All Your Life Do You Want to Live or Lead

All Your Life Do You Want to Live or Lead

Most fortunate are those who can pursue their passion in their life, because not everyone can afford to do so. 

What makes one stray away from that activity which added some excitement to their lives?

The dull 9 to 5 routine is the culprit that snatches that zest away from our life. If there’s no interest, nor happiness in such work, what’s the result? You end up similar to a robot. And this goes on all your life. 

So, how can you reclaim that enthusiasm? Read on to know! 

What is Passion?

According to our context here, passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for anything. 

So, what can one be passionate about in their lives?

It could be any activity such as photography, art, and craft, teaching, traveling, reading, cooking, acting, writing, and gardening. You name it! 

Passion Important In Our Lives

Why Is Passion Important In Our Lives? 

Some of us may think material things or societal norms such as money, marriage, job promotion, a huge bank balance, and a big house gives us true happiness. 

That’s what society taught you to believe. However, there’s nothing wrong with achieving these goals. 

But then, why are some people still unhappy even when they achieve these milestones in life? 

If you are going after these things in life without being passionate about them, ultimately, you will feel as if there’s no purpose in your life. 

Undoubtedly, a life without passion is bland. Moreover, without any interest or drive, it’s impossible to achieve success. 

It is an essential factor in our lives because-

purpose to your life
  • Gives a purpose to your life
  • Offers a distraction from our daily life issues
  • We get to experience new things
  • We get to grow and develop
  • It provides satisfaction through the specific activity

Being passionate makes us happy as it acts as a source of happiness. 

Therefore, people spend a lot of time trying to look for things they enjoy. It could be anything such as a hobby, a milestone, or a career. However, this isn’t always the case.

Why Do Most People Give Up On Their Passion And Get Stucked Into A Rat-Race of 9-5 Job? 

All of us are following life’s artificial algorithm of: 

  • Get into a reputed school 
  • Achieve excellent grades
  • Get into a top college or university
  • Secure a six-figure salary job with many benefits
  • Retire at a certain age

Well, with all honesty, this is nothing but an artificial equation of happiness constructed by our society. The more money and reputation, the happier you are. 

Yet, neither it’s right or wrong, but in the grey. 

Ultimately, you need a balance to set things right. Otherwise, this routine will continue.

A thorough Google search shows that many successful people started with a different career. However, at a certain point in their lives, they pursued a second or a third career that offered them their success. 

The secret?

They left their old boring jobs and looked for the right one that gave them that spark in their life. 

 So, why did you get stuck in the dull rat-race, making the life you lead unexciting?

Well, money is the reason we go for the repetitive job that drains the color from our lives. 

Here’s a common debate that’s everywhere-

  • For some, money can buy us happiness
  • While for others, money can’t buy us happiness

Can money buy us happiness? Well, we can’t deny that life becomes a lot easier when there’s cash. 

With money, you can lead a comfortable life, pursue your dream, travel, and what not! The list is endless! And this is why most people attribute wealth as a root of happiness. 

The tedious job that many of us are secretly trying to run away from is the source of money. 

However, most of us dust our desire under the rug as our life blows the whistle to get into the race. 

Who’d care about passion if there’s no money in one’s pocket? 

Well, that’s true to a certain extent. 

Let’s imagine this common scenario: 

  • You have secured a well-paid job
  • Travel at 9 am, do the job, and return at 5 pm to your home
  • No time to carry out any of your favorite activities

The result: you end up with a monotonous life. 

Many people who opted for a career for the sake of money complain about: 

  • A mundane and stringent time-table
  • Repetitive tasks (For example, filling up spreadsheets, creating reports, etc.)
  • Feel trapped by the job

At the end of a hectic day, there’s no energy and time to pursue your hobby. You come home to unwind yourself, drink a cup of tea or coffee, eat, and off to bed! The never-ending cycle continues. 

So, what’s the solution to add some color to your dull life? How to make time for your favorite hobby or activity? Let’s find out! 

Live or Lead All Your Life

It’s up to you whether you want to lead your lives or live it. Do you want to follow the usual footsteps of others or create your “own” path? The former will feel nothing but a chore.

In case you are not sure about where to start or how to infuse passion in your life. 

What’s The Solution?

Let’s look at some usual activities that people give up when they get into the rigorous yet humdrum work regimen. 

Rekindling The Passion For Photography

If you put your camera away in a dark corner of your cupboard, it’s time to take it out! Are you in doubt about your photography skills? Don’t give up! Anyone may get confused when trying to get back to an old hobby. 

Here’s how you can manage some time for photography in a busy schedule

  • Take your camera with you on your way to work. Take random pictures, but add some artistic touches to them. 
  • Select certain days in your time-table and reserve them for photography. 
  • Choose a favorite place to take photos. Not only this will help you relax, but practice your photography skills as well! 
  • Challenge yourself to find a fresh way to capture photos or approach. 
  • Motivate yourself. The quality doesn’t matter, but the fact you enjoy taking pictures! 
all your life

Re-create Your Imaginative World With Ink And Paper

If you love to write, don’t shy away from it now! You can still write. Write to live a life just the way you want! What went wrong is that you didn’t write for sometimes. The skill may have gone a bit rusty, but it still is there! 

Here’s how to get back into writing like a pro: 

  • Find some free time in your routine. 
  • Try to write during those times instead of sitting idle. 
  • Shorten your TV or game time and write during those times. 
  • Create a writing space to write. 
  • You don’t need an idea to write a novel on your first try. 
  • Your first writing piece need not be perfect; what you need is your love for writing!
  • Write anything that comes into your mind. 
  • Take part in writing competitions, such as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which takes place during November annually. 
  • Many magazines announce writing contests with attractive prizes for winners. 
  • Start a blog and write about anything you love. 
  • Join social media groups for those who love to read or write. 

Reclaiming Your Love For Cooking 

We aren’t talking about the regular cooking in the kitchen you’ve been doing, but passionate cooking. You need to start cooking what you love, your favorite recipes, doing food experiments to create new dishes. That’s what the deal is! 

What you must do: 

  • Set aside a specific time only for cooking. 
  • Gather necessary ingredients in your kitchen to help you cook a variety of recipes. 
  • Shop around for new recipe books to try new ones. 
  • Look for new ideas to experiment with food in your kitchen
  • Even if the recipes aren’t perfect, doing something you love should inspire you
  • Check out food blogs and social media pages to get inspirations
all your life

What About Other Passions In Life? 

The same way you can try for other pursuits. If you love volunteering to help to adopt helpless animals, dance, or act, all you need to do is to follow the earlier steps. 

The trick is to: 

  • Make time for the activity
  • Be persistent 
  • Not to give up! 


Question 1: How can I keep my passion without losing it?

Answer: You need to get influenced by those who are passionate about their lives. Meet with different types of people instead of the usual folks at work. 

Question 2: How can I find my passion in life?

Answer: Look at your life and see what activities you loved to do in your younger days. Go out more and see if any activities ignite an interest in you. 

Question 3: Is it possible to lose my passion?

all your life

Answer: It is, but it’s also possible to get yours back! Those who experience stress/ burnout feel as if they’ve lost that interest in the activity they love. The solution is to take some time out and try something new that’ll bring back the same excitement to the life you lead. Many times all you need to do is to recover from burnout. 

Question 4: Is it unusual to not have any passion? 

Answer: It’s a wrong idea to believe that some people don’t have one. We all have a curiosity, and this could be about any activity. The trick is to find which hobby makes us happy. 

Question 5: Is passion essential for success in life?

Answer: Yes, it is! Having that zest ignites inspiration to master any activity and ultimately helps to drive you towards your success. 

Question 6: Can I be successful without being passionate about anything?

Answer: It isn’t possible to achieve success if you aren’t passionate about anything! You may work hard, but without it, you will lack the inspiration needed to succeed in life. 

Question 7: Should I follow my enthusiasm or go after money? 

Answer: It’s all right to follow the money, but you shouldn’t get too absorbed in doing so. You can always find a perfect balance between passion and money. 

Final Opinion On To Lead Or Live All Your Life

It’s up to you to find a genuine passion. It’s what gives the color to black and white life. Without it, life can feel meaningless. You won’t feel that pull or happiness in doing anything, turning into a zombie, working without any meaning. 

Why opt for such a life? Instead of getting stuck in a boring routine, find your interest. No, you don’t have to give up on your job to follow your passion. You can keep your job yet make room for what you love doing.  

It may take some time to adjust to your new routine, and you could doubt your skills. But, if it makes you happy, don’t quit! 

Even if you don’t have a passion, you can always find one! 

What you need to do is to strike a perfect balance between both interest and money for a happy and fulfilling life. Lead the life you want to live! 

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