100 Days of Productivity: A Robust Challenge to be Dynamic

100 days of productivity is a challenge to help you. Your unfulfilled tasks will complete if you take the challenge with yourself.

Don’t you think regularity is the key to success? Perhaps, you wish to win a mission but breaks and pauses block your victory.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky

#100daysofproductivity challenge will be your best friend to seize your successive 100 days perfectly.

It’s also a pretty cool idea to enhance the desire to complete any pending task. So let’s dig in about what is productive at the beginning.

And stick with us to have a concrete conception about the entire wager. 

Definition of 100 Days of Productivity 

The ability to just get things done– is a hoax for many people around the world. The world is nowadays full of chaos.

In this universe doing at least one productive task is very tough. Here the bet is crucial. You have to take the challenge to do one originative work per day for 100 consecutive days.

This legerdemain is dedicated to being dynamic every day. In fact, it’s a practice of finishing the task.

Many people tend to share daily improvement via social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, and so on using the hashtag #100days_of_productivity. 

Though the thing is not that much necessary to show off. Thus, you may have the tendency to lie to keep the pace. All you need is mobility.

When you join the challenge, you require tailoring to suit your present needs and purposes. You’ll need to maintain a schedule to track your efficient task every day. 

Joining Criteria of the Challenge

Joining Criteria of the Challenge

Though it’s a part of a study, you don’t need to be a part of the study. The main goal of the task is to motivate people to work.

All you need is to have the potential and guts to take the dare and perform each work and day as a provocation perfectly.

The students tend to accept the bet much. But when an elderly person starts the legerdemain, it becomes more lovable. The overall output should be only one thing. And that is being diligent in tasks.

The Perfect Time of Joining for 100 Days of Productivity 

The Perfect Time of Joining for 100 Days of Productivity
The Perfect Time of Joining for 100 Days of Productivity 

There’s no perfect time to start the journey. Some people wait for their favorite time like a fresh Monday or Saturday.

But all you need is to be dynamic, not an astrologer to fix the perfect day for the best output. 

Rather, you can start it from now. The faster you start, the quicker positive result begets. According to Gustavson, Daniel & Miyake, Akira (2017) procrastination and goal management failure have a direct link.

If you procrastinate, you’ll see the challenge is becoming harder day by day. So it would be wise if you start the self-bet within moments.

No matter what happens, just stick with the plan you’d create. It would give you the confidence to mitigate the risk of failure.

So? What are you waiting for? Begin the journey of being efficient from now. 

However, if you find it difficult managing your time to start your productivity challenge, you can read the following article to master the time management method.

Advantages of the Dare

Advantages of the Dare

People need the motivation to complete any task. Where a performance indicator exists, the amount of tasks becomes more weightful than usual. The dare is about upgrading one’s performance. 

Perhaps, one great person knows when to start and when to stop. But when a challenge hangs on the wall, the performance becomes smoother.

Moreover, you need to document the progress which can help you more efficiently in productivity.

Disadvantages of the Bet

Disadvantages of the Bet
Disadvantages of the Bet

Some people are always frightened of the end game. They forget that it’s not about the ending. Rather, it’s about the journey.

If you fear the outcome, the situation will ultimately exacerbate. Your lazy-self tries to procrastinate everything. 

When they have a schedule to meet and you don’t have anyone to monitor- the game becomes harder. And the bet itself becomes a burden.

Factually, you become idler in your next journeys. So whenever you’re planning for the best, be sure that you know the drawbacks also. 

Media of Documentation

Media of Documentation

Being active for 100 days is not an easy task. Sometimes, you can assume that your brain may stop working.

As you don’t have 50 hours a day, it can be tiresome for you to accomplish. But with the practice of proper mindfulness, you can easily complete without any hindrances.

Let’s deep-dive into the media.

To-do list

To-do list

Having a to-do list to trace your 100 days of potency is not just a great design. Masicampo, E. J., & Baumeister, R. F. (2011) have demonstrated that jobs that don’t get prepared can determine a distraction. Just creating a plan to get tasks done can save us from stress.

There are many more than types of to-do lists. You may use a paper to-do listan analog to-do list, and so on. To be on-track in your 100 days, you can use any of them to be more focused.

When you are journaling or using a list, you may feel that you didn’t do plenty of tasks. Thus, your active self would be abuzz and you’ll feel you need more tasks to do. Factually, you’ll get a proper bolster to finish the challenge.

Crossing out the Calendar

Crossing out the Calendar

Some prominent writers, singers, and creative people believe that crossing out on a calendar really works to remain in action. The benefits of tracking through crossing calendar are- 

  • Remind you to complete the tasks
  • Remind you to keep yourself in mobility
  • Give you the rush to complete

Remaining Liable to Anyone

Remaining Liable to Anyone

Just challenge a friend you can do the tasks. If you cannot fulfill the task, you’ll need to pay an amount. This is a process coined by the famous writer Mark Manson.

But if you are not interested in this sort of bet, then you can ask a friend to help. After that, you can follow the method below-

  • Provide you encouragement
  • Ask you what is done and what is undone
  • Tell you couldn’t perform well
  • Ask to evaluate you

100 Days Productivity Challenge: An Assistance of Building Better Habit

100 Days Productivity Challenge: An Assistance of Building Better Habit

Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.

Stephen Covey

This is a new thing for you. Your brain will learn a groundbreaking thing when you are practicing to adapt to the project of 100 days’ productivity.

Trust me, you’ll gonna finish a lot of tasks during this project with the utmost effort. Research shows that if you want to make anything a habit just practice for 66 days. 

Here you’re going to fulfill 100 days. Factually, you’re going to master the entire diligence of inner you.

As the research of the University of Duke says, you do almost 40% of your daily works according to your habit. So growing the habit of being productive will help you in every stage of your life. 

The 100 days productivity test will force you to recognize your most valuable jobs and take the required work to finish them, which are necessary to forming better ways.

These practices will support you accomplish your purposes by bestowing up every day, doing the work, and gradually crumbling away at the big stuff. 

A Brief History of 100 Days of Productivity

A university student was stuck with some personal problems. Couldn’t focus on study. Necessity is the mother of innovation. The girl started a project and named it 100 Days of Productivity.

100 days productivity is an appeal constructed by a student of Stony Brook University named Elizabeth in 2015.

She started to think of being productive and somehow managed to brainstorm and found the solution.

After finishing one day’s challenge she used to document what she did that day on the internet for the eager online audience. 

Productivity = Work a Lot?

Productivity = Work a Lot?

We use the term productive in our daily life. But many of us don’t know the exact meaning of productive. However, productivity is not an abstract thing. Rather, you can count and see the number of tasks that happened or completed. 

So what exactly refers to productivity? What is the difference between a productive man and a shirker man? Productivity means the unit of work is way high. If you’re a productive person, you work a lot.

You produce or manufacture in a large amount. Additionally, a shirker person not only wastes his time on gossiping, drinking coffee, and doing nothing, but they also demonstrate zero units of tasks completed. 


You may have some frequently asked questions regarding the project. Let’s have a look at the following FAQs to clarify the subject.

Question 1: What things can be added in 100 days of productivity?

You can do the following things to adorn your productivity-
Reading for 2 hours 
Decluttering a part of your day 
Preparing your paperwork 
Inbox nullity 
Study a part in a book 
Spring washing 
Filing out your digital life 
Operating on a project for an hour 
Composing emails

Question 2: How is productivity measured?

Answer: You can average worker potency with the labor potency equation: total manufacturing/total input. 
Let’s say your company produced $80,000 worth of assets or services (output) employing 1,500 employees hours (input). To determine your company’s work productivity, you would distribute 80,000 by 1,500, which meets 53.

Question 3: What is the importance of productivity?

Answer: For sales, productivity increase is essential because producing more assets and assistance to customers alters to higher earnings. As productivity rises, an organization can turn support into profits, satisfying stakeholders, and maintaining money flows for future extension and development.

Question 4: What are the four fundamental elements of productivity?

Answer: In the book “The Productivity Zone”; author Penny asserts that the four fundamental components of being more productive are 
Focus, and 

Question 5: Why is in workplace productivity is vital?

Answer: Productivity helps to drive the workplace experience and promote didactic, providing an even larger business context. More often than not, when one firm is extremely prolific, it ultimately enhances success, and because of this, influences are bound to be produced available to the workers.

Concluding Touch

This is your journey and you have to focus through the whole trip. You may fake to your closed pals. But as you start the trip, you desire to upgrade yourself. Don’t fake it with yourself because it costs a lot. After practicing to become successive for 100 days will bolster you to achieve the biggest probability of your life.

 So be honest with yourself. Many of you can do it. But only a few will practice it for your betterment. That’s why successful people in the world are very low in number. Be the one and be the productive one.


Gustavson, Daniel & Miyake, Akira. (2017). Academic Procrastination and Goal Accomplishment: A Combined Experimental and Individual Differences Investigation. Learning and Individual Differences. 54. 160-172. 10.1016/j.lindif.2017.01.010.

Masicampo, E. J., & Baumeister, R. F. (2011, June 20). Consider It Done! Plan Making Can Eliminate the Cognitive Effects of Unfulfilled Goals. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1037/a0024192

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