Analog ToDo List Systems

7 Amazing Analog ToDo List System Tricks: Lead a Synchronized Life

There are a lot of digital apps, software, and systems that organize your tasks or daily activities period. Keeping your track-of-time and manage a to-do list is what these apps do.

Moreover, digital systems are always getting updates, notifications, and many more, which keep you busy with your social activities. But still how much these electronic devices can contribute to your productivity, compering to an analog system.

So, besides these systems, we prefer analog todo list systems for a boost in your productivity.

The benefits of an analog system are, it is flexible, easy to use, and personal. All you need is a pen and paper to start your journey. Changing into a new system and sticking to that system has its benefits.

Look at the bright side now you can concentrate on your work with more agility, without distractions, no more pesky notifications, and often enjoy the buzzy bee of nature.

Furthermore, you can focus on one task at a time, no more multi-tasking wretched vibes.

Here, we have gathered some proven methods to prepare an analog to do list; and a roadmap on how to manage them precisely.

Get Your Pen And A Piece Of Sheet

Analog ToDo List Systems

Going with a paper todo list system makes you more committed and confident about your work. Finishing the task feels easier and satisfying. 

When working and having fun at the same time is your main anthem, going with a pen and paper should be your first priority. 

It even helps to reduce your burden of work. You can look over the list and select the terms you need to fulfill 

Just grab a pen and take your notebook or a piece of paper whatever you want. Now select your base to fill those with daily, weekly, and crucial tasks. 

These todo list systems will give you a fresh start in your life and a better understanding of your life. 

Make A Daily Task List With Time

Analog ToDo List Systems

Write down the date with the name of the day on the top of the daily task page. Adding numbers give you additional information on the date and make you more flexible all around the day. 

Scientifically speaking, knowing the date gives you positivity about your work. 

Think about your daily task and list them down according to the time you want to finish. Try not to overload yourself with too many tasks. Only list the assignments that are possible for you. 

You can include these items on your to-do list. You can write down- 

  • Schedule for the next day (meetings, appointments, hangouts, get together, and all kinds of reasons for going out.)
  • What you need to do all around the day, and your daily plans of the day. 
  • What you need to learn for self-development
  • If you missed any work, you should list it down into another page. 
  • You can list out your diet plan if you are in an exercise regime. 
  • Write down a short summary at the edge of the page. 
  • Always keep your to-do list short. 
  • For better visualization, use bullet bots, rectangular, hyphens, and empty circles.

Make A List For A Week

Make A List For A Week

If only a day is not enough for you, then you can go for a weekly to-do list system. 

Weekly todo list systems are a bit different than the usual todo list idea. In this method, these should be your priorities,

  • Aiming for a weekly goal.
  • List out all the meetings of the week. 
  • You can use more than one page.
  • Scratch of weekends from your to-do list. 
  • List out weekly tasks. 

Include all personal and professional tasks. Efficiently listing your assignments should give you a clear agenda about your weekly schedule plan. 

Moreover, you can easily arrange a plan if you need to. You can also order those tasks if you think they are important tasks for you. 

The best part about a weekly to-do list system is, you will get informed about any event there on your list this week. 

For example, Jhon listed out all his meetings in advance throughout the week. Because of his smart weekly schedule plan, he can now scratch off any meeting times and rearrange them according to his needs. One smart move Jhon. 

So, you can decide and arrange your working plan like Jhon, and boost your productivity. 

Prioritize Your Tasks And Mark

Prioritize Your Tasks And Mark

Not all the tasks are super important to you. Prioritizing your essential tasks is a must when listing for chores. This process will place the less significant works bellow the list and put the slightly more serious assignments in the starting. 

This way, you will not get confused while selecting any particular task because you have already arranged them in a precise order. 

From the below list, see how you can prioritize your works and mark them. Besides, you can set them as your priority and need. You can divide your work as below,

  • Mark as important+urgent (must do)
  • Mark if important+not that urgent (reserve for later)
  • Mark it if unimportant+urgent (first priority) 
  • If unimportant+non-urgent (stock for a later date or week)

These separate sections will help you to determine when you have done your work and your first finished task. Remember, prioritizing your tasks in an exact order allows you to be more agile and organized. It influences you to finish more tasks than regular. 

In order of priority, it will be easy to get those works done. Also, an important thing to consider is, you can try many symbols to mark tasks as a preference.  

Scratch Off The Finished Work

Scratch Off The Finished Work

A to-do list is all about works and no fun. If there is no fun, why do we even do it? What is the satisfactory element in a todo list?

Chores, tasks, jobs, works, and assignments are always boring until they are finished. If they belong in a list format, the best part is finished them up and remove it from existence.

So, we can say scratching off a finished task is one of the best things in a todo list. Never forget to scratch off your finished tasks. Later if you see that unscratched task, you will feel disappointed.

After finishing a particular work, scratch it down from the list. It feels like rewarding yourself, which gives you more fun while working.

The more you will get scratches at the end of the day, the more you will feel stimulated. It gives you a push for the next day with more energy and a playful mind.

List Out Uncompleted Tasks

List Out Uncompleted Tasks

Not every task can be completed, some tasks will slip through your radar. And, you do not have to feel guilty about them. We are humans, not machines. Making mistakes makes us unique and admired over other animals.

To ease yourself from the pain, you can make a daily or weekly uncompleted item list. Check out the unfinished work from the to-do list that was uncompleted at the end of the day.

You can cancel or move them for next week’s schedule plans. If you have no time for those particular tasks, scratch them off from your list, no need to worry.

It may take some time to sort it out, but this process will help you to re-schedule your work for the next week. You can easily set the level of importance and adjust the time.

Track Down The Working Hour

Track Down The Working Hour

Scheduling your working hours is quite essential to be organized and flexible. Your working hours prove the overall control over your mind. This process will allow you to work under heavy pressure.

Your spending hours on a task will determine your working hours. It reminds you to give your 100% in work and make you more attentive.

So, there is no way to be lazy and left those tasks for tomorrow.

Furthermore, by tracking down your hours, you can compromise your previous work with the current situation and make the best possible outcome out of it.

Our Final Thoughts on Analog Todo List Systems

An analog to-do list system sounds more bit oldish. But the fascinating part about this system is, this process works better than an electrical to-do list.

Just spending 10-15 minutes per day on planning and sorting out will save you tons of hours. Most importantly, it can change your life cycle and lead you towards a better future.

When you are thinking about any chores to do, all you need is your to-do list ace in it.

Now, you don’t have to spend hours on which one you need to finish first. Or think twice about what you were supposed to do at that time. Also, you will feel less intense managing your weekly schedule during a rush week.

If you have any queries on the analog todo list systems, then leave us a comment. Your feedback is valuable to our website’s prosperity.

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