What Indian Eat: Guide on Indian Food Habits for Enthusiasts

What Indian Eat

The people of India think “Atithi Devo Bhava”. This means, guests are gods and they treat travelers like gods. This highly populated country had been ruled by many different rulers around the world and got a multi-colored culture. In food habits, India is different from any other portion in the world. Travelers around the world … Read more

Adopt Reading Habits of Successful People: Be an Achiever

adopt reading habits of successful people

If you want to be an achiever, you’ll need to be a good reader. The most successful people have the reading habits in common and they credit their books as a key factor behind their success.  According to a survey by the National Endowment for the Arts, only 43% of U.S. adults have the habits … Read more

6 Solid Reasons for Why Is Health Important In Life

Why Is Health Important In Life

It’s necessary to have a happy and healthy life. Well, at least that’s what everyone advises. But why do people suggest a sound living? And why is health important in life?  Actually, the most obvious answer will be that healthy living will minimize the chances of any disease from happening. However, health doesn’t only have … Read more

Time Management for Teenager:7 Techniques That Actually Work

Time management For teenagers

It seems like teenagers are always on a hoverboard to balance their life. No matter where you are- in school, in house, or with friends, there is continuous pressure going on to be the better version of yours. Maintaining everything is a part of growing up and trust me you’re doing the best you could … Read more

How to Stop Eating at Night: 8 Proven Hacks

How to Stop Eating at Night

Most people wind up consuming late at night, even though they’re not hungry. And nighttime eating has often been related to gaining weight—no wonder the reason behind this increased weight is due to extra calories.  Late-night snacking is usually after dinner and before bedtime, which excessively includes junk food. And the consumed food at night … Read more

Reading Habit is One of the Fundamental Skills

Reading Habit is One of the Fundamental Skills

Reading habit is one of the fundamental skills in a human life which opens the door to many aspects. When you read a book, you develop a new world inside you. Through book reading, a person can explore the doors of knowledge, tremendous history and even build their personality.  “A reader lives a thousand lives … Read more

Boosting Immune System with Food – 9 Foods to Add in your diet Right Now!

Boosting Immune System with Food

You probably have heard of the quote that says, “You are what you eat.” Foods have the strongest impact on our immune system. What we eat dictates how we are going to feel for the rest of the day. It also plays a huge role in our health. You might wonder what would be the … Read more

Food for Brain Health: 6 Superfoods that You Must Eat

food for brain health

The brain is a crucial part of the human body. It works throughout your life to interact with the world. Even if your brain fails to function correctly, you will lose control of yourself. Moreover, you can’t be able to learn, memorize, and work with a calm mind. So, it’s essential to keep your brain … Read more