Have Balance in Life: 7 Awesome Japanese Habits to Follow

7 Japanese Habits You Should Follow to Have Balance in Life

Having balance in life means, creating a lifestyle where you have an uninterrupted focus on developing good habits in every element of your life to keep them in harmony. While struggling with any issue what do you normally do? How do you tackle this issue and find a solution for it? You might seek advice … Read more

Top 6 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep at Night

Top 6 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep at Night

After a long tiring day, sleep is the vital activity we need to keep sound and health. These days sleep deprivation is the most alarming issue among people of any age. Absence of sleep can severely affect your body and immune system and the frustration can lead you to depression.  However, when it comes to … Read more

Keto on a Budget: Cheaper Ingredients You Can Pick

Keto diet

A low-carb ketogenic diet has got everyone’s attention these days as a popular way of losing weight. The reason behind it’s growing popularity is you can still be fit and healthy while keeping your stomach full with plenty of food. But the challenge people face with this diet is the expense. The cost of having … Read more

5 Simple Methods You Should Know to Live on Budget

5 Simple Methods You Should Know to Live on Budget

For a healthy body and mind, we all prefer healthy diet plans. Some people try intermittent fasting, others may try low-fat diets or keto. All of these are beneficial and work for people. It depends on a person which dieting method they should try. As there are several choices for you to select one best … Read more

7 Valid Reasons Why Soft Skills are Important for Your Career

7 valid reasons why soft skills are important for your career

While growing up we learn technical knowledge to develop a bright future ahead of us. This never-ending process of learning new things builds a career and shows off your expertise in particular work. When you’re writing a resume about these achievements of yours, the world is looking for more than this. Something that marks your … Read more

Practicing Minimalist Lifestyle: A Simple Formula for Living

Practicing Minimalist Lifestyle: A Simple Formula for Living

We all have this natural tendency to add more to our life— to upgrade our lifestyle better from the present we’re continuously running towards accumulation. If you’re the same person, have you ever thought of living the opposite life? You know, a life where you have a simple formula for living that ensures a peaceful … Read more

Office Hacks: Top 10 Productivity Tips at Work

productivity tips at work

Everyone feels the continuous urge to perform better at the work. But distracted minds, procrastination, seems like the biggest hurdle to achieving the goal for us. To improve productivity at work, we search for tips that will beat these obstacles at work. But we never search for the reason behind this situation. Why do you … Read more

Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People

Beginners Guide: A Weekly Self-Care Checklist for Busy People

Self-care is the most trendy word these days. We all have heard about it and know that it’s important. But some may not clearly understand what it actually means, or how to apply it correctly. Who’s got time for that? So, without knowing the depth of it- people try to make themselves feel better with … Read more

Time Management for Teenager:7 Techniques That Actually Work

Time management For teenagers

It seems like teenagers are always on a hoverboard to balance their life. No matter where you are- in school, in house, or with friends, there is continuous pressure going on to be the better version of yours. Maintaining everything is a part of growing up and trust me you’re doing the best you could … Read more