Celebrities Born in 1955

Celebrities Born in 1955: Top 6 Legends in History

Are you searching for the top celebrities born in 1955? Can’t find your expected answer? No worries because we’re here to help you out. We’ll relieve you from the stress of hours of searching.

In this article, we’ve enlisted the top 6 celebrities who are unique in their own perspectives. They’ve earned name and fame by their creativity.  

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Top 6 Celebrities Born in 1955

  1. Rowan Sebastian Atkinson: English Actor, Comedian& Writer
  2. Bruce Willis: American Actor
  3. Steven Paul Jobs: American Business Personality & Co-Founder of Apple
  4. Bill Gates: Entrepreneur,  Co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation
  5. Nicolas Sarkozy: 23rd President of France (2007-12)
  6. Kris Jenner: Reality Television Star

1. Rowan Sebastian Atkinson: English Actor and Comedian

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson celebrities born in 1955
Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

Atkinson is a shining star among the celebrities born in 1955. He draws our attention as an English writer, actor, and comedian. Plus, Atkinson possesses the capability to transform his look from a stanch comedian to a grim personality within seconds.

However, he is famous for the Mr. Bean series and The Blackadder. Most surprisingly, many people call him by Mr. Bean instead of his real name.

Personal Life of Atkinson

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson first breathes on 6th January 1955 in Consett, County Durham, England. He is the youngest son of Eric Atkinson and Ella May. He had three brothers also.

Atkinson was an Anglican. He got his early education from Durham Choristers School and St. Bees School. Then, Rowan went to Newcastle University, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Finally, he received his MSc degree on the same subject from The Queen’s College, Oxford, in 1975. Besides, he started writing during this time and staged sketches for the Oxford Playhouse.

Rowan married on 5th February 1990. The couple gave birth to two children. But unfortunately, they divorced on 10th November 2015.

Furthermore, he loves car and is a racer. Plus, he’s written many car magazines.

Career of Rowan Sebastian

celebrities born in 1955 Atkinson's career
The Path of Career

Atkinson’s career as an actor started in 1978 with BBC Radio 3. He first appeared in The Atkinson People, which was a series of comedy shows. Likewise, he started his television comedy sketch named ‘Not the Nine O’ Clock News’ in 1979. ‘The Black Adder’ of course brought him global success. The program started in 1983.

Atkinson’s Major Works

Rowan Atkinson's Major Works
Rowan Atkinson’s Major Works

People love Atkinson’s acting because he’ll make you laugh. All of his works are unique. If you are sad, watch any of his works because they will take you to the world of happiness. In particular, we’ve listed some of his world-famous works for you:

  • The Mr. Bean series
  • Dead on Time
  • The Witches
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral
  • Canned Laughter
  • The Secret Policeman’s Ball
  • Never Say Never Again
  • The Lion King
  • Mr. Bean’s Holiday
  • The Johnny English movie series

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievement of Atkinson
Awards and Achievement

He was honored with the title of: ‘Commander of the Order of the British Empire’ in 2013.

Contribution to Society

Atkinson raised his voice against Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 to establish freedom of expression.

2. Bruce Willis: Renowned Action Hero

Celebrities born in 1955 Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

He stands supreme among the celebrities born in 1955. Besides, he is an American actor and world-famous for his action movies.

Personal Life of Willis

Willis first saw the world on 19th March 1955 in Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany. He married Demi Moore in 1987 and Emma Heming in 2009.

Career of Bruce

First, the legend took a job at the Salem Nuclear Power Plant. But he wanted to study drama. So, Bruce went to ‘Montclair State University’ but dropped out. However, he reached New York City for his acting career.

He struggled a lot in the hope that he will get a chance. Finally, he had the opportunity to act in ‘Heaven and Earth’ in 1977.

After that, he never looked back. Consequently, he established his career as an action hero.

Major Works of Willis

Celebrities born in 1955 & major works
Bruce Willis Major Works
  • Die Hard (1988)
  • Pulp Fiction (1994)
  • The Sixth Sense (1999)
  • Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995)
  • Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
  • Sin City (2005)
  • Twelve Monkeys (1995)
  • Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
  • The Verdict (1982)

Awards and Achievement of Bruce: One of the Celebrities Born in 1955

Bruce Wills Awards
Bruce Wills Awards
  • Primetime Emmy Award
  • Golden Globe Award
  • Golden Raspberry Award

3. Steven Paul Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple Inc.

Steven Paul Jobs celebrities born in 1955
Steven Paul Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the best creative celebrities born in 1955. He is the master of innovation, and people call him The Father of the Digital World. Most importantly, he is an American Business Personality & Co-Founder of Apple Inc, NeXT Inc, and Pixar Animation Studio.

He not only introduced us to a new era of cellular phones but also brings about a revolution in the music industry. Consequently, his revolutionary concepts and unique ideas made him a successful investor and businessman.

Personal Life of Jobs

Personal life of Steve Jobs
Personal life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on 24th February 1955. Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble were his biological parents. But his parents couldn’t raise the baby because of family problems. As a result, adaption was the only solution. Fortunately, his parents found Paul Reinhold and Clara Jobs, who adopted Steve.

Besides, Steve shows his inclination to electronics since his childhood. He made 24 hours into 50 hours and made the best use of time to remodel electronic devices together with his father.

After finishing high school, he got admission to Reed College. Despite continuing his study, he left college just after the first semester. Then, this genius personality attended a course on calligraphy conducted by Robert Palladino.

While delivering a speech at Stanford University in 2005, Jobs stated:

If I had never dropped in on that single calligraphy course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.

Steve married Laurene Powell on 18th March 1991. Thereupon, the couple gave birth to three children. Reed, the only son, and Erin and Eve are the daughters.

In 2003, the doctors diagnosed him with pancreatic cancer during his medical examination. Eventually, his condition worsened. Finally, the legend passes away on 5th October 2011. Consequently, shadows of sorrows came upon us!

Career of Steven Jobs

Career of Steven Jobs
A Successful Career

At first, Steve Jobs started his career as a technician at Atari Inc in California in 1973. Jobs, together with Wozniak, created and developed a circuit board for the arcade video game.

Then, Steve and Wozniak founded Apple Computer Company in 1976. The primary purpose of the company was to sell circuit boards. But they went farther than that. Eventually, they caught the world’s attention in the same year by inventing Apple I, a personal computer.

A dispute grew within the company in 1985. Consequently, Job resigned from Apple and founded NeXT Inc. Besides, he bought Pixar meanwhile. Pixar, together with, Disney released the first animation film, Toy Story.

Though Steve resigned from Apple Inc, he returned there as the Factory Chief in 1996. In the first place, he boosted Apple with numerous new products. As a result, the company enjoyed huge sales and become the top brand in the world.

Apple elects Steve as its permanent CEO in 2000 and honors him with the title, iCEO. Finally, he resigned from the post of CEO in 2011. Thereupon, he serves as the Board Chairman of Apple.

Major Inventions of Steve Jobs

Major invention of Steve Jobs
Major Invention of Steve Jobs
  • Apple I, II, and Lias
  • Macintosh
  • NeXT Computer
  • iMac
  • iTunes
  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • iPad

Awards & Achievements

Awards received by Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Awards
  • National Medal of Technology 
  • Jefferson Award for Public Service
  • Howard Vollum Award by Reed College
  • Grammy Trustees Award,
  • Edison Achievement Award 
  • Disney Legend

Steve’s Contribution to Society

Steve Jobs brought about a technological revolution in the society. He imparts a new theme in shapes and styles. Therefore, Steve Jobs is a model personality for the new generation. Also, he teaches us to think differently.

4. Bill Gates: The Prominent Person among Celebrities Born in 1955

celebrities born in 1955 Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Gates is one of the dominant celebrities born in 1955. Additionally, he is widely known as a Software developer, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

Personal Life of Bill

Celebrities in 1955 Personal life
Personal Life

William Henry Gates III comes in this world on 28th October 1955 in Seattle, Washington, USA. His father, William Henry Gates, Sr. was a successful lawyer. Bill liked computing when he was a child.

Gates received his early education from Lakeside School. When he was thirteen, he developed his first software program. Furthermore, he, together with, his friends computerized the payroll system of the school.

However, Bill graduated in 1973 and enrolled at Harvard University. Despite reading other subjects, he enjoyed computing. As a result, Gates dropped out. Plus, he decided to start a business in the meantime.

He made a knot with Melinda Gates in 1994. They are blessed with three children.  

Career of Gates

Success in career of celebrities born in 1955
A Successful Career

Bill Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975. In the first place, they used BASIC as their programming language. At the same time, they developed software for different systems.

Microsoft invented the PC DOS operating system and sold it to IBM in 1980. The company earned $50,000 from this project.

By the time Microsoft launched a new operating system entitled Windows on 20th November 1985. It earned tremendous popularity and profit. As a result, Bill Gates became rich because he was the largest individual shareholder of Microsoft.

In 1989, Microsoft brought about evolution for PC users as it created Microsoft Office. After that, Microsoft invented and updated their software accordingly for the customers.

Bill Gates resigned from the post of the CEO of Microsoft in 2000. However, he served as the Chairman and Chief Software Architect of the company until 2014. At the present time, Bill works as the Technology Advisor to CEO.

Major Works

Bill Gates Major Works
Bill Gates Major Works
  • Founder and Developer of Microsoft Corporation
  • The Road Ahead (Book, Published in November 1995)        
  • Business @ the Speed of Thought (Book, Published in 1999)     
  • How to Avoid a Climate Disaster(Book, Will be published in 2021)

Awards & Achievements

Major awards celebrities born in 1955
Awards of Bill Gates
  • The Jefferson Award
  • The Bower Award
  • The Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian honor

Contribution to Society Among Celebrities Born in 1955

Bill Gates is one of the renowned humanitarian celebrities born in 1955. Most importantly, he thinks and works for the wellbeing of society.

Furthermore, He contributed to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with US$20 million dollars.

Besides, Gates founded a charity foundation named The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The charity works for healthcare development and eradicating poverty around the world. 

“Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge” is another charity.

If you are interested to know more about Gate’s best friend Warren Buffett, read the following article.

5. Nicolas Sarkozy: Renowned Politician

celebrities born in 1955 Nicolas Sarkozy
Nicolas Sarkozy

This person is one of the most celebrated political celebrities born in 1955. This French politician serves the country as the 23rd President of France.

Personal Life

Sarkozy was born on 28th January 1955 in Paris. He went to Cours Saint-Louis de Monceau, a Catholic school. In 1973, he completed his Baccalaureate and got admitted at the Universite Paris X Nanterre. Eventually, Nicolas gained his MA and DEA degree in Private and Business Law.

He wedded Marie Dominique Culioli first on 23rd September 1982. Likewise, he took his second wife, Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, in 1996, and the third wife, Carla Bruni, in 2008.

Political Career

 celebrities born in 1955 Political meeting
Political Meeting

Nicolas’ political career started when he was twenty-three. His political career includes Mayor of Neuilly-Sur Seine, Minister of the Budget, Minister of Interior, the President, etc.

He reached his pinnacle of success through hard work which is ups and downs. As a political leader, he undertook many risks and responsibilities.

Awards & Achievements

  • ‘Commander of the Order of Leopold’ by Belgium
  • ‘Order of Stara Planina, first-class’ by Bulgaria
  • ‘Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath’ by the UK

Contribution to Society

He reformed France in various aspects during his reign.

6. Kris Jenner: Reality Television Star

Kris Jenner: Reality Television Star

Kris Jenner stands prominent in the realm of reality TV shows. She appears to be an entertainment manager, producer, author, and businesswoman. This star drew our attention by appearing in a reality TV series named “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” 

Personal Life

Jenner came into this world on November 5, 1955, in San Diego, California, USA. Mary Jo Shannon and Robert Houghton were her parents. Her younger sister’s name is Karen. She went to Clairemont High School. 

Let’s have a look at her marriage life. She married a lawyer named Robert Kardashian in 1978. They had four children. But they got divorced in 1991. However, they maintained a good friendship until the death of Kardashian in 2003. 

Just after one month of her divorce, she married Bruce Jenner, a former Olympic decathlon champion, in 1991. Unfortunately, their relationship does not last long. The couple got separated in 2015. 

She confessed that she had a romantic relationship with Todd Waterman, an animator. She was spotted dating Corey Gamble in 2014. Reports said that they separated in early 2018. 

The Career of Kris Jenner

She started her career as a reality TV show personality in 2007 after meeting Ryan Seacrest. Ryan desired to make a reality TV show depending on Jenner’s family.

The show debuted on October 14, 2007, under the title: “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” The show presented a curious mixture of the personal as well as professional lives of the family. It is one of the longest-running TV shows. 

Besides, she hosted a pop culture-encouraged talk show entitled ‘Kris.’

Moreover, in 2011, she released her autobiography named ‘Kris Jenner… and All Things Kardashian’. Again in 2014, her cookbook was released under the title, ‘In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites’

Kris manages a Los Angeles-based production company named “Jenner Communications”.

Major Works

Major Works of Kris Jenner
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Celebrity Family Feud
  • Kourtney and Kim Take Miami
  • Kris
  • Rob & Chyna
  • Khloé & Lamar

Contribution to Society

Besides being a reality TV personality, she has extended her helping hands to others. Jenner involves herself in numerous charitable foundations. At present, she is serving as a spokesperson for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Question 1: How old are celebrities if they were born today in 1955?

Answer: Celebrities who were born in the year 1955, will celebrate or have already celebrated their 66 birthday this year (2021).

Question 2: What is Rowan Atkinson's IQ?

Answer: Rowan Atkinson IQ is considered a super genius. Not only that but he is also in the top 0.1% of the population in the world. His IQ score is 178.

Question 3: How much is Bruce Willis worth?

Answer: Bruce Willis’ net worth is about $250 million. In fact, he is one of the richest and most famous actors globally. It was recorded in 2021.

Final Words on Celebrities Born in 1955

To sum up, we’ve drawn a complete sketch of the top 5 celebrities born in 1955. They managed to become famous through their hard labor. Their personal finance management makes them wealthy too.

In short, we are born simple, but our works can make us celebrities. So, you should devote yourselves to achieve your goals. Additionally, try to improve your personal skills.

However, if you love history, you can check the following insightful article-

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