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9 Practical Tips to Have a Healthy and Secure Digital Life Style

We dwell in an age where technology reigns over everything. Modern and advanced devices have made easy access to our life. We entirely rely on them for completing our tasks. 

You can now shop online, order foods, pay bills, find locations, play games and music, and what not! This endless process of digitization has brought about a revolution in your personal and professional lifestyle.

But have you ever thought of their impact on your health and safety? Are you sure you are leading a healthy digital life? If not, no worries because this article will show you some unique tips and tricks to create and shield your digital life style. 

After reading this article, you will be able to understand;

  1. What is Digital Lifestyle?
  2. What are the signs and symptoms of digital addiction?
  3. What are the steps to ensure a healthy and secure digital life?

How Do You Describe Your Digital Lifestyle? 

Describe Your Digital Life Style

The digital age has opened a new era for every individual and organization. It allows you to stay connected with your near and dear ones around the world. You can also make new friends on social media. Additionally, it offers companies to grab their target customers and increase client satisfaction. 

In other words, the digital lifestyle is the other name of independence. It enables you to lead a life you wish

Here, we’ll address the six world-famous digital lifestyles. Let’s have a glimpse!

  1. Influencers- Young people who spend a lot of time online.
  2. Networkers- People who build and maintain online relationships.
  3. Communicators- love to stay in touch with others.
  4. Aspirers- Tend to express online presence mostly through mobile phones.
  5. Knowledge seekers- try to educate themselves through the internet.
  6. Functionals- Individuals who seek online news, sports, weather, etc. They also love online shopping. 

Signs and Symptoms of Technology Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Technology Addiction

Technology has become an inseparable part of every sphere of our life. Consequently, it seems to be tough to identify whether you’re addicted to technology or not. So, ask yourself the following questions.

  • How much time do I spend online every day?
  • Are there any changes in my behavior?
  • Do I perform my job accordingly? 

When you get your answers, you will be able to distinguish yourself from others.

However, you will find some vital emotional and physical manifestations if you are addicted to the digital lifestyle. Let’s have a look at them. 

The Emotional Demonstrations

  • Depression, anxiety, and dishonesty
  • Fear and a sense of guilt
  • A euphoric feeling while using digital devices
  • Incompetence to prioritize daily tasksInability to maintain to-do lists
  • Isolation and agitation
  • Dilatoriness 

The Physical Indications

  • Back and neck pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Blurred vision 
  • Insomnia 

9 Unique Ways to a Healthy and Secured Digital Life Style

  1. The Bathroom Rule
  2. The Bedroom Ethics
  3. Customize Your Home Screen
  4. Apply Black and White Mode
  5. Re-organize Your Social Media
  6. Savor Tech-free Meals
  7. Identity Scams and Avoid Them
  8. Set Secret Questions to Shield Your Digital Lifestyle
  9. Be Careful While Using Public Wi-Fi

The Bathroom Rule

The Bathroom Rule digital life style

Nowadays, we depend on technology to accomplish our daily chores. Different types of devices occupy work schedules. Sometimes, you use them to such an extent that lead to technology addiction. That’s why you may face obstacles while defining boundaries for them. If you wonder where, to begin with, start with the bathroom rule. 

According to research conducted by TIME, your toilet is one of the most unhygienic places for your devices. Germs may spread up when you flush, and thus your cell phone gets contaminated with harmful bacteria. The report says, 

Your Cell Phone Is 10 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

The most alarming news is that 90% of the US people carry their phones into the toilets. If you are in the same group, you are not only endangering your brain but also public health. 

So, avoid taking any device into your washroom. It will help you to create a healthy digital lifestyle. 

The Bedroom Ethics 

The Bedroom Ethics Digital Life Style

The bedroom is considered as one of the most tranquil places on earth. It’s the perfect epitome of solitude and relaxation where you can escape from the din and bustle of your work-life. Unfortunately, you can’t keep the favorable environment of your resting place as you frequently use digital devices there.

Researches have proven that only a smartphone is responsible enough for ruining the quality of your sleep. The blue rays emitted from the device can adversely affect your eyesight. Besides, it will distract you by reminding the thriving to-do lists

However, for ensuring a healthy digital lifestyle, you should leave your laptops and phones outside of your bedroom. If you use your cell phone as an alarm clock, keep it as far as you can from your bed. This habit will bestow you with a bunch of benefits. You can have a sound sleep, which will stimulate you to focus on your job the next day. 

Most importantly, it will release your stress. It will allow you to think straight by changing your condition of mind. Remember that your device is not the last thing to whom you should bid goodnight. Similarly, it would not be wise to start your day by greeting your smartphone. So, you should maintain strict rules in your bedroom to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. 

Customize Your Home Screen

Customize Your Home Screen

This simple tip can change the whole scenario. You can have a healthy digital lifestyle by customizing your home screen. If your home screen is unorganized, it is probably expected that your mind is also cluttered. Too many apps on the screen will create confusion when you go for a specific one. They will try to catch your attention with their eye-catching features. 

So, reduce the number of applications for your home screen. It will retain your focus. Additionally, the tip will increase your productivity by saving time. Your device will turn into a functional tool for working instead of a mere entertaining gadget. 

For example, you can create organized folders according to your necessity, such as best accounting softwareworkflow management tools, etc. thus, you may go one step ahead towards your digital lifestyle. 

Apply Black and White Mode

Apply Black and White Mode

It may sound weird to you that how black and white mode can offer you a healthier digital lifestyle. But in reality, it does. You frequently get exposed to the bright colors of your devices. They make your virtual world so vibrant that real life appears to be colorless and faded. 

Color has the power to change your mind. By converting to black and white mode, you will realize its impact on your daily life. When your devices are less enchanting, you’ll notice a downward trend in their usages. It will allow you to turn your eyes to nature and focus on the people around you. This practice will reduce your addiction to technology and guarantee a sound digital lifestyle. 

However, you should use color whenever you need it. But try to use color in moderation for better physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. 

Re-organize Your Social Media

Re-organize Your Social Media

In recent days, social media has become one of the trendiest digital life style. Everyone expresses his/her thoughts, ideas, and understanding through the medium. For someone maintaining the virtual status holds the utmost significance. They tend to spend more time there, forgetting the other essential tasks. So, what’s the result? The answer is, they suffer from anxiety and depression. 

To get rid of this life-destroying situation, you must control your social profiles. Treat them as majestic sources of knowledge and platforms for fun. So, at first, identify the accounts that aren’t contributing to your purposes.  

For instance, start your journey with Facebook. The deactivation of your account is not the exact solution. Customize it instead for better output. Therefore, re-organize your friend list; cleanse the unnecessary feeds, pages, groups, and followers. 

This process will result in less chaos, and your profile will become more effective. In this way, you can fancy your digital lifestyle.  

Enjoy Tech-free Meals

Enjoy Tech-free Meals

Another most revolutionary step towards your healthy digital life is to dodge all sorts of devices while eating. But to your utmost surprise, you will find a large number of people who use smartphones when they take their meals. According to research, one out of three Americans use the phone while eating. The report highlights,

A study into the eating habits of 2,000 Americans found many of us are increasingly distracted when eating, and 29 percent say their phone now accompanies EVERY meal that they eat.

Even more than that — over half of those studied say their phone is a mainstay at most of their meals, and only 17 percent admit to never having their phone at the table.

So, evade your phone when you eat. Talk to your family members at the dining table. Enjoy the happy moment as part of your digital life. 

Identity Scams and Avoid Them

Identity Scams and Avoid Them

Now, let’s talk about some safety measures of your digital life. The truth is, the more you’re digitalizing, the more you’re getting exposed to hacking. There is always someone who is waiting for a single chance to steal your credentials. They may send fake emails to trap you. 

So, be wary of phishing emails. Avoid clicking any links that are unknown to you. If you have any confusion, contact to the concerned company for verification. 

A report of Federal Trade Commission says:

Scammers use email or text messages to trick you into giving them your personal information. They may try to steal your passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers. If they get that information, they could gain access to your email, bank, or other accounts. Scammers launch thousands of phishing attacks like these every day — and they’re often successful. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that people lost $57 million to phishing schemes in one year.

Federal Trade Commission

Steps to Secure Your Digital Lifestyle From Phishing

  1. Use any security software to protect your computer
  2. Update your mobile phones regularly
  3. Use multi-factor authentication for security
  4. Back up your data

Set Secret Questions to Shield Your Digital Lifestyle

Set Secret Questions to Shield Your Digital Life Style

When you think of your digitalized activities, security comes first. Keeping this in mind, most of the online services and software allow you to add some secret questions so that your identity remains intact.  

While selecting your questions, act smartly. Never consider the fact useless or to make the process done because it’s of grim importance. As nobody knows about your secret, you can be safe while surfing online. 

Additionally, some websites permit you to set your questions. It’s a crucial option for your privacy. 

Be Cautious While Using Public Wi-Fi

Be Cautious While Using Public Wi-Fi digital life style

Here goes the famous adage,

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch


It signifies the fact that it is impossible to get anything without giving something. The same idea goes to public Wi-Fi. Well, why someone will offer you a free internet connection? For example, a restaurant does it to attract more customers; a travel agency may provide it to gain more customer satisfaction, and so on. 

See, all of them have particular purposes behind the fact. But the shocking thing is that you may become a victim of hacking. Someone may ambush you and steal your sensitive information. 

Therefore, you should be careful when you connect to public Wi-Fi. The best thing you can do in such a circumstance to secure your digital lifestyle is that use safe sites and emails. 


What happens when you are addicted to technology?

According to health specialists, you will observe computer vision syndrome if you are a technology addict. Furthermore, you will develop the following symptoms.
1. A problem relating to your eye
2. Pain in different parts of your body
3. Anxiety, stress, and depression 
4. An issue in falling and staying asleep

How do you prevent technology addiction?

technology addiction

You can prevent it by applying the following techniques.
1. Go for outdoor activities
2. Set boundaries in using social media
3. Read books instead of browsing
4. Invest time in DIY projects
5. Spend more time with your family

What is a digital lifestyle business?

The term implies lifestyle entrepreneurs who earn their livelihood by online business. There is no need for a physical office or factory in this type of business. At most, they may have an office for their operations throughout the world. This kind of trade is increasing day by day. 

Final Words on Digital Lifestyle

To sum up, you can apply the tips and tricks listed above to secure a healthy digital life style. At the same time, it would not be unwise to adapt your methods.

We hope, if you execute our guidelines in your practical life, you will feel less distracted and more focused. As a result, you may get more time for exercising, reading, family gathering, doing your tasks, and even fulfilling your hobbies.  

So, be smart while dealing with your digital lifestyle. 

If you have any suggestions relating to the digital lifestyle, please feel free to leave us a comment. 

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