Top 6 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep at Night

Top 6 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep at Night

After a long tiring day, sleep is the vital activity we need to keep sound and health. These days sleep deprivation is the most alarming issue among people of any age. Absence of sleep can severely affect your body and immune system and the frustration can lead you to depression. 

However, when it comes to sleep we spend hours in bed using phones. That surely ruins our sleep cycle and blue light emits from phone, television, or computer monitors inhibits your sleep. Also muscle pain and lack of blood circulation through the body causes sleep deprivation.

In that case,  Bedtime yoga can be the key solution for sleep deprivation and many other diseases. If you can relate to this situation to some extent then this article is here to guide you to achieve deep sleep at night. I have prepared 6 best and easy yoga poses that anyone, even kids can try. 

How Can Bedtime Yoga Help You Sleep Better?

How Can Bedtime Yoga Help You Sleep Better?

Research says that yoga just not only reduces stress, but it also strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system and minimizes the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system increases blood pressure, pulse rate, and creates a stressful situation. 

Also, Yoga balances hormone levels in our body which minimize cholesterol levels of our body. According to a national survey, Over 55% of people who tried bedtime yoga every single night found that it helped them get better sleep. Over 85% said it helped them reduce stress.

Preparation for Bedtime Yoga

Preparation for Bedtime Yoga

Before starting, it’s mandatory to follow some rules to get the best result of yoga. It requires complete physical and mental preparation to hold your mind and body together. Here are some steps you can follow to prepare yourself for bedtime yoga.

  1. Eat your dinner 30-40 minutes before yoga.
  2. Brush your teeth and use a washcloth or water to wet your face, hands, neck, shoulder, and legs.
  3. Massage your body with essential oil or body butter.
  4. Dim the light so that also you can turn on relaxing music to build a vibe.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes.
  6. Keep your phones aside.
  7. Place your yoga mat in the center of any spacious place of your bedroom, also you can do these poses in the bed.

20  Minutes Yoga with 6 easy pose

Give yourself only 20 minutes to fall into a deep sleep. As science proves bedtime yoga poses are better for health, body, and mind, these poses are proven hacks to beat sleep deprivation, insomnia, frustration, muscle pain, back pain, fatigue, blood pressure, and many more. You just need to invest 20 minutes of your life and trust me your body and mind will thank you for doing this.

Hero pose(Virasana)

Hero pose

Start Your 20-minute yoga with the hero pose as you’re supposed to seat in a comfortable position and prepare your mind for the full process. Also, hero pose feels like a blessing for tired legs. It helps you to reduce the muscle stiffness of your legs and let blood circulate properly.

Steps to Follow

  • Kneel on the floor. 
  • Place your knees directly under your hips.
  • Keep Your knees as close as possible.
  • Make sure your spinal alignment is straight.
  • Make sure your toes are relaxed and lying on the floor.
  • Hold your hands together on your lap or you can set both hands like the above picture.
  • Breath in and out for 2-3 min.

Child Pose (Balasana)

Top 6 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep at Night

Child pose is the most relaxing pose for the whole body. Balasana is known as a child pose because infants sleep in their mother’s womb like this asana. I designed this pose in number second, because after holding your spine for 25sec its time to stretch your spine downward. 

To cure sleep disorders this pose is considerate as the best pose among all. It calms the body’s nervous system and helps you to relax. This pose ensures blood circulation and gently relaxed hips, back, shoulder, and hands muscle. After a long tiring day, when you do this pose it will ensure good sleep while lowering your stress. 

Steps to Follow

  • From the hero pose position, raise your hands up in the air.
  • Slowly lower your torso and bend forward while exhaling.
  • Place your arms alongside your body to relax.
  • Make sure your hands feel weightless as you place them on the bed.
  • Keep exhaling and inhaling air slowly.
  • You can close your eyes and be in this position for 3 minutes.

Optional: You can grab a pillow under your chest for comfort.

Camel pose (Ustrasana)

Camel pose

From the above picture, it might look like a hard pose to do but trust me this is easy even for beginners. This is a really good exercise for the back and digestion system after dinner. After dinner, if you feel heavy this pose will help you to feel relaxed and make you sleepy. Because the body gets tired when the digestion system works and the brain wants to pause some of its workings by leading you to sleep.

Steps to Follow

  • From child poses get back to hero poses.
  • Make your knees apart from each other, the distance will help you keep balance.
  • Now raise your hips and stand on your knees.
  • Make sure lying legs and your thighs make a perpendicular.
  • Raise your hands up in the air.
  • Then slowly try to touch your hips like you’re touching a jeans back pocket.
  • Now slowly try to reach your hands to the heels of your leg.
  • Make sure your chest, chin, belly are towards the ceiling.
  • Keep exhaling and inhaling while doing every step.
  • Be in that position for 1 min.
  • Get back to hero pose and take rest for 30 sec.

Tip: Do not force yourself while doing this pose. Stretch as much as you can do without pain.

Supine Twist (Supta Matseyendra)

Top 6 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep at Night

After a Camel pose, the supine twist is the best pose for your body and mind. In Camel pose you need to occupy your hands and knees, so it’s time to do something that relaxes those body parts. Camel pose helps with the digestive system and a supine twist stimulates the intestine to reduce gas.

It immediately relaxes your body and mind because the weight of your torso and hand will be lying on the floor. Also, it brings fluid into your spinal disc and helps with better alignment. If you are a person who is suffering from lower back pain, this asana would be effective for you.

Steps to Follow

  • Lie down on your back and keep your hands stretched horizontally.
  • Make sure your body is straight and the position of your hands makes a straight line.
  • Slowly bend your knees and bring them closer to your abdomen.
  •  Now move your kees right to left.
  • Try to twist them as long as possible.
  • Make sure your upper body is relaxing while you’re doing this pose.
  • Do this for 2 min
  • And then keep your knees on center then rest for 30 sec.

Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani)

Top 6 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep at Night

This is a complete relaxing pose for people who stays most of the time on their feet. If your job involves walking or long-standing hours then this pose is for you. Besides that, in day time most of the time, we use our legs to move or work.

This pose allows your legs to rest completely. People with back pain, leg muscle cramps will find this pose beneficial for them. However, it helps to make people sleep faster as it is a relaxation process for the whole body and nervous system.

Steps to Follow

  • Place your yoga mat on a place near a wall.
  • Lie on your back, you can use a pillow if you want.
  • Raise your legs up in the air and let the wall support the weight of your legs.
  • Make sure your upper body is lying and perpendicular to the wall.
  • Slowly Breath in and out.
  • Rest in the position for 5 min, if this feels relaxing you can extend more.

Optional: Place a bellow under your back to get better support

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Corpse Pose

The easiest pose in yoga is the corpse pose. This is always the last step of stretching. Savasana ensures blood circulation to the whole body. The exhausted, tiring mind needs a deep healing process and calmness. This pose helps you gain those energies you lost in previous poses and make your mind ready for a night of deep sleep.

Steps to follow

  • Lie straight on the floor or on the bed.
  • Make sure the whole body weight is on the surface.
  • Close your eyes and keep breathing.
  • Rest for 5 min.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What If  I Can’t Stretch Properly? 

What If  I Can’t Stretch Properly?

It’s totally ok if you can do any pose properly. This is not possible to master yoga in a day and yoga is not something where you need to force yourself. The main purpose of yoga is to ensure relaxation and improve your flexibility. If you can’t do stretching as the instruction says, try to do as much as possible. With frequent practice, you’ll be capable of doing that particular pose very soon. 

Is It Better to Stretch at Night or in The Morning?

Is It Better to Stretch at Night or in The Morning?

It’s not about morning or night, it’s all about how consistently you are practicing those asanas. Whenever you do yoga night or day try to maintain that time every single day to get the benefit from yoga. However, there will be no issue if you skip doing that for a day. Every single day when you’ll do specific poses, the flexibility of your specific body part should be improved.

Should I eat something before or after yoga?

Should I eat something before or after yoga?

Yes, it’s mandatory to eat something light 30 minutes before yoga. And after 30 minutes of yoga try to eat something if you feel hungry. But when you’re doing nighttime yoga dink waters only after stretching.

Final thoughts on Bedtime Yoga

Maybe now it’s clear to you how perfect sleep is attainable through bedtime yoga. I hope this yoga guide will help you to achieve better sleep and you would not need any sedatives anymore to fall into a deep relaxing sleep. Also, check these insightful articles that you may find useful —

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