Coronavirus Economic Impact: 7 Crucial Effects in 2020

Coronavirus Economic Impact: 7 Crucial Effects in 2020

After the Coronavirus outbreak, sufferings of human beings are significant and severe economics has broken down. Output of compression in China is in all directions of the world. In fact, coronavirus economic impact is now ubiquitous.

Europe and the US are just shaking up from the delusion of their impenetrability. According to the International Monetary Fund, the G7 nations had entered into the ‘deep recession.’ 

However, we analyzed some information to understand global Coronavirus economic impact. Unquestionably, the graph will increase after passing the time. So let’s check it out where it will provide the worst effect.

Coronavirus Economic Impact on the Different Industry

Firstly, we can divide the total economic condition into multiple phases. Such as the stock market outbreak, oil prices increasing, travel & tourism restrictions, transport and equipment sector, trade & manufacturing production. Well! So, we will see the entire scenario elaborately.

Stock Market Outbreak

Coronavirus Economic Impact Stock Market

The Exchange rate of the share market has already begun to drop. In the 1st quarter of the year, many big companies have seen their biggest fall in the graph. If the pandemic exists and the lockdown situation continues, other companies like mid to small will also face the same condition. 

Some circumstances may occur like: 

  • Central banks may slash the interest rate
  • Investors may decline the new investments
  • The ratio of borrowing and spending will be much different
  • Mid to small companies may not have the interest to spend money
  • The global market of gold may fall 

Well, let’s think the whole matter now. Central bank is the mentor of all other bank of a country. Can you imagine the factors? What’ll happen if the interest rate slashes?

Moreover, investors are the key people of any economic growth. Right? They can decline. As a consequent, new investments may not appear.

Though, global market of gold is high still now. But think of the matter. Pundits are predicting a great fall. Most importantly, golds are the crucial economic basement.

Why would the new companies tend to spend? They don’t have the optimism to get a new hope.

Equilibrium is important for economy. But spending and borrowing are not in the same line.

Employment Condition Disruption

The coronavirus economic impact in the employment department will be worse than initially hoped. So, Let’s see how employment has affected worldwide.

Coronavirus Economic Impact , Employment Condition Disruption
  • Around 195 million full-time employees are losing their jobs
  • The most predicted area of losing jobs can be Arab states, approximately five million full-time workers
  • Worldwide declining in working hours, 6.7% of the global workforce are working fewer hours
  • Some specific employment sectors will be more affected, like retail, manufacturing, accommodation, and food
  • Some regions are high at risk like America, Europe, Central Asia, Asia Pacific, Arab states, and Africa
  • In some areas, workers may have to miss social protection.

Travel & Tourism restrictions

Employment Condition Disruption

Because of the coronavirus, more than a hundred countries have travel restrictions. Not only that, but the private recreational sectors are also closed for a while. In this sector, the world will see a vast coronavirus economic impact. Like,

  • Some workers may not travel to their workplace, so they may have lost their job
  • Many country’s economies are based on their tourists’ places. They will fall in the financial crisis
  • Some industries like cruise, hotel, restaurant, and casino depend on the travel and tourism sector. But the potential guest is not allowed to enter the visiting country
  • The fear of spreading the virus, traveling is strongly prohibited. Like, country to country or state to state wherever
  • Besides big industry, there are many small industries based on the tourism sector. They are brutally affected by this situation

Transport & Automotive Sector

This industry is now facing a massive loss due to coronavirus. We have listed some crucial moments in this section.

  • Many companies have to shut down their factories of automotive equipment
  • Transporter companies are losing their customers all over the world
  • Automobile equipment shipment is a halt for this pandemic situation
  • Small industries like resellers of the automobile or equipment may have to shut down
  • The demand for producing new vehicles may not increase after the current situation

Coronavirus Economic Impact in Trade & Manufacturing Sector

Impact in Trade & Manufacturing Sector

Covid-19 is severely putting a lousy impact on manufacturing productions in developing countries. Coronavirus economic impact on trade and manufacturing output is,

  • Demand for making goods and raw materials from high- income countries is decreasing
  • Due to suspensions in the delivery of necessary components are being smashed of value chains
  •  Restriction of movement of goods and people affect the normal production process
  • The disability of employees to come at the workplace or financial constraints also invade the production procedure
  • The developing countries as a whole will lose nearly eight hundred billion dollars in terms of export revenue in 2020
  • Retail shops, clothing shops have been particularly hit by this circumstance

Oil Price Fall

The oil price is decreasing due to the lack of demand for oil. While the economy is growing, there are high chances of having more wealth and new jobs. But the epidemic virus has brutally affected the economic structure and examples of the world. 

The International Monetary fund, the global economy, will cut down by 3% this year. Oil price decrease will affect the industrial and transportation zone worldwide. It can improve immediately.

However, this situation can make everyone understand that coronavirus economic impact may go far.

Bond Market Collapse

Along with the stock market, the bond market is collapsing as well. As the coronavirus economic impact has begun, many financial news sources warned about $10 trillion in corporate debt. 

This circumstance is alarming for all the people in the world. Perhaps, we cannot see it easily. But it’s occurring.

Bond Market Collapse

Through the 2020 stock market crash, bond prices suddenly moved in the same direction like stock prices. We have the knowledge about the bonds. Generally, bonds are safer than stocks. But for the sudden movement of relationships now, it’s become complicated to trade many different types of bonds. 

Wrapping Up Coronavirus Economic Impact

In the last few days, the epidemic virus Covid-19 spread rapidly throughout the world. This is totally a new crisis for us. A global slowdown now seems inevitable, but how long the period will depend on the success of measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus. 

What’s the final economic damage from the infection? In fact, no one can accurately predict the final economic damage from the infection. If continuous misery lasts so long, the global economy will fall into the gravest threat. No country can escape from this situation. The scenario will be more extreme. Certainly, the world will become a place of none.

In this article, we gathered the most recent graphs of the economic states. Where we showed how will be the global economic structure by the coronavirus economic impactIf the crisis continues for so long, the world will see a great breakdown of the economy. 

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