So what to buy for your first classroom? There are many important teacher classroom supplies. Some of the classroom items are: 

  • Colored markers.
  • A digital clock.
  • Teacher stamps.
  • Magazine files.
  • Crayons.

What every first year teacher should know?

Answer: Every first-year teacher should know the following core things:

  • Literacy
  • Classroom Management
  • Building a Classroom Community
  • Flexibility
  • Proper Mentoring

Is the first year of teaching the hardest?

Answer: The first year of teaching is one of the hardest things. One cannot be an educator without struggles. Piecing together with idealism, confusion, good intentions, excitement, fear, and expectations is the job of the teachers of first year. So accumulating everything is tough for the mentor, indeed. 

What do first-year-teachers struggle with?

Answer: Teachers for the first year struggle with many things like making a lesson plan, dealing with classroom behavior issues, or giving resources for at-risk students.

What are the 4 A's in lesson plans for first year teachers?

Answer: Select a topic that you want the students in your class to learn. Then, apply the 4-A’s. The 4-A plan is in the following list: 

Activating prior knowledge, 

Acquiring new knowledge, 

Applying the knowledge, and 

Assessing the knowledge.

Concluding Words

A checklist for the first year teacher must haves would help you to be more productive. Miss Khaleda has gone through the whole list. She has read the feature of the app and installed it for usage. The bus has arrived. Miss Khaleda goes to the school with cultivated confidence.

Hopefully, the article would help you understand the things a new teacher needs. So what’s next? Share this to spread the post. Comment if you have any recommendations or appreciation.

Have a great day!

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