Weak Leadership

Everything You Need to Know About Weak Leadership

Weak Leadership, the term used to define a situation where the managers are trying to bring out the best from their employees but still failing to do so. At times, managers become too harsh on their employees and force them to do the work. 

Here, the employees end up doing the work but their job satisfaction is destroyed. As a result, the employee turnover rate increases in a company they leave the job. 

But what causes leaders to be manipulative and what causes weak leadership in the first place? 

Well, leaders tend to be weak due to ignorant behavior and lack of interest to lead in the first place. Many times, people don’t even know how to lead a team. Hence, this false leadership makes them weak and bad leaders. 

Overcoming weak leadership isn’t an easy process. You’ll need to be spontaneous and also change your whole mindset to get a hold of things. 

But you shouldn’t worry as well as we’re here for you. This article will contain some easy methods by which you can know the ways to overcome weak leadership easily. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s begin. 

5 Reasons for Weak Leadership

It’s crucial to know the causes of weak leadership. This is because if you know the reasons, it’ll be easy to identify avoid those behaviors. 

Harsh Manipulation

Harsh Manipulation

Yes, you heard me correctly, if you’re constantly asking your employees to push themselves then they won’t feel motivated all the time. They’ll feel like you’re forcing them to do the work for you. 

Hence, empathy is important when you’re asking the employees to perform better. Also, it’s essential to know when you can ask an employee to perform more than the previous month. If your employee doesn’t feel like working hard, you’ll have to give them that breathing space. 

Bad Set of Attitude 

Bad Set of Attitude : Weak leadership

Having a bad mood all the time isn’t a good thing for a productive workplace. If you have a bad attitude as a leader, your employees will feel afraid of asking you questions. 

As a result, a communication gap will arise between you and your workers. And, the result will be the discontinuation of organizational goals. 

Too Many Expectations

Too Many Expectations

If your employees aren’t performing up to the mark, you should look for the solution. Instead of complaining and whining all the time, you should talk about the problems they are facing. Here, weak leaders tend to get upset over the employees but it shouldn’t be the case. 

On the other hand, don’t expect your employees to perform as you do. They don’t have that many experiences, to begin with. So, they’ll need some time to get a hold of all the staff. 

Head in Sand & Being Too Busy

Head in Sand & Being Too Busy

Even though both of these reasons are a bit different from each other, they still have an important similarity between them. So, what’s that similarity? Well, both of these reasons show the ignorant attitudes of the leaders. 

Weak leaders tend to be “busy” all the time. As a result, employees can’t approach them with problems. Hence, a communication gap is created and no work is done effectively. 

Other than that, head in the sand means that your leader doesn’t know what’s happening. And, this means he can either take the situation as a worse one or take it as a better one. Here, the leaders aren’t dealing with reality. 

Delegation of Tasks

Delegation of Tasks

Even though the delegation of tasks is an effective way of increasing a chain of command in the workplace, it backfires sometimes. Weak leaders often give their tasks to others and then don’t take any responsibility for it. 

This is bad because the employees who have never done these tasks before and can’t perform effectively. If their leaders aren’t helpful, the work becomes even more difficult. 

Effects of Weak Leadership in An Organization

At the end of the day, weak leadership can seriously harm your organization. If you don’t act quickly and solve this problem, it can have serious outcomes. 

What are the effects of weak leadership in an organization? Let’s take a look at them below- 

Employees Lose Motivation

Employees Lose Motivation: Weak Leadership

If the employees lose motivation to work, it can be a serious problem. This is because your employees will change the shape of workload in an organization. 

And if they aren’t interested in contributing their best performance, it’ll harm the organization’s goals. 

Poor Performance of Sales

If your employees don’t perform well, you won’t get the required sales performance by any means. Here, having bad sales performance means that your company will also fail to achieve its aims. 

Poor Work Environment & Poor Culture

Poor Work Environment & Poor Culture

That’s right. Weak leadership rises a poor work environment. Hence, no productive work will be done by your employees. This also makes a way to portray a bad work atmosphere altogether as well. 

On the other hand. if your employees aren’t happy with their work, they won’t follow the work culture as well. So, whatever policies or rules you make in your business will never be followed thoroughly. 

Mismanaged Resources

Weak leadership affects almost every sector in an organization. So, it doesn’t leave the allocation of resources as well. If your employees aren’t working correctly and you as a leader aren’t aware of it, your resources will be wasted. 

The sources of the company will be wasted altogether. So, you must manage the resources in the company and work accordingly to be an effective leader. 

Mismanaged Resources

How to Overcome Weak Leadership? 

Well yes, it’s essential to know the ways of correcting weak leadership. By now, you know about the reasons and effects of weak leadership in an organization. And, if you want to know how to overcome this situation then you’ll need to work accordingly. So, let’s begin- 

Identify Weakness

Identify Weakness :  weak leadership

It’s the first and foremost task of fixing any situation. You need to know what’s causing this problem in the first place. Is it your problem or is it some behavior that the employees are conducting. 

At times, the behavior of the employees can shape our behaviors as well. In that case, you’ll need to decide who’s causing the problem in the first place. 

By looking at the reasons we discussed in the article, you can identify weak leadership easily. 

Provide Feedback & Ask for It

Provide Feedback & Ask for It

You must provide the right feedback to the employees. This is because they need to know if they’re meeting the standards or not. 

Also, it’s essential to know about the feedback about your leadership in the first place as well. You can conduct different surveys and ask questions about different employees. 

Besides, taking this approach will also help in engaging with the employees. This engagement with the employees will help you in fixing any communication gaps whatsoever. 

Adjust & Act Accordingly

As a leader, you must adjust and adapt to any situation. After taking necessary feedback from the employees, you might feel that you’re doing the right kind of leadership. 

In this sense, you’ll need to adjust and act accordingly. You’ll need to change your approaches and ways to fix the situation and bring out new ways of conducting the works. 

Evaluate The Progress 

Evaluate The Progress

You’ll need to set a standard before starting any work. If your employees aren’t meeting the standard, you should change the way you handle things. 

Oftentimes, if you don’t have any standard, to begin with, you can’t judge whether your employees are performing well or not. Evaluation of their progress is the key way of knowing that if you’re following the right tactics or not. 

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10 Failed Leaders of World History

  1. Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan Failed President 
  2. Adolf Hitler, Oracle of WW1
  3. Pol Pot Cambodian Wicked president
  4. Bashar Al-Assad, International War Criminal 
  5. Benito Mussolini, the Italian Coward 
  6. Kim Jong-Un, the Racist Dictator 
  7. Augusto Pinochet, the Silent Chief
  8. Charles Tylor, an African warlord
  9. Hirohito, Insane Japanese Emperor
  10. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese Leader 
Adolf Hitler, Oracle of WW1

Parting Words on Weak Leadership

If you are a project manager or team leader you must find out, how the employees think about you and how friendly you are with them. We hope, this article can give you the full view of weak Leadership and the possible easy ways to overcome it. 

Read the whole article thoroughly for a better view. So, why don’t you start today? Good Luck!

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