Warren Buffett Reading Habit- Which Can Inspire You To Be a Billionaire

Warren Buffet Reading Habit

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” Jim Rohn You may ask why we have picked reading-habit first. The reason is, proof and evidence indicate that successful people have reading habits in common. This fact has contributed a lot to Warren’s success to emerge as a Billionaire.   CNBC and Business … Read more

Life Management Resources: 11 Skills to be Perfect in Life

Life Management Resources

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  — John Lennon Various people take life variously. But there is a constant thought about life and that is if you want to have the full of your life, just live the present. Life management is not only vital for finishing the pending tasks but … Read more

15 Productive School To Do List: #10 is Most Important


Most of the time, parents get confused about how to make their kids more productive and focused. In this case, making a plan is one of the most effective ways to be organized. Planning can make your children’s lives easier and smoother.  For your convenience, we have made a school to do list based on … Read more

Stop Trying to be Productive: Try Different Way (6th is My Fav)

Things that productive people do are different from ordinary people in the whole world. They stop trying to be productive. Rather they just do differently. If you want to be productive, then you have to be committed to planning and focus. Here we can input an axiom to understand it better. “The formula of happiness … Read more

Project vs Task: 7 Secrets (5th One Helped 10K+ Businesses)

Project vs Task

You do a lot of work every day. You can’t deny it, even if you want to. Because as social beings, taking duties, responsibilities, and obligations is our first priority in both the working place and home.  For this overwhelming work pressure, sometimes you forget what you are doing.  This experience is perfectly natural because … Read more

7 E Commerce Competitor Analysis Changed Fortune of Marketers


Starting an e-commerce business is not that difficult these days. But the struggling part is making it nourish with customers, relevant search traffic, content ranking, and audience response towards the product.   In the present time, no matter how unique you are, there is already some organization that has built an e-commerce marketing field for that … Read more

Parenting Today Vs Past: 7 Great Lessons (6th is My Favorite)

Parenting now and old

Time changes everything, and we evolve with it. Have you ever noticed the changes, which have affected the parenting styles from generation to generation? Do you treat your kids in the same way that your parents did with you?  If you think deeply, you’ll find tremendous differences between parenting today vs past. Besides, today’s parents deal … Read more

Productivity vs Efficiency: 3 Great Leadership Booster Tips

“My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.”  ― Francine Jay Productivity vs efficiency does not refer to a battle. Rather, these two vital factors are identical to boost leadership. People often confuse productivity for efficiency. But there’s a variation! And considering the two in your daily … Read more

100 Days of Productivity Challenge: A Life-Changing Approach

100 Days of Productivity Challenge

Any type of challenge makes you strong to fight against the hard realities of life. They boost your productivity and teach you to get your work done more effectively. 100 Days of Productivity Challenge is such a concept that aims to change your life by enhancing your efficiency. This hack demands that every day you … Read more