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Best Time Management Activities with Magical Mastering Methods

Do you feel that time nowadays flies so fast that you can’t even keep pace with this? Before falling asleep you may think of the total day activities. But somehow you can’t sync with your allotted time, right? Moreover, you are facing troubles with the whole time management. Perhaps, you want to frame yourself with time management activities and master it in an effective way. 

You may have faced some traumatic situations in the COVID-19 outbreak. But what was the situation of time management on regular days in the US? For lack of time sense, the employees of workstation don’t value the work hours. The employees tend to evade very frequently. 

According to dovico, 80% of employees don’t want to work after or before the weekends. Nevertheless, proper time management permits you to bring out more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time than before. 

Additionally, this time management system lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and assists you to focus, which leads to more career success. 

Each benefit of time management improves another aspect of your life. In this situation, learning effective ways of managing time and mechanism of mastering time is very important. Let’s deep dive to the topic.

Best Time Management Activities to Practice

3 Effective Time management activities

Let’s be authentic here… Managing time is a puzzle for many of us. Most of you may have felt if you could augment more hours on the clock to meet your personal goals and professional goals.

Nevertheless, time management activities are the skills which can be improved by some of your practices and actions. So how can you amplify good time management skills? Take a look at the practices below.

  1. Spend $86,400 = 86,400 Seconds Per Day
  2. How Long Is a Minute
  3. Mayo Jar aka Filling the Jar of Life

An amazing way to learn how to be more efficient at work is by using time management activities. Let’s dive into the points.

Spend $86,400 = 86,400 Seconds Per Day

Spend $86,400 = 86,400 Seconds Per Day

You have 86,400 dollars to spend. But you have only a day, and if you cannot spend the money in a day, you’ll lose.

Write down all the activities that you will do with that money. Now discuss with yourself why and how you have spent.

Have you got the idea of the entire thing in this period? This is all about your whole day. You have 86,400 seconds in twenty-four hours. 

This time management exercise demonstrates to you the true value of your time and that you have the choice to spend your time on improving your life or wasting them.

How Long Is a Minute

How Long Is a Minute

You will need a team to experiment with this activity. I’d recommend you to do this practice with your family. Firstly, call all the members in a room. Then tell them to close their eyes for one minute.

What is the outcome? Has everyone opened their eyes after one minute? It is not possible. The clock time and real-time are different from each other. 

This time management activity illustrates that you experience time exclusively as well as you can use your time differently from others. Moreover, you have segmented knowledge about the time which varies from person to person.

Mayo Jar aka Filling the Jar of Life

Mayo Jar aka Filling the Jar of Life

This activity is also known as filling the jar or the jar of life. This time management activity practice is about prioritizing your schedule. Take a jar and start to fill it with tennis balls, pebbles, sand, and water.

The tennis balls represent the most important tasks of your life. Maybe your lifetime goals. What you should get done to improve your family life, friends, work, and career. 

The pebbles are smaller tasks or projects but still augment value to your work. If you fill up your jar with sand and water, you’ll not get sufficient room for other vital elements like tennis balls and pebbles.

This experiment holds for the things you let into your life too. You need to take care of the tennis balls first, the really important things. Then, set your priorities keeping the time frame in your mind. Keep in your mind very clearly that you can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things.

10 Magical Methods to Master Your Time Management Activities

Fundamental Nature of Time

You can master your time magically. I’ve found some points to master your time more rigorously. 

Let’s have a look at the magical mastering methods.

  1. Carry a Schedule
  2. Assign Time to Fruitful Time Management Activities
  3. Engage in the Thoughts, Activities, and Conversations
  4. Schedule Times for Interruptions
  5. Take At Least 30 Minutes to Schedule the Day
  6. Take 5 Minutes
  8. Stop Giving Attentions, Receiving Messages or Phone Calls
  9. Block Other Destruction
  10. Appease Your Mind

Now, let’s dive into the points more broadly.

Carry a Schedule for Effective Taking Care of Time Management

You can carry a schedule and record all the conversations, activities, and thoughts for a week that will help you to understand how much time is spent to bring out a constructive outcome and how much time is wasted.

Assign Time to Fruitful Activities

Any activity or conversation that’s vital for your success should have a time assigned to it. Schedule appointments with yourself and create time blocks to high priority thoughts, conversations, and actions.

Engage in the Thoughts, Activities, and Conversations

Most of your desiring outcome brings out from engaging in the thoughts, activities and conversations. You may engage at least 50 percent of your time in thoughts, activities, and conversations that produce most of your results.

Schedule Times for Interruptions

People around you tend to interrupt you somehow. They might have no idea where you are adhering in. So, planning for interruption is crucial. You can plan time to be pulled away from what you are doing.

Take At Least 30 Minutes to Schedule the Day

Take At Least 30 Minutes to Schedule the Day

Think before you leap. Otherwise, you’ll find more difficulties completing any sort of job. Don’t start your day without planning your to-dos as this is the most essential time of your entire day.

Take 5 Minutes to Train You Managing Time

You can take five minutes at least before starting any conversation or task to decide what result you desire to attain. This practice will help you to understand what success looks like before you start. It will also slow time down. You should take more than 5 minutes after the conversation or task to realize whether the target was achieved or not.


Working in a workstation might seem problematic when your co-worker comes around you to have a conversation. Yes, it is amazing to share with each other about the tasks. But not before your work is done. Put up a “do not disturb” sign when you have to get your work done.

Stop Giving Attentions, Receiving Messages or Phone Calls

When you are working intensively, many interruptions can reach you to distract you. Just because one is waving his or her hands, or phone is ringing, don’t invest your attention there. Means, don’t instantly give your attention unless an immediate response is crucial in your business.

Block Other Destruction to Manage Time

Block Other Destruction to Manage Time activities

Social media like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, instragram, and Twitter are great (!) inventions to distract people from what they want to attain. So when you are in an intense moment of your task don’t let social media disturb you in the project.

Appease Your Mind for Managing Time

You need to remember that you cannot get everything done and you have to keep in mind that 20% of your thoughts, conversations, and activities produce 80% of your results. Again, to pacify your mind, you can pray, meditate, or maintain yoga.

Fundamental Nature of Time: Time Management Training

If you simply think of time, the definition will be, “time is just a duration”. That duration in which all things occur, or a precise instant that something occurs. Colonial-era or lunch at 2 PM is an example of time. Simple, right?

The concept of time is self-evident where an hour consists of a concrete number of minutes, a day of hours, and a year of days. 

However, do you think about the fundamental nature of time? Time is illustrated through change, for example, the rotund motion of the moon around Earth. This means the passing of time is closely associated with the concept of space.

Clock Time Vs Real-Time

Clock Time vs Real time: Time management activities

“Time is an illusion. Our naive perception of its flow doesn’t correspond to physical reality.”

– Carlo Rovelli

You may have faced the same difficulties with time and learned many things about managing time from some courses or anywhere else. You start to organize, prioritize, or schedule your time. But you cannot complete every task within the schedule you’ve made.

The reason behind the trouble is you try to live the clock time which is completely a hoax. Rather you need to live in real-time.

Real-time is mental that exists in your brain. If you create anything, you’ll manage it properly. Thus you are the manager of your real-time.

Time Management Activities: Final Words

Time Management Activities: Final Words

Perhaps, you might be busy with many things like working from home, looking for suitable jobs, online courses, learning a foreign language, or trying to be productive at home. However, you might have done only a few tasks where you thought the time would provide you more positive outcomes. 

As you know that time is limited and if you kill time now, time will kill you next for sure. The consequent is a vice versa process. You can use the methods to improve the skills to understand the details of the time. 

These time management activities will help you to form you to sync with the realtime and the mastering ways will help you to be a perfect manager of your time. Realizing time details, scheduling as well as prioritizing the hours are the crucial factors to become a successful person and a better human being.

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